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Best Original Song

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All 42 of the eligible Oscar entries for Best Original Song will be screened tonight in LA for members of the Academy's music branch. For the first time, members must attend the screening tonight or next Monday in order to vote for their 5 favorite songs, assuring that even the least watched films will be competing on a level playing field when it comes to Best Original Song. They will be watching film clips of film sequences containing all of the eligible entries. The songwriters and performers will not be identified; title cards will only list the film and song titles. The songs will be presented in random order, which could conceivably help some tunes and hurt others.

"Same in Any Language" appears in three different versions, both during "Elizabethtown" and over the Cameron Crowe film's end credits. (Crowe says voters will see a combination of all three versions.)

Other songs considered strong contenders, though, are used only in the end credits of their films, robbing viewers of any visual clues as to how the songs support their movies.

For the rest of the story, read LA Times OscarBeat - The Great Song Experiment

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