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KOH Director's Cut DVD Giveaway WINNERS

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Thanks to everyone who has participated in our random drawing for the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven 4-disc set, sponsored by ka-Bloom.org and 20th Century Fox in coordination with SidCity.net. It's my pleasure to announce the winners of the May 15th Drawing:


Guest: T. Staples, Albuquerque, NM

Congratulations! Prizes from today's drawing will be shipped so they'll arrive on or about May 23rd.

If you have already entered the drawing, your entry will stay in the hopper for next week's drawing. If you haven't already entered, click the button at the top of the page to enter for your chance to win. We'll be giving away three more 4-disc sets next Monday. Anyone can enter. Good luck!

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OMG, I'm so excited. :cheer: This is the first thing I've won in ages ! What a wonderful Monday morning surprise -- and coming right after Mother's Day, too ! How can I ever thank all my wonderful "daughters" here on Ka-Bloom for this opportunity and this win ? I can't believe it yet -- I'm still jumping around with excitement ! Yippee ! :yahoo:

My heartfelt thanks to all who made this opportunity possible. I shall treasure this KOH set not only for its Orlando goodness, but also for the warm spot I have in my heart for Ka-Bloom. :grouphug:Thank you.


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Congratulations Annabelle! :cheer: :clap: I am so happy you won! Now I know its right around the corner for the rest of us and I am really getting excited. I need something right now to look forward to. I am sure your local news has been talking about the weather here in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. My little town has received 7.9 inches of rain so far and the worst is still yet to come. :(

Well congrats once again Annabelle and Enjoy!


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Guest Mechev

Congratulations to you Anabelle and the guest from New Mexico. :clap:

It is so great to read about this fantastic news!!

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Awwww, well done Annabelle :2thumbs: . I hope you enjoy it, and we all give you permition to drool over Balian! :drool: Computer says 'no'.

And well done to our guest. :cheer:

Good luck to everybody, ( and me, Computer says 'no'. ) for next week.

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