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    I absolutely agree. Prague is such a beautiful city with lots of interesting places. A wonderful background for Orlando :) !
  2. Beautiful posters! Thanks for sharing, Rene. I so want to see BOFA but on the other hand I don't want to see it end. Anyway, I'll need a huuge box of tissues. :wave: Raven
  3. Raven


    When I tested the link, it did not give the complete article but only the headline and the page expects you to log in. To see at least the pictures, go back to Home>Hamburg and you will find at the right hand side "Top Bilder". If you click here on the piccie with Orlando it should work (hopefully). Raven
  4. Raven


    Here's the link to a report (in German, however, with piccies!) of "Hamburger Abendblatt" on yesterday's premiere in Hamburg: http://www.abendblatt.de/hamburg/article127656637/Aufgeregte-Fans-belagern-Orlando-Bloom-in-Hamburg.html As I had to rise very early today (4:20h!) I couldn't go to Hamburg yesterday, although it's only about 40 min. from here but obviously he was not all alone :) . :wave: Raven
  5. Raven

    The Times Magazine

    A very good interview with some information as to his wishes regarding his future career. I hope he and Miranda will be able to keep up their friendly relationship and agree also on where their son will be attending school and where he will be living. Also, for an actor like him there certainly will be interesting projects in UK/Europe, not only in the United States - but if he will be offered a part in Star Wars I'd say, too "yes, PLEASE"! :clap: :wink2: Thanks for sharing, Rene. :wave: Raven
  6. I've learnt of his new star on the Walk of Fame yesterday evening on TV :find: . Congratulation, Orlando! :iheart: :2thumbs:
  7. Raven

    PICS: 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    Just like Welshwoman and Tahiri I'm not sure about the hair. Although I absolutely love longer hair, he could have used a brush or a comb, especially in combination with that gorgeous suit. But I don't complain, seeing him wearing a tux is always a treat . Raven
  8. Great interview. I like it with how much respect he (and all others!) is treating the books and the story and absolutely agree with him that Peter Jackson did nothing wrong when he integrated Legolas and invented Tauriel. They both fit in wonderfully. Raven
  9. Believe it or not, R&J is coming to the big screen - in Hamburg! It's only in one cinema and only one evening (original language with subtitles in German) on the 1st April and this is, unfortunately for me, a tuesday where I most probably will not be able to attend . Well, maybe, I'll try anyway. Raven
  10. Thanks for the pics, Rene. I'm with the comb team . Raven
  11. Raven


    Happy Birthday, Orlando, and many happy returns of the day! Raven
  12. Raven

    PICS: 2014 Golden Globe Awards

    After such a long time there is another Suit!Slut! moment! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, Rene. Beautiful suit, beautiful man and shiny shoes! Just gorgeous, yesss! Raven
  13. I really didn't find a thread where to post this link, therefore, I opened a new topic. Please, Mod's, if there is a more appropriate place for it - feel free to move it! I've never seen this pic of him before - in the article it says he was 7 years old. A sweet boy he was! Raven
  14. I finally saw it yesterday evening in 3D HFR - and was blown away. These recent days I had been listening on the radio and online to the fantastic song Ed Sheeran made, to kind of "prepare" for the movie. I think no other than Peter Jackson with his immense knowledge of Tolkien's world would have been able to make such a tremendous trilogy of this little book. The first movie was already very good, but I think this one was brilliant with much more background information as to the motives of dwarves and elves. I felt with Thorin when he first stepped again into Erebor after such a long time. I truly disliked Thranduil's personage. I enjoyed the trio Legolas-Tauriel-Kili and am very anxious to see more of it. Bilbo's interaction with the dragon is impressive and very brave and the dragon, well, although we didn't have the original voice of Benedict Cumberbatch, also in the German synchronization they gave him a deep and very fitting voice. Lots of action, orc and spider slaying (I hate spiders!) and still, a certain amount of humour and irony. Another movie to love! I had already heard what would be last sentence in this movie and after we saw the dragon fly in direction of Laketown I said to myself (obviously a little too loud) "and now the movie is over" and the lady sitting next to me said "no, not really, that cannot be" . Raven Now I'm waiting for the extended edition on DVD!
  15. They seem to be still working on it. The site works here for me but if you go to "Cast" you can read "bio coming soon" for the individual cast members .