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  1. Hello Again..!

    Thank you Glenna.x As I haven't done much photoshop for a while I know I am going to be rusty.lol.x But as soon as I get back into it I will post new stuff but for the time being I will reload my old stuff in a new gallery to see if my muse will kick in.x
  2. Hello Again..!

    Thank you Kim. It's lovely to be back.. I see you are still doing some beautiful work..💜Unfortunately, my gallery has been deleted but I do have all my artwork backed up so I can create a new gallery.x Thank you for your lovely comments on Olivia-Rose - We love her to bits.!
  3. Hello Again..!

    Thank you Rene.,
  4. Hello Again..!

    Thank you - it's lovely to be back.x Thank you for your lovely comments about Olivia-Rose - She is the light of our lives.x It's certainly a shame that there aren't as many active posters now but lovely to see you guys hanging in there.x
  5. Hello Again..!

    Hello my lovelies.. I am back..!x x I hope you have all been ok.. Wow - there has been a lot of changes to the board..! Still finding my way round so I thought I would say hello and fill you in a little as to why I haven't been around. My hubby and I had been trying to have a baby since we got married in 2003 but we kept having problems which resulted in miscarriages and an ectopic - the ectopic resulted in surgery to have the tube removed so our chances were reduced to 50%. Fast forward to 2012 and still nothing so we were finally preferred to the IVF clinic - they found that due to the ectopic my other tube was infected and had to be removed.! Now our chances were 0%.. On the plus side we were awarded 3 free attempts of IVF. The 1st attempt of IVF unfortunately did not work. But. Fast forward to 2014 and the 2nd attempt worked.! 29.06.2015 our beautiful daughter Olivia-Rose was born.x As you can imagine she has kept me busy.! She is now nearly 15 months old and is our world. But the other day I was itching to get back into my photoshop so I thought I would come back.. I did look for my gallery to get my muse back but I cannot find it so have messages admin to help.Hopefully I can get back up and running.x Looking forward to seeing you all around the board.x Kristi.x
  6. Wish the muse would grace me with her presence..!!!

  7. Member Titles, v2

    I really enjoy it too. The titles show a great imagination.! Well done TF. Kristi. x :hat:
  8. Member Titles, v2

    The wonderful Title Faerie has been busy.! The revised titles are fab.! x Well done once again TF. Kristi. x

    Happy Birthday Orlando.. x I hope you have a wonderful day with the ones you love. Kristi. x
  10. Member Titles, v2

    Congratulations on your titles Inga and Glenna! What a lovely Christmas pressie from the wonderful Title Faerie . x Kristi. x :snowman:
  11. Member Titles, v2

    Congratulations on your new titles Mae & Ryll. x The Title Faerie has done it again they are fab ! Kristi. x :hat:
  12. Member Titles, v2

    Congratulations on your new title Allie..! x The Title Faerie has done it again wonderfully..! x Kristi. x
  13. Member Titles, v2

    Congratulations on your title Junebug. x Kristi. x
  14. Member Titles, v2

    Pjfla ~ congratulations on your title (and your 1000th post! ). Debbi84 ~ congratulations on your title as well! Kristi.x
  15. Hi BethMarie.

    Thankyou for leaving a comment & for your compliments on my wedding picture. x

    We share the same birthday ~ How cool is that.! Gemini's Rule!

    Kristi. x