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  1. In the film Troy, I identify with Briseis. She's a Virgin Priestess in love with Achilles.

    What irks me is that she literally begs on her hands and knees to Achilles not to fight Hector and Achilles ignores her and slaughters Hector. And after he's done something so horrible, she still loves him.

    If Achilles killed your loved one, would you still love him, or dump him?

    I would dump Achilles if he killed Hector. Hector made an honest mistake and frankly, Patroclus was too impetuous. And he completely ignored poor Briseis's pleas. With that, I don't see how love can endure.

  2. Keeping up with the possible filming dates and other news about this film has been mission impossible so I just want to take my hat off to all of our members who have kept us informed of the latest developments.

    I am in awe of your talents, ladies. :bow:

    She speaks for me! I cannot wait to here more news on this project in the future and I thank you guys who find this information.

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