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  1. Happy Birthday Orlando! I hope it was fabulous and all your wishes come true! (I agree, 40 is just a blink of an elven eye!) I'm watching Kingdom of Heaven in your honor. Glenna
  2. Wow, he has seen and done some amazing things. Thanks for finding and sharing. g
  3. He is so photogenic.and handsome.
  4. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope all your wishes come true and the next year is fabulous! g
  5. Beautiful pics. Wonderful to see them interacting with the kids and looking so happy. He has always been so generous with his time. Thanks
  6. beautiful pics! thx
  7. Sidi!!! I've been missing him! Stunningly gorgeous like his dad!
  8. He is still very faint worthy, isn't he?
  9. Great photos, his depth is growing and it shows. hope we get to see these new projects.
  10. Just a lovely heart and man, so unusual these days. I hope baby girl makes a full recovery and we get up dates on her.
  11. Thank you! It always feels special to come here and get birthday wishes!
  12. Wow his photos are awesome! He seems very at peace. (pretty presumptive of me but that's what I got from his photos)
  13. He just gets better with age! Great photos!