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  1. For some people, turning a year older is not something they look forward to. For me, since I get have to pick out my own presents, it's one of my favourite days. (Wow, that sounds selfish, huh?) Well, two weeks ago, I ordered myself the KOH Director's Cut edition (and Troy's and Sebastian's book). It all arrived today and after squeeing like the fangirl I really am for a solid half an hour, I sat down to watch it.

    I am certain most of this has been said before. So, forgive the redundancy.

    I found the theatrical release to be good. Not great. But, good. It was potentially powerful, but lacked the full sucker-punch it could have posessed. In truth, though I've owned it for nearly two years, I have only watched it a handful of times. The story always just felt like it had potholes in it. Do you know what I mean? Like there were all these little unexpected holes, and no one could explain where the stuff that used to fill them had gotten off to.

    Then, I watched the movie Sir Ridley Scott actually wanted to make. His Director's Cut.

    This is a completely different movie. In the first five minutes alone, the movie takes on a different life and grips something inside you unlike the theatrical release did. In the theatrical release, the characters are deep and passionate about what they believe, but because you never see what made them come to hold these beliefs, you, as the viewer, don't take ownership of them. In contrast, in the DC, the character's depth and emotion and so much that went unexplained before finally makes sense. Why Sybilla makes the choices she does. How on earth Balian, a blacksmith from a tiny French village, is smart enough to know how to defend Jerusalem and gain the trust of the King to do so. Why Balian doesn't beat Guy when he hits him with the horsecrop. Watching it almost felt like a very pleasant de ja vu. Portions of the dialogue, a few main plot points, and the characters names were the same, but that was it. This is the movie that should have seen the light of day in the first place.

    And through it all, my respect for Sir Ridley grew and grew. I've always liked him. But the passion he obviously poured into this project is nearly overlooked in the theatrical release. It's a shame, really. The studios, who required the shortening of the film in the first place, would have fared better if they'd released Ridley's original concept for the movie and tanked their romanticized ideals. They passed up a more gripping, visually astounding, heartfelt movie for a Hollywood version. And they did an injustice to the film and everyone involved. But, more than that, they did an injustice to the story. I understand why, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    In closing, I am no longer squeeing like a fangirl inside. Instead, I am calm. And above all, I am entirely grateful to have been invited into Ridley's true vision for this film. I am more appreciative of the work that went into making this movie. The additional lines, the characters cut from the film, the emotions the actors had to embody for those scenes that may have never seen the light of day had it not been for this version. I am humbled by this movie now. Introspective. Inspired.

    Thanks for enduring my rambling, though believe me, I could go on for pages, hours, days. I had to tell someone, and so far you all are the only people I know who've seen both versions.

    :ohm2: Serenity

    (Now, I am off to rewatch it with Ridley and Orlando's commentary and all the glorious extras and I begin my descent back into fangirldom. :teehee: )

  2. Here is Orlando's design (clicky). Orlando-Bloom-1-108x150.jpg

    You can view and order the set of 8 cards for $20 here. The entire cost of each purchase supports the EBMRF. Shipping in the U.S. is only $2, and you can use PayPal to make your purchase.

    I have a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. Feel free to send me this card!!

    I think this is a very clever and creative way to raise money for a very worthy cause. It's amazing what opportunites are out there when you simply open your eyes.

    :wink2: Serenity

  3. The things we are being asked to do by Al Gore and Global Green etc. are things we should be doing anyway, just to be responsible stewards of our Earth. There is no excuse for the wasteful, greedy, rapacious way we have treated our planet in the arrogant assumption that its resources were infinite, and I don't think anyone can deny that humans are more aware of the consequences of this arrogance than ever before. . . we DO have an effect and there is no excuse for being willfully stupid. ~ Krissy

    Krissy, I couldn't have said it better myself. :clap:

    :wink2: Serenity

  4. I just checked the e-bay site, Orlando is way ahead of the rest at $1,150.00 for his T-shirt.


    Thanks for the update - my work computer blocks the eBay website, so I've not been able to check the status today. $1,150 is fantastic! I checked on it late last night and it was only up to $790, so it looks like a few people have been quite busy in the last 12 hours. I wish all the shirts were drawing this much money, as it would generate more funds for WWF, but every bit helps.

    :2thumbs: Serenity

  5. So, I'm a little late to the party. Not because I didn't know about it, but because sometimes those darn things called bills get in the way. :tantrum:

    I've been trying to order this book for about two months, so that the day it was released it would be on it's way to my house. (Dang RL!!) Finally, today, I sat down and ordered the book through our site (and to round out the order, I added the Troy and KOH Director's Cuts/Collector's Edition DVDs). So, with any luck, a few weeks from now I'll be enjoying the beauty that Mr. Copeland has caught on film - Antarctica, Ladies - NOT Mr. Bloom! Seriously some people! (And of course, I'll follow up the book oggling by writing my fangirl sophisticated conissuer of all things Orlando reviews on the movies.) :wink2:

    Has anyone heard how much of the proceeds of Sebastian's book are going back into Global Green (or like organizations)? Just curious.

    :heart: Serenity

  6. Looking at the site for my daily check-up, I'm thrilled with how well the bidding is going! I actually just out loud said, "SQUEE!" :blink:

    Now, I've "Eeeked" over things (in a good way and bad) before, but never have I actaully said, "Squee" out loud - or for that matter heard the term before this board. But, I find that it is the perfect exclamation for so many things.

    Ladies, are you seeing how much money is being raised for this?!? Yes, Oralndo's is pulling in the highest amount, but when you add up the money for all the shirts, these numbers are fantastic!! Almost $4,000 in just two days. :yahoo: Imagine if Orlando had signed two of them.

    This was the first charity I ever took part in, when I was 13, so it holds a tender place in my heart.


  7. BTW, you can order from Amazon through our shop link. That way ka-Bloom will get a bit of the profits. - Barbara
    Barbara, I'm glad you said that!! Every time I'm driving I tell myself to remember to see if the link is available through our site and I always forget by the time I get home. (And the reality behind me not ordering it yet is that I have plans to purchase about three extended/director's cut versions of various movies staring the One, and that's what I'm trying to save up for. The most you get, the cheaper it is, so I keep adding more to my list and it's getting a bit out of hand. But, soon! Hopefully a week from now, I can join in the "I just got mine" portion of this thread. :nails: Hopefully.
  8. As I haven't been able to order the book (dang payday!), I thought I would at least make a quick trip to the local bookstore in my town so I could look at it and pretend I was the proud owner. There are only two book stores in my town and neither one of them had it. :tantrum:

    So, I spent the next hour wandering and found myself leafing through a pictorial exploration of London. :book: London has always held such a poingiant place in my heart (pre-Orlando, if you can believe it), and I've always believed that someday I will live there, though when and how are still unknown.)

    As I'm looking through, I stumble on a picture of The Barbican Centre, and at the bottom right-hand corner was a building with the words "Guildhall School of Music and Drama." I must confess, my eyes watered up. Unintentionally, I had stumbled on the study place of our Orlando. :wub: I think I must have sat there, in the middle of the aisle, little tears on my cheeks and the stupidest grin ever encompassing my face, for a solid five minutes before I snapped out of it and forced myself to turn the page.

    And so, my torturous trip to the book store took a slight turn for the better. Now, if I can just order Sebastian's book, all will again be right with the world. (ok, maybe not all, but at least most of my little portion of the planet.)

    :heart: Serenity

  9. My cheeks hurt from smiling while reading this!

    I lost my aunt to breast cancer a few years ago, and it's always comforting to see people who have the resources and abilities to give or raise large amounts of money for this cause. As most of my funds are tied up in other charities and day-to day living, I am hopeful that Orlando has a lot of fangirls with really rich parents that will blow the roof off this auction. (Or should I make my friends pool their money together and try to get it for me as a birthday present. Now there's an idea!)

    Buttercup and Calimom, thanks for the heads up.

    :heart: Serenity

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