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  1. You, Aliza? Stumped for words? Wow. That in itself tells me it means the world to you! I get excited everytime someone receives their book in the mail because it lets me live vicarously through you and calls to mind the memory od unwrapping mine for the first time.

    I know you all will absolutely love his book. It is breathtaking. Literally.

    And there's rumour of a cute guy in a fuzzy hooded jacket at the end. :hmmm: Have to keep my eye out for him next time I find myself browsing.

    :wink2: Serenity

  2. First, the thought of any of you getting CEOKs because of this! Eeek!

    Second, I'm excited that this event is taking place again. A significant amount of money was riaised during the previous two Gorgeous and Green fundraisers. Based on the names listed above, it seems to only be growing in popularity, which means more money. :2thumbs:

    (Happy I could bring this to you all. Especially knowing that some of us you might get to meet up in SanFran. Thanks, Faye, for getting the word out as fast as you did!)

    :iheart: Serenity

    :jacked: On another note - one of Global Green's other superbly-talented, not-so-bad-to-look-at, actor/environmental-activists, Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrating his birthday today - the 11th of Novemeber. (Though I can't for the life of me remember how old he's turning.)

    Either way, :happybd: Leo! :teehee:

  3. I was beginning to wonder what had ever become of this effort. :clap: I remember reading about (and seeing the pictures from) Orlando's participation in the project two years ago, but I had yet to hear what they were actually doing with the handprints, or how they were planning to use them to raise money for the BBC Children in Need and Great Ormond Street Hospital. This book would make the perfect coffee-table book, aka conversation piece, to have about when company is around. Christmas list? :hmmm:

    Thanks for the update, Christine!

    ETA: Anyone else holding their hand up to their computer screen and comparing palm prints? Me neither. :whistle:

  4. Now, the last purchase (for today) was a box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal. What does that have to do with POTC, you wonder? Well, there is an offer on the box for a FREE projection alarm clock with five pirate tokens (one on each box) or $4.99 with just one. There are a couple of pictures of Jack, small one on the front, half the box on the back! The clock is also pictured.
    What's funny about this is that my KITs LOVE the Raisin Bran Crunch (which offers this same clock). We've been buying a box of it a week for the last six months, and about two weeks ago it dawned on me that I could have gotten at least five of these clocks by now if I'd paid attention. Instead, we've just been cutting out Cap'n Jack and letting the KITs play with him. Well, we still do that, but, now, we're also cutting out the pirate tokens and saving them up (that's right I'm too cheap to fork out the $4.99). We should have enough to send away and get two before Christmas rolls around. I figure - we buy the cereal anyway, why not get the clocks, too? :shiny:

    ~ Serenity

  5. My cards arrived in the mail yesterday, which happened to be my birthday. . .

    So, in my mind, I got a birthday card from Orlando. And not just from him, but designed and doodled on by him as well. :teehee:

    On another note, they're all quite lovely and I've already put the one from Orlando in a picture frame used two for various events in my friend's and family's lives - an engagement party (Heidi Klum's) and an anniversary (Natalie Portman's, as they're dog lovers).

    :wink2: Serenity

  6. Update for anyone still curious about this fundraiser.

    The current bid is only at $370, with under two days left to bid.

    They have raised quite a bit over the last month with all the other celebrity brushes (nearly $2000 from Miley Cirus and Johnny Depp alone), and every dollar counts. I just thought perhaps this brush would be doing better than it is considering the recent success with the WWF shirt. :hmmm:

    So, for anyone still interested who thought the bidding might go beyond your budget, keep an eye on it, you may be able to call it your own after all.

    :wink2: Serenity

  7. Jan, do wonders never cease? Thank you for bringing these to us.

    If he keeps showing up on this side of the camera, I may have a bit of a tough time deciding which side of a camera I like him on better.

    LadyNin, if that isn't memory lane, I don't know what is. Thanks for the stroll.

    :jacked: I went to a party today where all the drinkers party-goers were recycling all their beer cans. How cool is that?! End thread jack, sorry.

    :wink2: Serenity

  8. Nothing yet so far regarding Chicago or San Francisco, but I found some upcoming events in L.A. at the Earth Aware Editions website:

    November 3, 2007 - Jan Kesner Gallery and Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, CA: Gallery opening and party

    Early December, 2007 - Los Angeles Public Library, Los Angeles, CA: Book signing

    I'm close enough to LA to make that trek. One week from today for the gallery opening, that's cutting it a bit close. But, early December for the book signing, that's a different story . . . Christmas present to myself, perhaps? What can I sell for gas, food, and lodging money? :hmmm: Anyone in the market for some twin three-year olds?

    Will any ka-Bloomies in the LA area try to make it to the signing?

    Pam, you are too kind. :blush: It is with a humble heart that I accept your praise. But, know, that you too are a writer, and have proven yourself adept at expressing your thoughts. :heart:

    :wink2: Serenity

  9. A company called Flix Candy has some interesting products, namely POC spin drops, which are "lollipop drops with pictures you eat!" I thought it was funny to pop a piece of gum or a lollipop drop in your mouth with Squid Face's picture on it! OK, maybe only I thought it was funny. :paperbag:- Pam -
    Pam, you're not the only one. I picked up a pack of these this weekend. (I'd say it was because I neede a candy fix, but we all know the truth.) The box - with only the Will candy remaining, as I've consumed the rest - sits in a place of honour on my desk at work. :teehee:

    Elisabeth, I can just see your kleenex box now - heck, you could even go through the gallerie and pick out your favourtie will pictures to put on the box - I vote for this one as a starter.

  10. You know I love him to bits - but that has to be one of the worst autographs of his EVAH!
    Jan, thank you for saying what I had not mustered the courage to admit - except to myself, and even then we were arguing. Well, he is human, after all (or is he?); can't be perfect all the time. You'd think though, that Goodie could have looked at it and gone, "Come on, Orlando. You can do better than that. Here's a new one. Try again." :beatsme: Ah, well. What can you do?
  11. HeySailor, it would be glorious if a ka-Bloomie could lay claim to it, but if not, at least you can know that your bidding drove the price up and therefore made more money for this most worthy of causes. (Wow, that was a long sentence!)

    If you do decide to bid again later, I wish you the best of luck. Though, you should know that I am eager to see the total from this brush surpass Miley and Johnny's. And I swear it's not a contest in my eyes. Really. Ok. Kinda. Oh, fine, not at all! In light of this revelation, I hope he WINS!! :cheer:

    :wink2: Serenity

  12. By the way, I forgot to say on my post in the ZEN thread, that I am loving all your Legolas Sigs.

    One of these days I am going to find out how to have a Sig myself and post a picture.

    :jacked:Wendy - Go to the We're Here To Help - Graphics Request (that's a link), pop into any of those threads and request a sigi from one of our marvellously talented artists on the board. They're all very generous with their work and often post signatures that are available for adoption. Often the "Seasonal Signatures" thread has the most recent, and therefore as of yet, unadopted, signatures available.

    Once you've obtained the one you want, go here for instructions and guidlines on how to apply it to your account. And if you still have questions, PM a Mod and they'll walk you through whatever else (I accidentally typed "elves" just now :teehee: ) you need.

    OK, end thread-jack.

    :) Serenity

  13. I noticed no one updated this lately. Hope it's ok if I do.

    The auction for Orlando's brush begins TODAY, 24 October.

    I'm not an eBay afficianado, so I don't know how to find out precisely what time the auction opens, but the previous ones opened around 9 am Eastern time.

    Here's the picture they have on the website currently with Orlando's signed brush. This is also a link that will take you to the site if you click on it. Most likely, a better picture will surface on the eBay site once the bidding begins.


    Happy bidding, Ladies!!

    (Did he plan to have this auction kick off on Legolas Day Eve? :hmmm: Interesting. :leg: )

    Think pink.

    :wink2: Serenity

  14. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous. Oh, who am I kidding! Hang on.

    :ohm2: Ok, that's better.

    SeventhGate. They're lovely. You took marvelous photoraphs in what I'm sure was a slightly intimidating situation. (And didn't drop your camera, as I'm certain I would have done.) Thank you so much for sharing. Like you said, it's never too late to see cute pictures of Orlando.

    :wink2: Serenity

  15. A package arrived yesterday from amazon.com.

    With as much care as a two-year old takes on Christmas morning, I ripped open the box. And when I saw my book, I came to an immediate stop.

    As carefully as a mother picking up her newborn for the first time while it lies sleeping, I lifted my book from the box.

    As tentatively as a timid lover, I caressed the cover and gently slid off the plastic cover.

    As gently as an archeologist, over the next two hours, I poured over the pictures, pausing occasionally, simply to take a breath in the midst of all the beauty.

    And when I finished, I knew that this priceless treasure, this gimpse into a world fast dissolving, had been worth the wait.

    What is left now, is to share the beauty. Teach those around me the lessons I learned through this photographic tutorial. And to pray that they feel the need to be the change in the world that they long to see.

    If I may, an excerp from Sebastian Copeland's Antarctica: The Global Warning, Message in a Bottle: A Global Effort, page 23.

    "Comfortable with conflict, today we are forced to accept that survival means we cannot fight nature but have to work with nature. Heeding that call will be our finest hour - ignoring it, our darkest. But no great achievement comes without sacrifice. And like the journey of a thousand miles, this one begins with one step: yours."


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