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  1. I finally got around to having the time to watch these. I don't understand French but do have the sudden desire to learn it. :wink2: The paltalk interview was intriguing. It's nice to see something like that where it's just normal people asking normal questions with the focus firmly on the issues presented in the book and not on any celebrity connections. (Not that I mind the celebrity connection, mind you. I adore it. You all know what I mean, right?)

    Thanks schaifate for bringing these over and Brigette for the interpretation. :2thumbs:

    ~ Serenity

  2. for-you.jpg


    You are an truly an inspiration. You make me want to be a better person, and that is perhaps the best gift a person can give.

    Thank you for everything that you are and everything that you do. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow as a person, as an actor, and as an activist through the years. I hope that the coming year opens doors for you that you never dreamed possible. I hope the dreams you do have continue to come true.

    You bring joy to so many in so many different ways. So, I hope this day, and the year to follow, are filled with unabandoned joy. You deserve nothing less. But above all this, I hope that you are surrounded by love each moment of every day.

    Happy birthday!

    The very best of wishes,


  3. The auction closed last night at midnight. The final bid. Wait for it.

    $1,700. (for a lunchbox - isn't that amazing! That's Sssoooooo much money for this cause, and that's just one autioned item. :cheer:)

    My time is limited, so I didn't check to see the particulars of how much the entire auction brought in. Anyone with more time interested in doing that?

    :heart: Serenity

  4. For anyone who hopes to go to the Jan Kesner Gallery to view the Antarctica: The Global Warning exhibit, remember, this is the last week it will be there.

    Here's the link on the Exhibit.

    The Gallery is open today, Friday and Saturday from noon - 5 pm.

    I called the Gallery this afternoon and (in case cost is an issue for you) was told, "Admission is free to the public."

    The address for the Jan Kesner Gallery is:

    164 North La Brea Avenue

    Los Angeles, California 90036-2912

    You can call the Gallery at (323) 938-6834 or email them at jankesner@jankesnergallery.com

    If you get to go, I hope you have a fantastic time. And bring us details.

  5. Glad you all liked it. I thought it was a good one and it's nice to see Sebastian get some more press for the book. I forgot to put the link to the actual interview in the first post. So here it is:

    Sebastian Copeland: Eco-Photographer.

    And since a few of you pointed out your favourite or the most stand-out part of the interview, I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight mine (bolding mine):

    For 99% of our existence as a species we have been sustainable, but through the age of industry we are now producing 36 times more waste. This makes no sense, especially since we are creative, intellectual people who are very capable of being resourceful. . . I am optimistic and think society has the intellectual resourcefulness to solve this problem, but I am concerned about the time line.

    I think Orlando hit the nail on the head when he said this book is a book of hope. It truly is, as is the message Sebastian continues to spread in his interviews. :shiny:

    :wink2: Serenity

  6. One of my google alerts brought this article to my attention.

    First a little background on the webstie (which turned out to be pretty cool in it's own right, aside from the interview):

    Per the sprig.com website's help page:

    What is Sprig?

    Answer Sprig is for stylish, sophisticated, smart people. Sprig is about food, fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle. Sprig is about being just a little more green. Sprig is innovative and fresh information on high-quality products and services that are as easy on the planet as they are on the senses. Sprig is not about reinventing the way you live your life, just about convenient information, ideas and choices to be a little more green today.

    Now, on with the interview:

    (I do believe this picture was taken by none other than Mr. Orlando Bloom himself, according to the inside flap at the back Sebastian's book. :wub: I made it a clicky.)


    Sebastian Copeland


    He may be Orlando Bloom's cousin and a celebrity chronicler of the likes of Sandra Bullock and Kate Bosworth, but this France-based photographer has an environmental streak that gets mined—to extremely striking effect—in his just-released photography book Antarctica: The Global Warning. Here, he talks shop with Sprig.com's Photo Editor, Youngna Park.

    As a photographer, you travel all over the world, taking portraits of celebrities, including Kate Bosworth, Sandra Bullock, and your cousin Orlando Bloom. How did you make the leap from the celebrity world to Antarctica?

    The reality is that this has not been a leap—it's a continuation of my work. I'm a board member of Global Green USA and have been an advocate on behalf of the environment for about a decade. The work that I do as a celebrity photographer is my profession and how I earn my living. The two fused together when I went to the Arctic, and then Antarctica, and saw the beauty of the environment. I am compelled to record beauty and in doing so, I'll shoot nature and nudes and landscapes as well as celebrities. In traveling to Antarctica to create an advocacy image with Global Green, I was recording its beauty.

    Antarctica yields a landscape that is so majestic and conjures up images of adventure that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Sometimes you lay foot on ground that has never seen a human footprint; it has been a tremendous experience for me.

    How can photography further your personal commitment to providing universal access to clean water and ridding the world of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, as you say on your website?

    Photography—like art in general—is a universal language. In Antarctica, photographing was a way for me to invite other people to share and visit and raise their awareness about the impact of their actions.

    In your book you use the phrase, 'Welcome to the Age of the Environment.' What do you mean by this statement?

    I think that humanity has been very immature in its relationship to the natural world. When I speak of 'Welcome to the Age of the Environment,' it is because I believe we are being forced into a time of awareness—that we cannot carry on unchecked with the developments in technology that we have been making. As we grow, we consume, but we also destroy the source that is feeding us. We are now forced to reflect on the nature of that growth. For 99% of our existence as a species we have been sustainable, but through the age of industry we are now producing 36 times more waste. This makes no sense, especially since we are creative, intellectual people who are very capable of being resourceful. We can create biodegradable packaging, recyclable materials, and the technology to utilize our natural resources carefully, yet because our economies have tied profit to development we create much more than we need. I am optimistic and think society has the intellectual resourcefulness to solve this problem, but I am concerned about the time line.

    You collaborated with John Quigley from Spectral Q to create an aerial photo of a giant orange S.O.S. sign made of human bodies on top of a glacier in Antarctica, which also appears in your book. What was the goal in creating this image?

    John is an aerial artist—he takes people and arranges them on the ground to create a certain message. In 2005, he created a message of Arctic warning using Inuits, whose indigenous culture is being threatened after over 1,000 years of existence. I decided to repeat this project in Antarctica with the understanding that the nature of the work would be different because there is no indigenous population there. The logistic of getting people into one environment was difficult. We ended up settling on using crew members. Originally, we kicked around with a lot of different ideas, but I was always intent on including S.O.S., the universal sign of distress. Ultimately we only had thirty or so people and John was trying to coordinate while I was up in the air in the cold and rain hanging on a pole to take the photo.

    Where do the proceeds from your book go?

    The proceeds of the book are going to Global Green in the US, and as it is released internationally, proceeds will be going to Green Cross International, which exists in thirty-one different countries.

    You fly a lot for your work. Do you carbon offset?

    Yes, I do. I offset with Global Cool, friends of mine out of London.

    What are some tips you can give to anyone who wants to pursue environmental photography?

    Environmental photography is landscape photography with an environmental purpose. The main thing you would need to do is find a certain communion with your environment. It's a very meditative experience. By observing the landscape and how it is changing, you really become focused on capturing the beauty and appreciating its impact. Immerse yourself in nature and the inspiration will come.

    Are there ways of being green in photography? Are there environmentally friendly ways to dispose of photographic byproducts?

    That's an interesting question. I think technology is leading us in that direction, with the digital revolution and the leaps and bounds that have been made. We are progressing; soon the chemicals will be a thing of the past. While I was in Antarctica, using digital equipment was more convenient without sacrificing quality.

    What's next for you, photographically speaking?

    I'm planning an expedition to the Arctic next summer that will be the basis of my next book. It's most distressing because we are seeing an accelerated melting of the polar caps and with it comes a variety of concerns, namely the opening of the Northwest Passage which will be facilitating industrial shipping routes that disrupt the natural eco-system. The Arctic doesn't have a treaty for all these growing considerations, like Antarctica. What's going on in the Arctic is compelling me to travel there.

    What's your eco-sin?

    Communications—cell phone, blackberry, email, television—it's an unfortunate byproduct, the advent of this type of technology.

    When I grow up, I wanna be just like him. :wink2:


  7. Pam, I knew if anyone had the right info on the time, it would be you. Thanks for keeping us in the know about the timing. (I swear I can do math, but somehow, my counter alert was off. :hmmm:)

    Well, hopefully this whole project will raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is defintely one of those organizations where a little money goes a long, long way.

    :wink2: Serenity

  8. Lunchbox.jpg

    Just in case anyone is interested in bidding on this, the auction begins at midnight tonight, Eastern Time. (thanks for the corerct info, Pam!)

    The Lunchbox Charity Auction page offers pictures of some of the lunchboxes that are available, though none of Orlando's in particular (but, could it before the auction begins? Guesss we'll have to keep checking :hmmm:). They also have a little reminder you can set for yourself that will alert you when the auction is about to begin.

    Thelunchboxfund.org website (which is fantastically designed, I think) has a five minute documentary available in Quicktime. And, in the "Events, News & Projects" sections, it offers a plethora of pictures of some of the lunchboxes - just click on the pictures of the boxes at the bottom of the screen. Still no picture of the one Orlando designed. But there are plenty of others that are IMHO super-cool. For example these, here are two from a few of Orlando's former co-workers:

    Cameron Crowe


    and Liv Tyler.


    And the link to my favourite one so far.

    :heart: Serenity

  9. Elvira, how fantastic that you're not only getting a copy for yourself, but for two others as gifts! You will not be disappointed upon they're arrival. It's worth every penny and every minute you spend in anticipation.

    Do keep us posted and tell us what you think when it arrives.

    :) Serenity

  10. Kinda - :jacked: Had a funny thought. One of my co-workers and I were talking today and he says to me, "I saw your man last night."

    I thought, "Huh?" Then when the grin broke out on his face, I knew this was headed toward Tease-Serenity-about-Orlando-Land. Then, I rememberd KOH had been on TV. Evidently, he'd caught about half of it and was intruigued by the plot but wasn't able to finish watching it all the way through.

    So, after discussing the movie for a good ten minutes, I now have to bring him the EE version to borrow for the weekend because I convinced him it's such a better story than the one he saw on TV.

    Convert? Well, we'll see. He is one of the guys who pitched in to get me the Dual-Action dueling Will Turner action figure for my birthday, so ther's a chance he's either secretly crushing, or he simply induldges me.

    End thread jack, sorry.

    :shiny: Serenity

  11. That's Spanky for bringing this to our attention.

    Is it bad that when I looked at the LOTR portion of the New Line site, the first thing I saw was the tongue rings? Now, I'm thinking. Do I add their this to my Christmas list? I'll not state the obvious and wish for one with a pic of you know who. But The Eye - now that's kinda nifty. Kinda.


    And just for S&G, I have to put this here - this is a picture of their Legolas belly button ring. (I swear I'm not making this up.)


    :hmmm: Serenity

  12. Thanks, Tahiri. :high5: It dawned on me after reading your response that a simple Google search would have granted me the answer I was looking for. But thank you for taking the time to look into it for me (us).

    The link on the first page of this thread is for Orlando's Bear itself. In case anyone else wants to stay abreast of the amount of money being raised so far, here is the link to the website: BBC Children in Need.

    :2thumbs: Serenity

    ETA: Don't know how often they update their website with the total amount raised, as it's eight hours since I initially posted this and the total remains the same. They are still collecting, yes? Anyone in that neck of the woods know if they're done, or if the funraising continued past the Appeal night?

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