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Now that Elizabethtown is opening in a day or two, I thought a thread on our reactions to the film belonged here.

I was fortunate to see Elizabethtown last night at an early screening here in Charlotte, and the first thing that I've got to say is that ORLANDO WAS WONDERFUL! :clap:

He really has a talent for light comedy (I knew it !!) and he has that unique ability to show a range of emotions on his face and through his eyes, from despair to confusion to joy!! It was so great to see him so ably carry a picture.....I am so proud for him. :yahoo:

I even liked Kirsten Dunst in this movie. :wink: She was a perfect fit for the role of Claire. She and Orlando carried the whole movie -- they were super together. It would be great if they could team together for another movie someday.

The rest of the cast was very good too -- especially the ones that made up Drew's Kentucky family. But I thought Jessica Biel and Judy Greer were wasted in their minor roles (although Judy had the best line in the whole movie -- "call Hell and I'll answer"), while Alex Baldwin and especially Susan Sarandon had more meaty parts (not awards-calibre though, in my opinion).

Let me repeat -- Orlando was excellent, the camera loves him, he is so cute and sweet and confused in this role you just want to hug him to death !! :hug:

The one drawback I found with Elizabethtown was the incohesive story and the unsatisfactory ending -- I wanted more !! I was so looking forward to the "road trip" part of the movie, and they seemed to rush right through that, leaving out so many Drew/Mitch emotional goodbyes (ashes scattering) that it didn't seem like it was worth the effort. You got the feeling Drew was taking the road trip simply because Claire had given him a map -- not enough emphasis was placed on the fact that Drew and his father had always talked about taking a road trip together, and that the trip was a time of Drew letting go.

The story was kinda chopped up in my opinion cause they left out so many of the scenes we saw in the trailers. I won't list them here, but there were a lot --and this made for an uneven flow, especially since I was waiting for certain of the scenes. (I had the same feeling watching KOH) Like I said, the ending came too abruptly, and I couldn't believe that it was over. I think it would have been better had Cameron drawn it out a bit more, resolving the Drew/Claire story and the Drew/Mitch relationship. Maybe I missed something, but I felt unsatisfied at the end. If I felt slightly let down, I attribute that to too high expectations, perhaps. I am going to see it again, sometimes second/third viewings can make you see and appreciate movies more.

The audience seemed to like the movie --there were plenty of laughs at appropriate times, and a good amount of applause at the end. If I were a movie critic, I think I would give Elizabethtown 3 out of 4 stars. It was a very good movie, and I know all Orlando Bloom fans will love it ! :2thumbs:

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Warning, Spoilers ahead!

I saw Elizabethtown last night at a special screening my friend won tickets to through our school newspaper. Myself and two others entered, and they agreed that whoever won would take me, because out of the three of us, "I'm the biggest Orlando Fan." :wub: I love my buddies. Anyways, in the end, I came out with very similar opinions to Annabelle.

First off, Orlando can act. I'm so sick of that sentence hanging around with a question mark at the end on so many professional reviews, that I'm going to put it in bold. He can he can he can! The emotion behind his eyes is enough to drive through whatever the script doesn't supply, and the scene where he cries in the car just blew me away. I wanted to just cuddle him right there. His Drew is so emotionally confused, it's wonderful seeing Orlando go through it all full circle. And every time he had a little emotional outburst, whether it be happy, sad, or full out frustration/desperation, I just wanted to jump up and down in my seat. There are so many moments here that you've never seen Orlando do in movies before, it's like a little treasure chest. I even liked the American accent, which I was a bit worried about in trailers.

The rest of the actors/actresses are wonderful as well. Kirsten fits into her role as well as a glove on her hand. I don't want to typecast, but these "kooky" roles just seem to work for her. I do wish Judy Greer had more scenes, because I felt that her character could have been very interesting if given the chance to blossom on screen. Susan Sarandon was of course fantastic, and funny! The three of them, Orlando Susan, and Judy really do feel like a family on screen. When Susan is on stage during the funeral, and Orlando reaches over to hold Judy's hand while their mom goes off in a half comedy tour, half ode to her husband, you feel like you're watching a situation out of real life. (Well, maybe not the comedy part, but it works in the context of the movie, I swear!) The rest of the Kentucky crew is brilliant as well, and I wish we are shown more of Aunt Dora and Uncle Jesse especially.

The audience responded wonderfully to the film; laughing at all the right places, save for when Drew opens up a magazine to find a picture of himself, with the funniest, happiest look on his face, standing in a shoe going down in flames. I fell over my self in giggles, but no one else did, which of course, only succeeded in making it that much funnier. :lmao:

There are many memorable lines, and a lot of room for comedy within all the turmoil of emotional recovery and discovery. My friend and I quoted lines all the way home.

The only problem I had with the movie was that some bits did appear choppy, no matter how much a hate to admit it, but I think this is because of over editing, not under. (Basically, I can't wait until the full directors cut makes its way to DVD. It will be the copy to own I'm sure.) Also, I did feel that the romantic side of the story was the weakest, but considering the whole movie was amazing, I don't mean bad.just not as great as the rest. Maybe it was their chemistry? I can't even articulate what I'm trying to say. :eedgit: I'll just leave you to make your own opinion I guess. (The finale however, where Drew runs through a crowd of people to a beaming Claire, was fantastic. I thought my cheeks were going to bust from so much smiling.)

So, excuse this long winded review. Elizabethtown was very very good. It was so satisfying to see Orlando in such a different role. Out of five, I'd give it four and a half stars. :2thumbs: I can't wait for more ka-bloomie reviews!

There, you can go rest your eyes now. I'm finished. Thanks for your patience!


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Guest Rebekah

Thanks for the reviews. The reviews on rottentomatoes.com have been kinda discouraging, so I can't wait to see this myself. :wink:

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I have learned over the years, that if a film gets bad reviews from the critics, then I am most likely going to love it. I have never been able to understand what they look at or what they consider good acting. I prefer reviews from normal people like us. Thank you so much for your input! I can't wait to see this movie!

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Thank you for the review, Mimi. Like Ladyhawk said, critics and I don't see eye to eye most of the time. Many critics loved 21 Grams, but I absolutely hated it. Movies are so sujbective; you can't rely on what others say about a certain film. You have to make up your own mind. And I am sure I will love ETown.

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Well, as far as I know, Chicago critics love this movie. Of course I've only seen one critic's review and heard it in person by same guy. :whistle:

As far as the editing that has been mentioned, I have to say that 'really bad editing' was Kingdom of Heaven. We got spoiled here by all the trailors that were out there and were naturally looking forward to a lot of those scenes that were ultimately cut, but I think they were cut for a very good reason. It would have lost the audience. It would have made those scenes just that little bit too long.

I don't understand what is meant by 'choppy'. I didn't see that.

Edited to add the review by above mentioned Chicago critic. It will explain what I mean about the deleted scenes. GO HERE.

Edited by mrsjack90
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I just came from the theatre. I had a hard time getting up from my seat when it was over. It was as if I had melted into it. I was completely drained, but in the best possible way. I felt cleansed, if that makes any sense to anyone. I don't know how long this feeling will last. I :throb: this movie. I :throb: Cameron for bringing it to us. I never can find the rights words to express how I feel about Orlando. Today is no different. I just :throb: him for being.

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I don't understand what is meant by 'choppy'. I didn't see that.

Choppy isn't really the right word I was looking for. I think what I'm trying to say, is that you could tell where certain story lines/character plots might have been cut shorter for time, or at least that's how I felt. I'm probably just ornery from wanting the movie to last longer. :rolleyes: I'm really excited to see the directors cut.

But for now.I'll have to satisfy myself by seeing it in theaters again today. :) Excuse me ladies, I have a date with a large bag of popcorn.


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Before I read anyone else's, I need to get my thoughts out. Then I'll go back and see what y'all are thinking!

First, I really like this movie. With that said . . .

As I got up to leave, a woman sitting a couple seats down, who also was "solo" viewing this morning, looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said: "Meh . . . it wasn't all that good."

I shrugged my shoulders, smiled and replied: "It had its moments."

She agreed, it definitely had it's moments.

And that is the crux of the "problem" with this movie. It's 2 hours of wonderful moments, all stitched together. As I was driving back to the studio, I thought "Quilt!" This movie is a cinematic quilt which Cameron stitched together with lots of feeling and love. Other people may look at it and think "That's nice." If they are quilt lovers, like me, they'll like this film. If they think quilts are crap, they're going to think this movie is crap.

This movie works if you internalize it. If you approach it from a personal level, allow it to speak to you on a personal level, you are going to enjoy the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and I plan to take it again. And again. There's so many little moments that are truly enjoyable.

Like when he gets out of his car at the funeral home --- my goodness, did y'all hear those cicadas? That's the sound of the south. Nice, hot, summer in the south. I felt like I was at home! :lol:

I'm very close to Cameron's age, I think I have him topped by about a year, but at this stage, we are dead-on peers. I also LOVE rock and roll so his choice in music just had me smiling throughout. Freebird was a perfect choice for Mitch's "swan song." (Someone please, please, please tell me if those band members --- other than the guy playing "Jesse" (hope I got that name right) were ex-bandmates of Ronnie Van Zandt!)

For those who have lost a parent, there are moments that may be a bit hard, even if you think you've reconciled your loss, even if it happened a dozen years ago. I know when Drew started to touch his father's hand, I held my breath. I knew exactly what was going through his mind. I couldn't hold my father's hand like that, though. It was too stiff and cold and he was never a stiff and cold man to me, but I was so there in that moment.

Road trips are very near and dear to my heart. I took two of my children on a 5,500 mile road trip 5 years ago. From Texas to Montana and back again in a wide, huge, ellipitical track that had us stopping at every and any little thing that caught our interest. We dug up a fossil in the Badlands, saw the awesomeness of the Milky Way at Mesa Verde, drank Sassparilla at a Dodge City saloon, climbed the ruts left behind by covered wagons on the Oregon Trail (the years have eroded some of those ruts into minature canyons!), saw not only Old Faithful in Yellowstone, but were priviledged to see one of those geysers that spout only when it feels like it, sometimes with years inbetween --- so many incredible moments. When Drew expressed his wish that he and his father had taken their trip years earlier, I was beyond grateful that my kids would never have to utter those words!!!

One day years ago my Mom came for a spring visit and we took a road trip to San Antonio. For those of you familiar with Texas, you may be wondering what on earth could I mean by calling it a "road trip" but we actually took 10 hours to make the drive between Dallas and SA! We stopped at every little po-dunk town with an antique shop. We both love antiques. And quilts!!

So you see, that's why I really like this quilt of a movie. Sorry if I've bored you with the personal reflection, but that's what this movie is capable of doing. If you've lived long enough to know . . .

Oh yeah, before I forget . Orlando was WONDERFUL!! God I love his face. His expressions are priceless.

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Okay, so I am back from my first viewing of Elizabethtown. And I have to say that the movie was all I expected and more. I think it accomplished just what Cameron Crowe said he had set out to do in that I wanted to stay wrapped up in that world of quirky characters.

In typical fashion, I was riveted by Orlando's performance, but it seemed to me that he reached another level in this film, maybe because it was more of a stretch for him emotionally than his other roles. I felt every emotion right along with him. When he started having a conversation with "his father" in the car, I lost it. That scene was just so real.

Click For Spoiler
On a purely superficial note, I enjoyed the morning after scene. Not only was I laughing because of Claire's attempts to wake Drew, but I was also Drewling. And is wrong to enjoy hearing Orlando swear. :paperbag:

I thought his accent was spot on despite my fears. The music was perfect. I also very much so enjoyed Kirsten's performance and would have liked to see more of both Susan and Judy.

As for the editing, I really wanted his road trip to last longer than it did. Of course, at my showing the film lost a bit of its continuity because it just stopped right in the middle of Holly's speech at Mitch's memorial. We went 15 minutes without a movie and missed some of her speech once the film resumed. I did get a coupon for a free movie at AMC. Y'all know what it will be used for. I know for certain I am seeing this again.

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So you see, that's why I really like this quilt of a movie.  Sorry if I've bored you with the personal reflection, but that's what this movie is capable of doing.  If you've lived long enough to know . . .

Oh yeah, before I forget . Orlando was WONDERFUL!!  God I love his face.  His expressions are priceless.


Thank you! I came back from seeing it a little while ago and I was feeling a bit lost. I'd had the pleasure of viewing it at the CFF and thoroughly enjoyed it. Today's experience was very different. Both times I really had high expectations, but this time the audience just wasn't into it. In Chicago, there was a great deal of laughter in all the right places. The audience today just sat there, with but a smattering of laughter in various places. There were times I felt I was alone in the theatre. :(

A "quilt" is what it is, to be sure. You make a wonderful comparison there. I also think because you and I have both had treasured road trips, this movie speaks to us. Others might not see the relevance of it.

I hope everyone gets to see it with a 'good' audience, one that appreciates the good parts and gets the impact of his acting. I'm seeing it tomorrow afternoon again and hope it's a very different experience.


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Just back from seeing Elizabethtown with sister ka-bloomie Aliza, for the very first showing in Berkeley, CA. We jokingly called it the "Berkeley Premiere"! :lol:

The movie was BEAUTIFUL! It was hilarious, sweet and very moving. I was moved to tears a couple of times. Orlando did wonderfully, a fantastic performance and he is, as usual, just so sublime! :wub:

In fact, everyone's performance was top notch, and I especially liked Susan Sarandon in this. In general, I have always adored Cameron Crowe's movies and this one will now be added to the top of the list, for sure. :clap:

I have been busying myself with recommending Elizabethtown to everyone I know. Even my parents are looking forward to seeing it.

I'm still pretty wound up from seeing the movie and I will be going with another friend to see it again tomorrow. If I have any more impressions after the second viewing, I will be sure to add them.

Allow me to mention one more time how much I love the ka-bloom community!



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I just saw Elizabethtown for the second time. :cheer:

I have to say I was much more impressed with the movie seeing it again.and that's hard to do cause I loved it the first time ! :wub: But during the second viewing, I was able to tear myself away from Orlando's handsome face and compelling eyes (it was hard, baby, but I did it ! :lmao: ) and watch for Cameron Crowe's clues as to what he was trying to tell the audience about life and death. It sank in this time. It was awesome.I was very moved, and so much of that came from Orlando's performance. He was great. How any critic can possibly say he shows no emotion is not looking at the same movie that I was watching.

One critic did appreciate Orlando, Edward Havens of Filmjerk. This is what he had to say about Orlando after giving good praise to the movie: "Happily, Bloom proves to be an exceptional actor, carefully crafting a restrained performance which is amongst the best of the year. This kid proves he is the real deal, worth all of the press given to him during his brief cinematic career, one that should last for many years to come."

Ever since I saw Orlando in Ned Kelly when, as Joe, he flirted with the banker's wife and did that "hello" thing with the little skull, I knew he would be great in a comedy role. I've seen Calcium Kid, and he is so cute and funny -- but that movie hasn't ever been available here in the US. I'm so glad that Cameron Crowe has given Orlando this chance. No matter what the critical reviews for the movie are, I think Elizabethtown will be well received by moviegoers and this role will open Hollywood's eyes to Orlando's wide acting potential.

I loved it the second time around.now for the third time... :w00t:

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Ok, I am the person you will throw tomatoes at, although I am convinced I would go see OB laying in the gutter, he is so cute and the camera loves him. It is kind of messy, but the music is good and the potential is right there under the surface. CC shot so much footage here and the places they filmed maybe had 60 seconds worth of film in the finished product. There are some great shots of Louisville, for those of you who have never been here.

I was an extra in the film and they paid me for 12 hours of work and the two scenes are unrecognizable to me. They must have been re-shot. I guess the art of filmaking is a mystery to me. But come on, does the camera love OB or what? I think CC could have coaxed more out of him, but it is what it is. The music is great and the "Freebird " scene is hilarious, I loved cousin Jesse.

My audience didn't laugh once, and my niece and I laughed several times and I am afraid of the box office. :(

MB53 :wave:

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Just following Althea's report of the Berkeley Premiere and Northern California ka-Bloomie Meet Up! She and I had lunch at a local place (Mexican) with a friend of mine and my DH and it was great to meet a ka-Bloomie in the flesh. I had my DYC with me to aid in identification but I recognized Althea's butterfly shirt before she saw the hat. :lol: Then we went to the movie and I was disappointed at the size of the crowd. Oh, well, it was a weekday afternoon. As it turns out, other than the 2 people who got up and left about 1/3 of the way through the movie, :wtf: the rest of the audience laughed and applauded at all the right times and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (even with hubby sitting next to me).

I agree, this movie is a quilt, a series of vignettes, rather than a piece of whole cloth. Sort of several days in a person's life, the way it really happens, instead of a the way a movie is usually told. I loved Cameron's story telling style, it is so real and bold. And especially for a story like this, which is so emotional. For instance, when I think about my wedding I don't remember the day as a whole, I remember bits and pieces. Our memories are not narrative, they are clips or short stories, and that is what happens in this movie.

It is a beautiful way to show an emotional melt down and recovery. And the acting in this movie is so good, it pulls the pieces together to form an emotional whole. And yes, I want more, I want to know these people, because they became real to me while I got absorbed in their story. And at the end of the movie, I couldn't believe I had been sitting there for over 2 hours. It just went by so quickly. I will definitely be seeing it again.

Click For Spoiler
One of the scenes that really struck me came early in the movie, when Phil and Drew are "taking a walk" and Phil is trying to fire Drew. Drew keeps nodding his head, repeating I'm fine, and then he tries to talk and can't get the words out around the lump in his throat. That was so true. There are so many other great moments, I have to ruminate on some more.

Did I say I :heart: this movie?

Two thumbs way up :2thumbs: as well as the rest of my digits :yahoo: !

5 stars!

Acting remarkable!

Script fabulous!

Music evocative and haunting!

I laughed, I cried.

I :heart: Orlando. (His accent was spot on, I never once even noticed it.) He deserves a nomination for a golden globe.



PS: I forgot the picture:


Aliza and Althea and the :damncap: in front of the Landmark Shattuck Cinema, Berkeley, California, 0ctober 14, 2005

Edited by aliza
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  As I was driving back to the studio, I thought "Quilt!"  This movie is a cinematic quilt which Cameron stitched together with lots of feeling and love.  Other people may look at it and think "That's nice."  If they are quilt lovers, like me, they'll like this film.  If they think quilts are crap, they're going to think this movie is crap.

I agree with Gina's analogy . and I'd go one further to make it a "patchwork" quilt. :) I'm a quilter from a long way back . many of mine have been assembled over stretches of time and when they're finally completed they tell a story of where I was and what I was doing over the years.

This movie works if you internalize it.  If you approach it from a personal level, allow it to speak to you on a personal level, you are going to enjoy the trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and I plan to take it again.  And again.  There's so many little moments that are truly enjoyable.

Yes! I responded from the little girl place deep in my chest to the remembering scenes where Drew recalled being loved and sharing fun (and car trips) with his father. I lost my father young and I have those "movie clip" memories, too . with little else to connect us. So that definitely worked.

Like when he gets out of his car at the funeral home --- my goodness, did y'all hear those cicadas?  That's the sound of the south.  Nice, hot, summer in the south.  I felt like I was at home!  :lol:

:) Me, too . so noisy they keep you awake at night and are a constant soundtrack for our hot summer days.

In my local paper, the AJC, the chief film critic totally trashed the film in this morning's edition . she hated it, thought it was "incoherent", a "great big belly-flop" for Crowe, said Orlando was a total blank, that Kirsten was wretched in a wretchedly-written role and the cast was "creepy." She concluded, “be still, my gag reflex”, then she gave it a D-, which will stay with it in the Atlanta metro paper for the life of the film. the worst rating of any film currently showing. Hawk-spit!! :angry: I have lost all respect for her opinions. This film is nowhere near that bad and certainly doesn’t deserve such a heartless, scornful dismissal.

Orlando is about as far as one can get from “blank” … I don’t know what those who see a flat performance from him are watching. He’s very expressive; he’s very natural … he talks with his eyes and with the hundreds of little muscles in his face. I thought he was better in this than he’s ever been with his talent much more on display and I hope he does lots more films like this one that give him emotional range to portray - up close. I think he’s done a wonderful job. He’s coming along very, very well. And he Looks. So. Good. on the screen. I can take great pleasure just leaning back and watching him.

I was pleased with Kirsten, too. She impressed me with the ability to reveal Claire’s underlying sadness and loneliness, that she kept hidden under her bubbly, bright-eyed exterior persona. I thought she was wonderful. Susan Sarandon is my favorite actress and I love pretty much everything she does - no exception here.

I laughed out loud at so much of the situational humor, easily identifying with the comedy of family life … and I ached and then wept along with Drew over the opportunities lost with his father.

I left the theater thinking sadly that E-town probably won’t be a huge hit. I honestly think it’s too subtle for the bulk of the movie-going audience today, who seem to require being hit between the eyes, whether it be with stupid slapstick, unrelenting action stuff, overly-loud soundtracks or explosive FX (be still, my gag reflex). This film is a slice of life … gentle, real, honest, and low-key, almost in real-time … but not larger-than-life – a true fit to most of our lives.

The audience for this first screening here was small … maybe 35-50 people … most of them older, since the first matinee at my local theater tends to attract mature women and retired couples. No audience here is ever very responsive, but today they laughed aloud in several places … I found myself giggling more than most of them. I hope it does well enough. It’s not the triumph I was hoping for – for either Orlando or Cameron – but I’ll see it again and take others with me and will definitely buy it when I can. I know they are proud of it and the work that went into it

And I’m very proud of Orlando … I adopted him long before Barbara Walters did! LOL! He makes my heart glad and this latest offering just furthers my belief that he’ll be making us happy for years to come.


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This movie works if you internalize it.  If you approach it from a personal level, allow it to speak to you on a personal level, you are going to enjoy the trip. 

Well said, Gina. That was my feeling too. I think someone else said "it is all in what you bring into the theater with you". Another aspect I enjoyed was that even when this movie evokes serious emotion, it never feels heavy and oppressive. I like that.

This may sound odd, but I actually approach the initial critique of Orlando's movies as if he was not in them. In other words, would I still enjoy this movie if another actor was in the role, an actor that I was indifferent about? Otherwise, I always feel a bit biased. My answer here is yes. It is a worthy, charming movie that I will enjoy many more times to come.

That said, Orlando's performance and presence always contribute to the overall feel and effectiveness of the movie, so I then add that component back in. He is very good in this film. "Melted to my seat by the end" is an apt description, JediJill.

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing their reviews. :)

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Sort of several days in a person's life, the way it really happens, instead of the way a movie is usually told. . . .  For instance, when I think about my wedding I don't remember the day as a whole, I remember bits and pieces. Our memories are not narrative, they are clips or short stories, and that is what happens in this movie.

Although I haven't seen the film yet (and probably won't for a while :cry:), I think the realization of what Aliza has stated above may be one of the deciding factors in who "gets" this film and who doesn't.

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You girls are so lucky to see Elizabethtown. I think we have to wait till November in Australia, apart from some advanced screenings at the end of the month.

Glad you are all enjoying it, I cant wait.

Keele :wave:

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I put those tomatoes up there to save you the trouble of throwing them my way after you read what I have to say.

For me, seeing Elizabethtown was like seeing Kingdom of Heaven all over again.

What I mean by that is that in my opinion, Orlando did a really good job in both movies. But neither movie achieved what it could have achieved with a better script and with better choices of what to include in -- or edit out of -- the finished product.

The only difference is that, in my opinion, Elizabethtown is worse than KoH. Sort of like the difference between a failure and a fiasco. :paperbag:

On this board a few months ago, I gave KoH three stars out of four, with lots of compliments for Orlando's performance. This time around, I think Orlando's work was even better, but I would give Elizabethtown two stars at the most, and I have to say that I agree with many of the reviewers' criticisms. Among other things,

1. Claire really is a psycho stalker, as some of the critics said she was. I understand that there is supposed to be a deep underlying sadness behind her chirpy weirdo exterior, but it wasn't explored sufficiently to allow me to have any sympathy for her character. Drew, on the other hand, is a very sympathetic character who is obviously overwhelmed. The last thing he would need during this difficult time in his life is this bizarre, pushy, lying, manipulative freak woman. When he got to the farmer's market, I was hoping he would NOT find Claire. Heck, I was hoping he had enough brains to not even look for her.

2. As some of the critics said, there really is no chemistry between Drew and Claire. I do not see how there could be chemistry between anybody and Claire.

3. The burning-bird-sets-the-room-on-fire scene was scary and, in light of that horribly tragic nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003, which was caused by a rock band's pyrotechnics, it was totally out of place. Several critics have said this, and I couldn't agree more. I don't care that Cameron wrote the script before that fire. It wasn't filmed before the fire. The scene should have been cut, in my opinion. It ruined the mood and took me out of the movie.

4. Drew didn't cry enough. He needed a real catharsis before being able to move on (even if moving on meant hooking up with that wretched woman). I wanted him to lose his composure in the car for far longer. Maybe even pull over to the side and throw things or something. I suggest Claire's scrapbook for starters.

5. The boner joke was really, really limp. :paperbag: So was Hollie's embarrassing tap dancing, although I actually kind of liked her monologue.

And perhaps most important:

6. The critics who said that Cameron used musical montages to cover up a lack of meaningful dialogue were right. Dead right. He even did it in the phone call scene. When Drew and Claire meet after the phone call and agree that they "peaked on the phone," I was thinking "huh?" How do we know that they peaked on the phone? We didn't hear it happen.

Poor Orlando. He was good. Really, really good. But the movie around him wasn't. :cry:

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