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Beaver Creek Bridge, Arkansas - A Follow-Up

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Those of you who were around these parts last summer when Elizabethtown production was moving across America may remember the article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about filming on the Beaver Creek Bridge (see the article here).

Today coolcounselorchick sent us an article that appeared in today's Democrat-Gazette, looking back at the filming and what 'impact' its appearance in the film has had.

This is the way it was printed (it's from the online edition), so the text may jump around a bit, but you'll get the hang of it.

Oh, and click on the picture to see a larger version. :wink:



Hey, it's Jill's shirt! :w00t:

Thanks again, Karen. Brings back the fun memories of last summer. :hug:

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Thanks for the memories coolcounselorchick and Jan. The very first camping trip I ever went on as a kid was to Table Rock Lake and the Ozark Mountains. It became a really special place for my family to return to in subsequent years. Who would've thought it would become special for a different reason later in my life. :wink: Uhmm maybe hubby and I will have to plan a return trip soon. :whistle:


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Thanks so much for this great article, Jan and CoolCounselorChick! I just found out that some folks I know from one of my parrot lists live near there. So guess who's going camping in that neck of the woods next summer? I am really excited! I might even have to stop in at Dinosaur World too! :w00t:


Heading for a road trip!

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After consulting with Rebecca on this, I think new info about the Beaver Bridge would fit in just fine right here.

In our local (Springfield, MO) newspaper, I found this interesting article.

An old suspension bridge at Table Rock reservoir and two other bridges north of Eureka Springs will not be replaced as previously planned, the state highway chief announced Monday.

All three bridges are on Arkansas 187 in the Ozark Mountains.

The Table Rock Reservoir Bridge, better known as Beaver Bridge, will continue to serve the region, according to a news release. It was built in 1949 and is a single-lane wooden deck suspension bridge.

If you've never seen the bridge in person, it's the most beautiful shade of yellow, especially when the sun shines on it just right. I'm so glad they aren't going to tear it down.

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coolcounselorchick, Jan, and mames71, thank-you so much for the articles about Beaver Creek Bridge. :flowers: It is such a pleasure to read about the intersections this movie had with the real world, with real people. I love old bridges and this one is a beauty.
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