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NO. Paparazzi.Pictures.

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Wow, it's been a while - but today someone attempted to post a link to paparazzi pictures taken of Orlando this past weekend. (And the poster was NOT a newbie! :angry: )

It has been our policy since December 2003 (I even remember the date - December 5, 2003!) that we would no longer host nor allow the posting of paparazzi-shot photos of Orlando - nothing while he's on his 'private time'.

From the Rules:

In keeping with the "no gossip" policy, we will no longer be posting any photographs of Orlando that were obviously taken without his knowledge or consent during private time (aka paparazzi photos). Any that are posted will be removed, and it will be the PEFIC's own judgement as to what constitutes this kind of photograph. If there's a question as to whether or not something is 'postable', please ask us.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in an official warning and, if you're already on one-warning status - you'll find yourself non-posting in a big hurry.

Come on - walking the dog, shopping with friends, getting into his car (when it's not from some public event) - they are off-limits. Photos with his girlfriend when they aren't at a public event together - off-limits. We don't care that he's on a 'public street'; walking down a street doesn't mean that one gives up their right to some sort of privacy.

There are rare exceptions: IF he has obviously 'consented' to the picture - I'm thinking back to the recent one of him and Billy in Glasgow - those are fine. It will be a judgement call on our part; if we're uncomfortable with the situation in which the photos were taken, then they can't be posted. It isn't always black and white, so we make the best decision we can.

You can always ask us via PM or EM if a photo or photos are appropriate; it could even save you a one-way ticket off of ka-Bloom.

There are plenty of sources out there to regularly see paparazzi photos; it's just that we've chosen to go no-gossip, no-paparazzi.

Thanks. :)

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As we have so many newbies (or nearly so), it's time to bump this thread.

We are one of the few sites that do NOT allow 'candid' (commonly known as 'paparazzi') photos of Orlando to be posted or linked to - and we've even gone so far as to not allow links to sites that do allow them.

If he's out on the street, walking Sidi, going shopping, whatever - NO.

If he's hanging out with friends, be it walking, at a restaurant - NO.

If he's at the airport, arriving at the airport, leaving the airport - NO.

If he's on vacation, swimming, surfing - NO.

If he's just going about, carrying on his life (alone, with friends or family, or with dog) and is not at any particular event, it's off-limits.

As evidenced this summer during In Celebration, he's most generous with his time with fans. He's entitled to live like a normal person and it is just plain WRONG that he is hounded by photographers all the time. And we will not be a party to their actions by posting or linking to these kinds of photos.

On-set photos are on a case-by-case basis; if we feel it is an intrusion on his privacy, it is not allowed.

As always, please contact a Moderator if you have questions over the appropriateness of a photo. Thanks.

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