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  1. Okay, I just bought my copy of Main Street from Target a few days ago. I just watched it tonight. I was very well impressed. I'd never heard Colin Firth with an American accent, let alone a Southern accent, and I was quite impressed. I wasn't sure what to think of Ellen Burstyn or Patricia Clarkson, though. Of course, Orlando playing a cop was my favorite! The Southern accent was perfect, his mannerisms as a cop were also spot-on. :hott:

    As for the characters, Georgiana was quite a pleasant character. I got the feeling there was something between Willa and Gus that didn't develop. I absolutely disliked Mary. I just got the feeling that she was really insensitive towards her parents, especially when she barely said goodbye. I wanted to shake her when she called Harris a "loser." Harris loved her and she was quite mean to him. I felt bad every time Harris called her and it went to voice-mail. I thought Harris was quite the gentleman, especially the way he talked to his "Mama." I really felt for him.


    All in all, I was quite impressed. I thought it was a short, sweet movie. I'm glad I bought it. :thumbsup:

  2. First of all, welcome, baby Flynn Bloom!

    This guy is a handsome little man! I can already see the curls he will inherit from his daddy(and the Elf ears :teehee: )

    I love little Flynn as I love his father! :iheart:

  3. Shadow-I would love Sidi to be the best man. It would be fun to see him in a tux. teehee.gif But seriously, I think Sebastian will be the best man.

    Marilyn, I don't think Sidi would even have to wear a tux because he's a black dog. :teehee: I do agree that his cousin could be the best man. Or it could be any one of his LOTR boys or his friend Chris. Who'll be his ring bearer? Elijah? Andy? :lmao2:

    You know, if only we could see his wedding dance. That boy knows how to cut a rug. :teehee: When he dances, he reminds me of Jack Davenport in The Wedding Date, so goofy and adorable.

  4. Will Sidi be his best man/pup? :lol: just kidding.

    I know it's a bit far ahead, but I cannot wait until the babies start coming. I can't wait until he has sons because they'll look like him and we'll all be :drool:-ing over them.

    I just celebrated last night by watching Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut because Balian gets to be everything, and he gets the girl in the end.

  5. I just don't know why Briseis didn't play smart and stay celibate.

    Achilles might have saved her from the Greeks, but he treated her poorly still. Even though he tought her something valuable, he still disrespected her faith. He also didn't save her until after the Greek soldiers beat her up and were about to brand her as their slave. And then he tried to strangle her before he killed Hector. And then he gave Hector no honor that he deserved. After all that, he expects her to forgive him?

    I think if Achilles loved her, he would've treated her better than that. I think there was no honor or sense in Achilles killing Hector. He didn't feel any better afterwards.

    It just doesn't make sense for Briseis to love a man who killed her cousin, whether she expected it or not. It still hurts, especially the way she lost Hector. If I were her, I'd stay as Apollo's servant.

    By the way, Lovely Pride, nice Iliad synopsis too! :thumbsup:

  6. It just doesn't seem like love to me because she was literally begging Achilles on her hands and knees not to fight Hector and he just rode away from her.

    I think it'd be one thing if he killed Hector, but he didn't just do that. He slaughtered Hector and then desecrated his body. I don't think it's right of Achilles to kill Hector only because of Patroclus. As Priam points out, how many fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins did he kill?

    Of course, I don't think Briseis would know too much about warriors being a Priestess in the Temple of Apollo.

    I couldn't love a man who killed my beloved in such a brutal manner. It just didn't seem very loving of Achilles to spill Hector's blood and then tell Briseis he didn't want to hurt her because he already did. I think he was more motivated by revenge. If he were grieving, he wouldn't have dragged Hector's body back to his camp, I think.

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