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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ORLANDO I toast :cheers: to your health. May you have a happy day and may your year be as happy.
  2. Okay, I just bought my copy of Main Street from Target a few days ago. I just watched it tonight. I was very well impressed. I'd never heard Colin Firth with an American accent, let alone a Southern accent, and I was quite impressed. I wasn't sure what to think of Ellen Burstyn or Patricia Clarkson, though. Of course, Orlando playing a cop was my favorite! The Southern accent was perfect, his mannerisms as a cop were also spot-on. As for the characters, Georgiana was quite a pleasant character. I got the feeling there was something between Willa and Gus that didn't develop. I absolutely disliked Mary. I just got the feeling that she was really insensitive towards her parents, especially when she barely said goodbye. I wanted to shake her when she called Harris a "loser." Harris loved her and she was quite mean to him. I felt bad every time Harris called her and it went to voice-mail. I thought Harris was quite the gentleman, especially the way he talked to his "Mama." I really felt for him. All in all, I was quite impressed. I thought it was a short, sweet movie. I'm glad I bought it.
  3. I have a very funny feeling that we are in for a surprise. I have a feeling that we'll get a surprise like in Sir Peter's blog when we saw Sir Christopher Lee.
  4. I knew that a few months ago. Colbert had James Franco on his show and they were quizzing each other to see who was the bigger Tolkien geek. I just can't wait until we see a picture of King Thranduil and his son, Prince Legolas!
  5. I think Tauriel will be great. Sir Peter is a genius, so I believe he can do anything. He gave Arwen a much bigger part in the trilogy and that worked. This is going to be awesome!
  6. Me too! He gets used whenever I watch Pirates 1 and 3(because 2 is when I use Jack). It would be lovely to have Prince Legolas to use for watching Lord of the Rings!
  7. Shadow

    Men's Health Magazine US

    Oh, what a great video! "Sweet potato fries have begun to ruin my life" Oh, I seriously doubt that, Orlando. I loved it when he brought Sidi and seeing him play with him. And of course, seeing him rinse off with that hose was just I'm sorely tempted to go to my local bookstore to buy this.
  8. Legolas didn't just ride into Rivendell. He rode into our hearts.
  9. Me too! I do it all the time, for special occasions anyway. In fact, Billy's birthday(as well as the day he met Orlando) was the 28th, so I had Hobbit meals from first breakfast to supper. Hobbit meals are so much fun!
  10. Where's the next video blog with King Thranduil and Prince Legolas? I'm waiting, PJ!
  11. If I may say, Orlando once joked about doing Pirates until they were all wrinkled and walking with canes and such. I have a feeling that this is going to be a reality when you consider the fact that Johnny will be 50 in two years!
  12. Shadow

    It's A Boy!

    First of all, welcome, baby Flynn Bloom! This guy is a handsome little man! I can already see the curls he will inherit from his daddy(and the Elf ears ) I love little Flynn as I love his father!
  13. Shadow


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ORLANDO! You have made us happy ever since you donned that blond wig and pointy ears. I wish you all the best with your beautiful baby boy and I hope you have a happy day! :cheers:
  14. Shadow

    It's A Boy!

    What about William Joe de Ibelin?
  15. Shadow

    It's A Boy!

    YAY! Baby Bloom is here, and he's a mini-Orlando! I can't wait to hear what they will name him, but I doubt we will have Orlando Jr. Let's celebrate! Drinks all around!