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The current issue of Hotdog (with Robert Downey on the cover) has a feature on Elizabethtown and interviews with Orlando and Kirsten. I haven't scanned the interview with Kirsten (to be honest I didn't even realise it was there at first), but here's the rest of it.

All pictures are clickable. My apologies for the horrid quality of the first one, the original was grainy to start with, and I don't have the best scanner around.


The review:


The article:





and the interview:



(If anyone in the UK wants the magazine and can't find it in their local W H Smiths, try Virgin :) ).

Scans moved to the ka-Bloom server. :wink: Thanks, Claire.

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Thank you so much for those lovely articles. They covered ground missed by other writers. I especially liked reading the part about Cameron's mother. It makes Hollie seem much more realistic.

I can't help wondering how his mother felt during that scene where Hollie did the tap dance routine. She played Lena, the lady in the blue hat.

Thanks again,


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