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  1. Happy Birthday, Orlando! :happybd2:

    May you continue to be blessed with health, wealth, success, and happiness, and continue to grow in wisdom, discernment, and character.

    All the best to you and your family on this happy, happy day!

    BlueGem :glasses:

    PS Be sure to thank your mom for me, for doing such a great job raising you! :judges:

  2. Thanks, Jill, for this update! Out of curiosity, I followed the Figwit Lives link and surfed a couple layers deep out of sheer LOTR geekiness. I ran across this site: Elf on a Shelf, where you can download your very own bobble-head Legolas GIF, and it also contained a link to a YouTube video of Talent(less) Night in Rivendell, featuring an animated Legolas doing a lounge singer act (badly). Perhaps everyone else has seen this, but I thought it was pretty cute. Haldir makes an appearance, too.

    And then there's "Fellowship of the Dance" an animated music video of the Fellowship doing Riverdance. There is dwarf tossing.

    Ah, so much fun to be had! :glasses:

  3. Thanks, Adrianne, for providing the link! What an awesome video - I loved Elijah wandering around and reminiscing and asking "other" hobbits how their feet are treating them! Anyway, I think Elijah really is a hobbit; he doesn't look much older then his 19-year old self.

    Hobbiton, reborn, looks fantastic. Now I really am wanting to take an NZ holiday before I kick it.

    Having the whole crew wish the fans a Merry Christmas was a lovely treat. And Peter does indeed look as if he's grown back to his old hobbit size and look (except for the lack of round glasses and short pants)...along with his messy hair.

    This is so exciting! Now we just need a glimpse of our favorite Elf!

  4. I missed the Legolas Day greetings.I was looking for a Legolas Day thread and didn't catch on that it was covered in here. :blink: And I had my Leggie sig set up and everything! Darn! That's two years in a row I missed out! :pout:

    So, Happy Belated Legolas Day :leg: to you all. I thought and still think Orlando was just about the best thing in the three films. (OK, Haldir was a cutie, too.) Can't wait to see Orlando reprise Legolas in the Hobbit. :Cloud9:

    Thanks, Jill, for keeping us all up to date on all things The Hobbit. I sure wish New Zealand wasn't so far away!

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