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HAVEN on Myspace.com

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Well, I'm all friended up. Being pretty new to my.space I had to go figure some things out but I got the trailer added to my page and such. I love the look of the page and think that this will no doubt help the little film with all that love it needs.

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This is a great idea to get the word out. MySpace is really popular. I especially like that in the list of the cities, at the end it says "and more." Gives me hope that Haven will eventually find its way to lots of other cities! :2thumbs:

Thanks for posting, Jane!


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Guest bluey715

Haven's myspace posted a message today that said they will be giving out wristbands on Friday

Purchase a ticket to HAVEN at any of the following theaters

this Friday, and get a free HAVEN wristband. while supplies last!

Mann Chinese 6

6801 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, CA 90028

Mann Criterion

1313 Third Street Promenade

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Mann Rancho Niguel

25471 Rancho Niguel Road

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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Guest distantday

Very cool, very cool. I am so excited for this movie, one of the main reasons being because Orlando co-produced it and this is such a different type of movie from anything he's done so far. I like seeing him branch out and try different things. He's so ambitious!

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