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  1. Tonight will be my first time alone at last. I usually prefer to go to the movies alone. And I've been wishing since the beginning that my friends would understand and let me enjoy it on my own private little own.

    But tonight will also be my fourth time. My youngest son (20 years old) is taking me tomorrow night for my fifth.

    I love it. Wrote pages and pages about this movie. It was radiant from the first word, the first snowflake, the first view.


  2. I have yet to read all the kabloomies comments yet, been very busy. However, I managed to find time to attend four showings of the movie and I hope to find time to add my own voice here.

    In the meantime, I have a question yet again about ratings, and I did not know where to put it.

    Here, in Montreal, Troy is rated 13. It means everyone can actually see this movie, anybody under 13 needs to be accompagnied by someone 18 or older, and it does not need to be a parent. It can be a sibling, a friend, a school classes going together with a teacher. It means someone 13 can enter alone.

    But I keep reading R rating for the US. Isn't that extreme ? does it truly mean people of legal age in their states may see this movie ? and what is so deserving of a R rating in this movie ? Do we have the same version ? or different value to such level ?


  3. Quelle fabuleuse photo ! Merci Jan.

    Fabulous picture. Thanks Jan.


    p.s. and the best to you in all kinds of way, I read of the crash and wish you the best ; you're doing such good work for all of us. Thanks. Cheers. And did I mention - this picture . well this picture is fabulous !

  4. Aurewen, le Québec et la France ont des tas de choses en commun. Entre autres, le fait que les films ne sont jamais mis en quarantaine "R" .. et le fait que souvent , les films reçoivent un 13 ici, et je sais, qu'aux Etats, ils reçoivent un "R" .. ça m'est un brin beaucoup incompréhensible.

    On ne changera pas le choses. We can exchange however.


    Johanne de Montréal !

  5. That R rating is dumbfounding me. We have G, 13, 16 and 18 here. And I have always taken my sons to any movies I wanted to take them, unless I was forbidden too (such as the 16 and 18). I would simply buy them and we would watch them together. I had this discussion with my youngest not so long ago. My youngest is turning 19 in 25 days after all. He said "Mom, you never wondered if you did right by letting us watch everything" .

    I asked him back " Did you ever watch anything on your own or with me and did we talked about everything all the time - from the making of movies and the violence and the stunmen and the nudity and the funny rating system according to standard that do not follow where society is at" . and he said " you're right and this is why I can judge and think and enjoy going out still with you at the movies"

    Last summer, my second son called me up at work on a Friday afternoon. He wanted to see a movie with me that night and wanted to know if I was free. When I got to the cinema, there were five of his friends, ranging from 18 to 21. They fought to sit by my side. You know what they told me ? that parents never wanted to go with them from early teens on. They loved hearing Benjamin and I discussed all aspects of the movies.

    I began that as early as my first son being 6 months old when I breastfeeded him during his first movie - throughout them being 3, 4, 7, 12 , 15,. we went together, sat together, discussed everything together. I can't censor my sons and I wouldn't . but I felt they needed to know, feel, understand and learn to see and discern. This does not happen all of a sudden one day when a specific birthday jumps of them. It begins when they are born , talking.

    Well, sorry, it is my opinion. And hopefully I have stated it politely. Apologies otherwise.

    Tigidou, Johanne

    Will take my 12 years old niece to Troy this summer, with my brother blessing who thinks exactly like me. And to any other movies she wishes to go when she spend a lovely week of vacation bonding with me. She is a budding Orlando's fan and I shall have the time of my life.

  6. I never was much of a fan on american " bandes dessinées " (cartoons, drawn?) but I managed to discover the Fantastic Four at some point, perhaps when my sons were much, much younger. I have always had a deep preference, a dear interest for the Human Torch, I know this is not going to happen, as it is factual that one should never talk about . well talk ! But it is really a nice image .. Orlando as Johnny, Human Torch (hopefully I remember the right name ! else, laugh first and correct me after).

    It will be hard now to watch that movie when it will come out and not be disappointed by whoever will play that part . I shall keep of Orlando all the way through !

    Still . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,



  7. As I did not care for the FotR , which I saw at the theatre, I never saw TTT when it came out. Course, I got to see a million times at home, and once in December when they released the EE version of it . Saw it just 4 days prior to RotK .

    I believed movie wise I simply adore RotK. It is the most poetic visually-stunning-poetic movie I have seen in a long time. But Legolas-Wise, I have a huge preference for TTT.

    I had made myself a VHS tape out of the dvd of Legolas moments and this tape is not a very "Busy" one . :heart: what can I say.

    I can't wait to see again (this Tuesday with son number 2) RotK and I have a feeling that I might beat my own record - Moulin Rouge (8 times) (which happened to be the most visually-poetic-wildish movie of all times). It will be my 6th showing and I can't wait. Although it can be nice to see other movies in between (love Calendar Girls on Wednesday evening).

    No the Legolas of the Two Towers truly managed to reach out to me and . too bad, the Fellowship movie did not managed to get a hold of me; I would have been able to attend the Two Tower when it was released and I would have had a grand time !

    Tigidou, Johanne

  8. Bought was is called set 2 box wednesday evening, before supper and the super british movie "Calendar Girls" (which I highly recommanded to everyone). The set is available at Metro Video for the Montrealaises around here at 50,25$ taxes included.

    I have enjoyed watching this episode and for any HL around (Lady Nim!) (or any others) - there were shades of a lovely red haired youth in that character he played.

    I also enjoyed this serie. I saw an A&E logo amongst the many others , so I guess the serie did aired on that network, which mean I will keep looking if they ever repeated it. I will watch the other 3 episodes with pleasure, it is not a burden to own this. And this special judgment day is truly cute :yum: I just wish for subtitles, even English one, as is it quite heavily accented and I do have a slighter hard time with the British accent that I do with the "regular" I hear around me (I am French speaking ). But it is worth watching this serie. And Orlando youth is quite charming, he has quite a few lines, he plays a naughty boy with naughty habit quite well ! cher Orlando, caches-tu d'autres talents de la sorte , petit cachotier !

    And don't forget 'Calendar Girls' in your agenda.


  9. It's fun while weird to see the difference in the subtitles on those films, according to differents posters here on this board.

    I saw it five times, in 2 differents theatres, in 2 differents languages (French once, English 4 times) and always had subtitles except for the coronation scene.

    Can't wait to see it again, I think I am addicted to this movie !


  10. Je suis francophone but I do , always, prefer the original version of any movie and I do so much prefer Orlando's real voice et so acccent britannique si charmant. I have seen Pirates in French once and will see RotK in French next week (it shall be my fourth time) with a friend who doesn't understand Engish.

    And I such, I respect dubbed version and actor who dubs other. I do wish for the same actor to keep on "voicing" Orlando , it brings a continuity to an actor that helps an audience to feel for the original.

    I did put the French soundtrack for a few moment this morning for a quick "visionnement" of the Pirates . I had forgotten how he sounded :rofl: and I can't say that it suits him. But I have to "learn" it if I am to see all his endeavour in both languages from now on !

    Combien de francophones se promenent sur ce forum anyway ?

    And I would love to hear an interview in French - won't he ever appear on any Michel Drucker's or on Tout le monde en parle (with Quebec NOT favourite French interviewer/ tv host) perhaps ? Be nice non ?

    Tigidou, Johanne

  11. It's 4:30 am here and I am quite excited; just got home from the movie theatre where I was flabbergasted, thrown into a millions emotions of excitement, of sadness, of joy, of nostalgia. I just to share this online if I wish to sleep a bit before going to work. So I loved it, loves it and can't wait to see it again at 4 pm this afternoon and even more if I can find some freee time. I wish everyone to have as much pleasure in it as I did. Had to scribble something to cool, calm myself down. AHHHHHHHHHH.


    p.s. and that very last image of Legolas . anyone has it somewhere ? is it plain breathtaking, worth fainting and all much more of that jazz ! thunking !

  12. Being a native French speaker, not many of English so-called objectable words seems to make me react either way. However when a word is on being labelled as a "p" with * , I can't catch the meaning. Anyone willing to email me that word please so I can understand what you are all talking about ? - Edited to remove private EM address for member's protection- and why did the journalist lost his press pass ? it must be in relation with a bunch of stuff not ? not just this event ?

    Merci , Johanne

  13. Well Gladiator was rated 13 here, meaning anyone under 13 had to be with someone 18 or older.

    I would love to understand other countries choices in those matter !

    Johanne (au Quebec!)

  14. Oh my. It's just sooooo very awesome. I'm sitting here grinning awfully wide and wondering if that plane would ever land here in Montreal. I am at the airport Tuesday picking a friend from Switzerland and I just know I will be thinking only of that particular plane. (Montreal airport is not worth the trouble for Air New Zealand, I know, I know) Still grinning.

    Oh my.

    Thanks, A la prochaine,

    Johanne :lol:

  15. Why ? Oh Why ? :pef: Must we wait for six months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shan't be able !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    toutes mes hormones sont en etat de febrilite extensive !

    And I forgot - thank you a million for a) the warning of the trailer on ET and :wacko: for the screen caps as well here !

  16. Hello,

    I did not wish to create a topic for a single small question , yet I do not know exactly where to ask ! So sorry about this.

    I just found out that the movie "Wilde" aired early this morning on Bravo Canada (Montreal area in Quebec) , now I am upset as you can imagine ! But more so, I have visited their site (Bravo Canada site) and it is not very easy to distinguish this from that. Any Canadians around knowing more about Bravo than I ? I do watch this channel fairly often but can't quite remember if they rerun movies and at what interval ?

    Still feeling upset for missing it . but so little hour,



  17. Hi,

    It's the second or third time I read online that Orlando speaks French. Anyone heard this for a fact ? While I think junkets must be a heavy burden on most actors, I can't wait to see what our journalists here will do with him in those junkets ? I wish to hear his accent while he would speak my language. I remember Ruppert Everett coming to Montreal for some reason , a promotion, a stop over, and the interviewer all happy because Ruppert speaks good French and him asking "can we do it in English ? I just landed here, I am tired, the time zone and my brain cannot function" (or just something of the sort) and me thinking - this is so like me :w00t: when going to the states or staying there too long. While bilingual my brain can't handle it too long or too much , and not well when tired. So I sure wish to hear Orlando speak French, but not at the end of a day of junket when he is tired . maybe here, rested and relaxed , in snowy Montréal :fear:

    Tigidou, Johanne

  18. So if I understood correctly, I need to post some more to see this active forum :fear:

    I will therefore say I am impressed with the quickness of how information is passed around on this board (and if this is grammaticaly incorrect :w00t: , which do me it sounds like it is, it is because I am actually not thinking in English - I am trying real hard to win tickets to a concert by a lovely Quebec singer and listening to Quebec French radio while trying to deal with my second language which is English) - (this happen when too many men of talents in the artistic industry carry my interest very high )

    So I am impressed. And I sure wish to see the clips so I must bring my number of posts higher I guess. Did I not read somewhere that they may a rerun of the show ? Europeans friends of mine coming here in two weeks might be able to bring me a tape if there was a rerun of course,


    Johanne , tigidou et impressionnée ! :)

  19. I'm totally impressed by these; regardless of what I heard in the commentaries of the dvd or read online since I got hook (such a short time ago).

    I'm very impressed by Orlando's age and youth - and lack of professional experience, by Legolas' age and pain - and the combinaison of these traits making such an impressive performance. How easy did it come to Orlando ? how hard ?

    Thanks to those who put these detailed images here.


  20. La Dame Grise m'a repondu : << Ahh .. that would be Judgment Day. I've just bought the second-released set that includes this one, newly available in the US. Judgment Day is squirrelled away in my room next to my DVD player . the rest of them are in the living room on the shelf. Wonder how that happened?

    Bienvenue, cherie!

    Lady Gray

    Nin >>

    Ah, but they are sold separately at that store; although I read this answer too late to return overthere tonight, I was also very tired. So Monday, I shall walk to it during lunch and hope I won't biting my nails thinking I could have watched this tonight instead. Patience . hoping for things is sometimes much more fun than getting them :boxing:

    So as they are sold separement , I won't be needing to let extra dvd gather dust around my place . enough of them do anyway.

    Tigidou, amitie and merci pour l'accueil, I'm thrilled to see we actually share < him > :blink:


  21. L'Auberge du Chien Noir - on the SRC (the French CBC for French Canada). Because I would love to see him act in French, hear him speak my language (selfish I know!) and because talented people go and wish to be on that fun ride of a show. He could even sing (if it is a talent of his).

    Tigidou, Johanne

    p.s. question at large as I do not yet know my way around all the topics around .. anyone know the title of the episode of Midsomer something he was the guest star ? I saw five different episodes tonight in a dvd stores but none of the guest star are listed and would just like his, as I have never seen the serie. Thanks,

  22. Bon matin,

    (My computer has crashed twice so far while catching up reading up ..).

    What has changed my mind ? not the books so far as I am still reading them and can't be anything else at this point than a fan (albeit new) about the movieverse vs a fan from a bookverse point of view.

    No, it was mostly discussing and reading about hobbits. It was also the commentary on the dvd. I still have a hard time with hobbits per say and I'm quite willing to express my view, although I am quite wet behind the ears in this new place and would not wish to trangress rules or upset people. My getting a better " view " about the storyline comes from accepting I guess, ackowledging my new acceptance , of hobbits.

    As for my French steaming bout . ouf .. this young man that is Orlando and that plays such magnificent character - well no need to explain any further, I have come to realise this is a share emotion around here ! tigidou pompette !

    And as far as reading in English, not my native language and without the benefit of formal training, it is not such a hardship. I learned English 25 years ago (as of this month) and have been using it most everyday for all kind of things since then. I even work with native English speaker so I get to use it at work. It is, my opinion only, a sad thing to believe that words in either language can be hard to understand, decipher. Reading ought to be a pleasure, a delight and an entertainment and a constant learning experience. I admit that since opening Tolkien books (which I have not finished yet by the way), I have had to open my dictionary. But then, I believe this may happen as well to native English speaker. I have seen, read , a dreadful decline of the use of the written words, in French around me, in kids my sons' generations, in people even my own age and I have seen it also in native English speaker since I became a internaut 7 years ago. So no, it is not a hard task to open books by Tolkien, I find some phrasing (sp?) ressemble closely old French , a rather poetic way to use your language, which I happen to like. I would recommand Mark Anthony - books of Rune (so far four books published) ; he does not write in that type of very litteraly language but he does write English as a French speaking person could use French in litterature :unsure:

    Legolas did not register around the first time around, on account A) of the immense strenght and visible stamina and charisma of Aragorn, ultimate hero and :) of the youthful ethereal quality that made him way too perfect. I am known to prefer the minor character, the one that is siding on the side of the hero, that simply help move the story forward without being the focus. As such, Legolas ought to have attracted me, but that ethereal (and now having read you all androgyneous) quality was a turn off. It is nice that I can now feel an attraction based on a character that is on the one hand consider (by large if my reading of the last few weeks, book wise and net wise) pretty much the most useless, less interesting of the fellowship while displayed by Peter Jackson and portrayed by Orlando as immensely important in tones and deepness. This is a change of pacing for me - which pleased me greatly. I can be a fan of one of the hero for once ! And the many fans around .. wow I am part of a very vast group , really really a nice feeling :w00t:

    Anyway, I have spend the night working and while I am still running on adrenaline, I am a 9 to 5 , Monday to Friday , much older and finding it harder to deal with, woman who needs rest right now. I am not even sure this is readable - so apologies about that.

    And again, wow - Orlando - come and visit Montreal soon please.

    Tigidou, fa cho quand je pense a ca,


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