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BigBird, thanks for those pictures! I went :faint::drool: . They were lovely. Beth, don't worry, I am slowly building up too. Your daughter is like my mother, she bought me about a year ago a 'I :heart: Orlando' shirt and a (Lurtz is gonna kill me with this) 'Mrs.Bloom' purse as a joke :lol: but I still wear it out, but I would love to have one of the hand sewn purses you laides were talking about, they sound really cool! :2thumbs: Even some of my friends would take one! Maybe even one of those pillows, start selling them on Ebay and get awesome cash for them! Anyways, thats not the point, so I am not ashamed about my merchandise but I am slowly building up my stuff. :blush:



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The last time I was at the Disney Store there were some POTC shirts and I bought my neighbor's son a pair of pirate swim trunks and a tank top.

I was at Claire's with my friend's daughter (she's three) and we came across the POTC merchandise. She pointed directly at Will went said "Cute" I stood there trying not to laugh. But I bought her the little notebook anyway. She said she'll share it with me.

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Every time I head down to Disney World in Florida, I load up on POTC stuff. This time I got Mr. Potato Head parts for my potato (he looks really funny with a pegleg and an eye patch!), a cursed coin that came with a little red velour pouch, a little pirate plush Mickey (that was on sale), and the Will figurine (where you can change his head, which is pretty :blink: ). Last year, I went to Joe's Crab Shack and got a t-shirt that says "Joe knows Orlando".

I keep thinking I'm going to get some stuff at Claire's, but I haven't built up enough nerve yet!

I really wanted one of those "Mrs. Bloom" purses (when they went on sale, his were gone), but I do have a purple pillow case that says "Dreaming of Orlando" that I sleep with sometimes!

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Oh my! If you continue exploring the Disney website, that Anar gave us a link to, you will come to this:

Pirates of the Caribbean "A Moonlit Voyage"

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Disneyland® Resort

Hoist your sails, consult your compass and set your course for this wild sea adventure.

Embark upon a journey into uncharted waters and murky bayous as you voyage into the second installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”. A band of swashbuckling buccaneers you will become, says I, as you feast your eyes on newly created treasures and determine in your hearts to appropriate them for your personal treasure trove.

Reservations for the Pirates of the Caribbean "A Moonlit Voyage" Experience

will be accepted only via www.DisneyGallery.com beginning

Monday, April 24, 2006 at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time).

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact

Walt Disney Event Services at 866.247.1203

or via e-mail at wdw.event.reservations@DisneyWorld.com.

AND then there are these.( this is the only one that is not sold out!) Hmmmmmm.

BLACK PEARL Event Package

- A Swashbuckling Pirate Encounter including a Taste of the Bayou

- One (1) Admission ticket for a showing of the film "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" at the AMC 12 Theater in the Downtown Disney® District (at approximately Midnight)

- Special Event Queue to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.)

- First Opportunity to Pre-Purchase Open and Limited Edition Pirates of the Caribbean Themed Merchandise

- Meet & Greet and Signing with Disney Artists

- Commemorative Photo

- Commemorative Keepsake

Unless otherwise stated, all elements will occur or be available only on 7/6/06.

Tickets for the BLACK PEARL Event Package are $235 per person. Limited to availability. No discounts will be offered in conjunction with this package.

Tentative Itinerary

July 6, 2006

9:00 a.m.

Registration & Package Pick-up Begins at the Disneyland® Hotel

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Artist Signings & Special Appearances at the Disneyland® Hotel

6:00 p.m.

Package Pick-up Closes

7:00 p.m.

Pirate Encounter including the Taste of the Bayou

Begins at the Disneyland® Hotel

8:30 p.m.

Pirate Encounter Concludes

9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Special Event Pirates of the Caribbean Queue in Disneyland® park

11:30 p.m.

Event Guests Begin to Enter AMC Theater

July 7, 2006

Approx. 12:15 a.m.

Screening of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"

at the AMC Theater located in Downtown Disney® District

*Continue to watch this website for additional information. All elements of this event are subject to change without notice.

So, who would the Special Appearances be by.hmmmm me says.

Man! I wish my hubby would let me fly down for this!

:shiny: JessiBear

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I guess I kind of got a preview of some of the new POTC merchandise after coming off the ride last weekendat Disney World. Yes, it was still open and will be until April 30. In any case, there are several new t-shirts in various colors. Most featured Capt. Jack although I do remember one with Davy Jones concept art.

I wonder if they will have anything special for the opening here at Disney World. Last time I asked at Guest Services, there was no word. You better believe that I will keep checking back.

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Disney announces beta version of Pirates of the Caribbean mobile game through mDisney

A new Pirates of the Caribbean game for mobile phones will be released in conjunction with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest, the mobile publishing unit of the Walt Disney Internet Group, mDisney, announced today.

The real-time game, which will begin beta tests soon, can be found at www.piratesmobilemultiplayer.com. The official release version will be put out on July 7, 2006, along with the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Up to 16 players at a time can participate in individual game sessions in the Pirates of the Caribbean multiplayer game, and players can chat and make friends with other players on the server.

The Pirates of the Caribbean mobile game is the latest in a number of new mobile content releases from mDisney, which distributes Disney mobile content. The department fits the Walt Disney Company’s desire to keep up with the latest technology to promote its content.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightly will be the second film in the Pirates of the Caribbean film trilogy, inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at Disney theme parks worldwide.

Disney is ramping up tie-ins and promotions as the summer release date for the film approaches.

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I've been hunting and haven't seen these mentioned so I'll go ahead and do it here.

At Wal-Mart they have POTC2 Lunchables. My son loves those things for a snack after school and so on my weekly shopping trip what should I spy but these. There are at least 4 designs, each with a different game on the back, like mazes, unscrambling words, etc.

Anyway, thought you all might want to know. It's not very exciting, but I thought they were cute.


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I know I'm late, but I still wanna thank Beth37 for the link to the Hot Topic-Shirt. My cousin lives in the state of N.Y. and she will come here in two weeks, so I asked her to bring me one of those shirts (the one with the skull). I hope they still have them.

Without you I wouldn't even have known about the shirts (nothing like that over here), so thank you!! :cheer:

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:hott: Ok, I just spent the entire day at the mall and thought I would give a little update on the POTC merchandise out there, or at least in southwest Ohio. At Kroger I was able to find a lot of the Lunchables, the fruit snacks at Meijer, and the cereal at Super Wal-Mart (sadly no M&Ms). I had already gotten two POTC:DMC shirts at Hot Topic about a month ago, but they have around seven more now(all mostly Jack), they also have a lot of new Pirate jewlery in. Torrid has four or five new shirts in, some are the same as Hot Topic, but in different colours. They also had POTC chapstick in three different flavours with different pictures on them. The Disney store had a lot of POTC beach stuff for little kids like a backpack, beachtowel, beach ball, swim trunks, tanktops and hats. I actually got them, because I'm wierd. I did manage to find POTC coffee mugs there on sale. They also gave me the number to reach their main merchandise office to order stuff from Disney Land/World that they won't get in the local stores. Both Hot Topic and the Disney said that they are expecting to get a lot of stuff in very soon and they had me leave my name and phone number with them and they said they would call me whenever they got new stuff in and would hold it for me if I wanted them to. Sorry this is such a long post, but I figured I would give y'all an update!


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Lucky thanks for the update!

Your mentioning of the chapstick reminded me of something. Did you guys notice that the Narnia merchandise included such things as tissue boxes, toothbrushes and now bandaids? (just saw those today) If Disney did/does that much merchandising for a movie that wasn't tied to "Disney", can you imagine what we're going to see as we get closer to the release date? I'm sure I'll be buying stuff I have no use for, just to get a picture of Will. :lol:

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I know I'm late, but I still wanna thank Beth37 for the link to the Hot Topic-Shirt. My cousin lives in the state of N.Y. and she will come here in two weeks, so I asked her to bring me one of those shirts (the one with the skull). I hope they still have them.

Without you I wouldn't even have known about the shirts (nothing like that over here), so thank you!! :cheer:

You are very welcome! I check mine frequently as they often have things for just a short time. I hope you like it!

Beth 37

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I went to Downtown Disney on Saturday to take a look at the newly remodeled World of Disney Store, which at one time was heralded as the largest gathering of Disney merchandise in the world. (Not sure if that is still true after the company built a Downtown Disney in California.)

In any case, they have separate rooms for different merchandise. I kept hearing about the new girls’ princess boutique section and the boy’s pirate booty section. You can pretty much figure where I headed.

The photos below are of some of the new interior decorating. The entrance is clearly modeled after the ride and the skeleton pirates in jail actually rattle the bars and there is a pirate named “Rusty Blades” who sings the theme song and also talks like Captain Jack as the centerpiece.




As far as what is now available to buy. They have some great shirts and all the toys from the POTC movie, including an Elizabeth action figure I’d never seen. Conspicuously, missing from the display was the Will Turner figure although they pretty much had all of the others (Barbossa, Pintel, Rigatti and Capt. Jack) represented.

I asked the castmember about women’s clothing and was pointed toward the women’s department. They now have Captain Jack flip-flops, any number of “Pirate Princess” :blink: shirts and hats as well as a cute red shirt that reads “I love Pirates” and another – that in my opinion seemed a bit more akin to something a little boy would wear – that was this awful color of green and read “You don’t know Jack Sparrow” with Johnny’s photo. I was a bit more partial to the men’s goodies – a POTC hockey jersey with the number 67 and the name Sparrow and a light blue shirt with the shadowy Jack skeleton head on it.

I am sure there will be more on the way. I do remember more a shirt with Davey Jones on it from the last time I was at Magic Kingdom and often they do have more merchandise at the park itself. Guess this is much like a sneak preview….

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AFTER the POTC2 promos, Disney and McDonald's are going their separate ways. Some fuss-and-bother over Disney bankrolling the Supersize Me movie. That Studio Briefing news item pretty much confirms that McDonald's will have POTC2-related Happy Meal toys and that when #3 is released, we'll have to look elsewhere.

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Thanks Sherwood for the pictures! I want to go back. I was there in April and I remember some of that stuff but not all. I love that store. I get lost it's so huge. I swear I spend more money there than in the theme parks themselves.

HeySailor, I read that somewhere too, about how they didn't want to associate with McD's anymore since childhood obesity was such a problem. Though can't you just go in and buy a toy separately? I know at Burger King you could with the Star Wars toys. :paperbag: They should go back to having one toy a week, like in the old days when I was a kid :lol: . Now there's like 20 toys. That's ridiculous.

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I've never been to DisneyWorld or Disneyland in my life :cry: but with all this new stuff coming out for the moive(s) I am dying to get my butt on a plane and over to Disney to get one of the new shirts or something! Thanks for the info and pics Sherwood. I might have to make a new suggestion for our summer family vacation. :naughty:



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Thanks for the Disney parks merchandise update, Sherwood. I won't be heading down that way until January when I'm laid off at work.

I'm happy to see so much stuff. I think I'll be broke this summer!

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Thanks, Sherwood, for the pictures and all the information. It's fun to read about and see, even though I'll never get there.

On a related note, I may have to break down and order a Happy Meal. :lol:

I'm sure there will be much more to come.



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