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Film Stew - Number One with a Pirated Bullet

NUMBER ONE WITH A PIRATED BULLET by FilmStew Staff 1/17/2006 at 15:07

Ever heard of the British TV show Top Gear?

Far from the U.S.-centric world of ABC-TV shows on iPods, that program - about the exploits of a group of writers who cover the automobile industry - is the one that topped the list of most pirated TV shows for December of 2005 on peer-to-peer Internet networks. According to Bay:TSP, Top Gear is ahead of Desperate Housewives, Lost and other programs as far as files being downloaded on the FastTrack, eDonkey and BitTorrent networks. Over on the film side, Robert Rodriguez's Sin City led the way, with a total of 52,973 different copies available at a computer screen near you. The top ten worldwide online pirated movies in December:

1. Sin City - Disney - 52,973

2. Elizabethtown - Paramount - 47,819

3. Batman Begins - Warner Bros. - 47,594

4. Mr. And Mrs. Smith - Fox - 46,435

5. The Interpreter - NBC Universal - 46,279

6. Flightplan - Disney - 46,090

7. Constantine - Warner Bros. - 45,656

8. The Skeleton Key - NBC Universal - 45,279

9. The Legend of Zorro - Sony Pictures - 43,951

10. The Transporter 2 - Fox - 43,050

According to Bay:TSP, the fact that movies already available on DVD dominate this list indicates that file traders are downloading DVD-quality rips of older films rather than lower quality copies of new releases. Not to mention the fact that Cameron Crowe's latest is a much bigger hit with the P2P crowd than it ever was with the B2C crowd. Tangentially, despite the high-profile prosecution of several Academy Awards screener DVD pilferers, pirated versions of those also abound, although not in as large numbers.

Bay:TSP also keeps track of pirated software, which is equally fascinating. Acrobat 7 tops the December hit list, followed Microsoft Office 2003, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Microsoft InfoPath 2003 and FrontPage 2003.

Color me stupid but what is the B2C crowd? :doh: P2P I've heard of.

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In light of the fact that we are against the pirating of films - it adversely affects both the studio AND the talent involved (in other words, one is essentially taking money directly out of Orlando's pocket) - it's really not an appropriate topic for discussion here.

I'm closing this thread.

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