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Announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week:

Sony is going out on a limb and committing to the debut of two titles--Bridge on the River Kwai and Black Hawk Down --using the 50GB dual-layer Blu-ray Disc, which has been running behind development time from the standard 25GB single-layer disc.

As for the 50GB dual-layer disc, Feingold (President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) said both movies have long running times as well as hours of bonus features that the studio has produced but been unable to release on DVD because they take up too much space.

The good news: "hours of bonus features"

More good news: 2006 release

The possible bad news : Blu-Ray. Does anyone know if a special Blu-Ray DVD player has to be purchased or can this DVD be watched on a 'regular' DVD player?

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I found on Wikipedia and Heise Newsticker (in german) some information. To write the discs they use a blue-violet laser with shorter wavelength, so there can be more information stored on the disc, so you need a new player to read them. The first players should come out in spring 2006.

There is a competitive product (HD DVD), so wait to see which will become the accepted format (you remember Beta<->Video2000<->VHS?) until you buy a player.


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