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Echo Online's Top 5 Movies of 2005

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I just found this on the web and thought it might bring some cheer:

It is from Eastern Michigan University's Echo Online.

I only copied Kingdom of Heaven's section. For the entire article go here:


Top five movies of '05

By John Wilkinson / Staff Writer


Despite Jedi knights causing a ruckus and a couple of wedding crashers invigorating the summer season, there was more to offer in 2005 than just cheap thrills and cheaper laughs. While 2005 may go down in Hollywood history as a year plagued by dwindling ticket receipts and boy wizards, it still managed to offer up a healthy mix of fantastic films that drew distinction from the crowded marketplace.

Be it the return of another kind of knight or the resurrection of a malevolent dictator, 2005 certainly offered up more than just popcorn cinema. So, without further ado -- drumroll, please -- here are my picks for the five best films of 2005.

Kingdom of Heaven

Visually, few films over the last few years have measured up to director Ridley Scott's ("Gladiator") graceful magnum opus, "Kingdom of Heaven." The picture details one man's journey from being an impoverished blacksmith in France to becoming a knight and protector of Jerusalem during the Crusades.

The ensemble cast includes Orlando Bloom as the aforementioned knight, Balian, and a smorgasbord of acting's elite ranging from Edward Norton to Jeremy Irons. All the players intertwine with brilliant excellence, and Balian, although the protagonist, is not the centerpiece of this huge epic.

Scott has a skillful eye and ear for the things that truly make a movie feel real, and the cinematography and editing help heighten Scott's professional touch. The film may lack in some areas, but the sheer epic nature and breathtaking shots reserve a sense of appreciation no viewer can ignore. Scott transcends his previous effort in epic warfare in 2000's hit "Gladiator" by using a more delicate touch and less severe brutality in directing.

The characters are all justified in their own way, and sides are not drawn in preference to anyone. The battle between Christian and Muslim is in no way a political refuge for the screenwriter and/or director's ideas; rather, the confrontation is portrayed in the historical light, drawing no distinction of race, class or creed.

As a whole, "Heaven" is a vibrant and vivid depiction of a time rarely chronicled by filmmakers. Scott and all involved are not only shining some light on a darker period of history, but they also shine that light with delicate yet striking resonance, leaving the audience entrenched in quality storytelling and the screen resonating with the burning images of a lost time.

The film seemed to fall between the cracks last spring when it was released, yet it certainly deserves another chance, for it is a piece of prestige filmmaking that should not be missed by any movie lover.


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Beth37 this is great news. :clap: It's amazing how just a handleful of sourpuss critics can influence how a movie is viewed by the general public without them even giving it a chance by seeing it for themselves. Of course positive press doesn't look as good in print I guess. (Sorry it's still a sore subject with me.) I hope this review along with the fabulous news of the release of Haven will signal a turn of the tide for Orlando and an end to the less than positive press treatment he has been receiving this year.

(Of course Mr. Wilkinson isn't telling us anything we already didn't know :wink: )


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I truly enjoyed reading this, thanks a lot Beth. :)

When I saw KoH I truly liked it and to see that finally the critics have seen what we all saw in this movie is just. :2thumbs:

I do hope the Oscars are going to really look into this movie and recognize the magnificence of the cinematography, music, direction and all the performances that made this story my favorite of last year!!

And yeah, I just can't wait for the director's cut dvd! I totally want it!

Be well and take care,


Edited to add punctuation. Smilies are not perioda.

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Thanks for posting that, Beth. The author seems to be referring to the theatrical release so I wonder what he'd have made of the EE. :) And while the list may be in 'no particular order', the fact that he lists Kingdom of Heaven first pleases me immensely (I prefer to interpret that as he thinks it's the best rather than the fifth best film of the year).

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Thank you so much, Beth. What a great news! I wish those at the Oscars will give this movie another look, but I guess it's too late now for that. But am so happy hear KOH finally starting to get the recognition that it deserves.

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Thanks, Beth, for finding this uplifting review of KOH for us. :hug: It's always great to read that someone else found Kingdom of Heaven so worthy. :2thumbs:

It would be nice if some other writers or critics besides Mr. Wilkenson took the time to give KOH the praise it deserves. Most of the movies that came out this year were so much drivel.not in the lease memorable.that on reflection perhaps the best movie this year was Kingdom of Heaven.

But politics and powerful studios rule Hollywood, and I am sure they will not pause long enough in their rush to name one of the current "hot" movies as the Best Picture of 2005 to reconsider KOH for this high and deserved award. It's too bad, but FOX has none to blame but itself. It "cut off it's nose to spite it's face", and the last minute releasing of the director's cut of KOH in one L.A. theater cannot make up for the bad impression that the butchered theatrical release that they sent out in May received.

Ridley Scott and Orlando deserved better. Hopefully they will receive some recognition at the BAFTA awards, or at other international awards shows, where KOH fared much better. Ridley and Orlando are "men of the world" so perhaps they do not feel the sting of Hollywood's snub as much as we do. I hope not.

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Hopefully they will receive some recognition at the BAFTA awards, or at other international awards shows, where KOH fared much better. Ridley and Orlando are "men of the world" so perhaps they do not feel the sting of Hollywood's snub as much as we do. I hope not.

I competely forgot about the BAFTA Awards! :O If KOH does get some recognition by BATFA, then those at the Oscars will have to take a second look at KOH. BATFA is British counterpart of US's Oscars, and has some influence on the Oscars, if I am not mistaken. But sadly, BATFA used to be held before the Oscars, but that has now changed, if I am not mistaken. Hopefully, "the best is yet to come," like our current forum song says. Here's to KOH. :cheers:

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