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  1. Thanks for the link Gillian. With the sheer volume of theatre activity in London, I think the fact that In Celebration and Orlando were nominated is a great feat. Of course, it would have been fantastic to have seen them win, but there is a lot of honour in simply being nominated.

    It's lovely to see Sir Ian McKellan pick up best actor. As for Eqqus, that's opening in NYC on Broadway this coming fall and starring Daniel Radcliff. :hmmm: Wonder if I can scape enough pennies together for a little trip.

  2. I found a few sites that have some pictures from the Green Carpet -but, don't get too happy yet - so far, there's still no sign of Orlando. :quiver: But, I did find a few of Sebastian!! :yess: (Except all I can get is the thumbnail version because I don't have an account for the website and I'm too cheap to buy one. :paperbag: )

    I must say, Salma looks absolutely stunning!

    Here are the sites I've managed to dig up so far:

    PR Photos

    Wire Image - Green Carpet

    Wire Image - Inside the party - this is where the ones of Bast are. :shiny:

    Jackie, thank's for your hard work on the UK shift! (And if links to any of these are inappropriate, please remove so I don't look like an a**. :wink2: )

  3. Bell-bottoms! Though if he's a businessman, we may only see him in suits.
    Did someone say Suits!? :yess: The Suit!Slut in me is doing cartwheels.

    I'm glad he's getting back home to do a movie. I remember many an interview where he mentioned wanting to do more work in British films. I do hope he has a fantastic time. Emma Thompson? Could you ask for a better cast-mate?

    Thanks to everyone who's contributed to adding the bits and pieces together for the rest of us so that we know a bit about what's going on!

  4. Is the anticipation of this event making anyone else a little anxious? :nails:

    A little update before the party gets underway: The Global Green Website has been updated to include Michael Franti as a musical guest (His band's website: StayHuman.org - you can listen to five or six different songs here, if you're so inclined. :wink2:). And the following list of Sponsors has also been added:

    Patron: IWC

    Earth Circle: TCP

    Green Circle: Centropolis, Domino Magazine, FLAUNT Magazine, W Hollywood Residences

    Eco Circle: Caroma USA, Korres, LifePod™ by Envision Solar, Tetra Pak

    Only five and a half hours 'til the party gets started. :myuah:

  5. :yess: I read 30-something Playboy and my eyes lit up. It'd be fun to watch Orlando play that role. But, I'm sure Peter will do a great job. It certainly will be lovely to see Orlando's face on the big screen once more. :sigh:

    Thanks for being on the ball on this, HS!

  6. In case anyone is still interested, Global Green is still advertising tickets to this event. To buy, click here.

    They've updated their list of performers to now include (along with Michelle Branch) "Damien Rice and Oscar Nominated Artists Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from the movie Once. "

    I had a thought. Anyone getting their tax return in the next six days and willing to fork out $250 could be there. Just inches from.the.Pretty and his lovely cousin (provided they attend, of course :wink2: ).

  7. Wow. Thanks for the info, HS. I hate to think that family of the mastermind behind Middle Earth has yet to receive their promised payment for these movies. Especially when you think of the love and respect and devotion Peter and Fran had for Tolkein and his works. How infuriating for them and everyone involved who cherishes Tolkein's body of work. I hope this is settled justly and quickly. Not only for the furute prospect of the Hobbit movie(s), but because it's just sad that something like this can happen in today's world.

  8. Via the Global Green Email Newsletter:



    If you're interested in purchasing tickets (feel free to grab one for me. :wink2:) you can go to the Global Green website, HERE.

    Orlando, Leo, Bast. If ever there was an event I'd do just about anything to get into, this would be it. :sigh:

    (Thanks to the MOD who moved this. :doh:My excitement level exceeded my patience. :blush:)

  9. How I wish Sir Ian Holm would be Bilbo again. :thumbs: Anni

    There was actually a poll on theoneRing.net yesterday that looked like this (Results included):

    If it was your decision, who would you cast in the role of Bilbo Baggins for the new ‘Hobbit’ movies? (Pick up to 3)

    Ian Holm (48%, 2636 Votes)

    An Unknown Actor (29%, 1623 Votes)

    Martin Freeman (23%, 1268 Votes)

    Barnaby Holm (Ian’s Son) (22%, 1231 Votes)

    James McAvoy (15%, 799 Votes)

    Elijah Wood (12%, 686 Votes)

    Colin Firth (10%, 540 Votes)

    Shia LaBeouf (7%, 402 Votes)

    Simon Pegg (4%, 245 Votes)

    Ricky Gervis (3%, 162 Votes)

    Craig Parker (1%, 61 Votes)

    Bruce Hopkins (1%, 33 Votes)

    Total Voters: 5506

    Funny thing is, all their percentages add up to 175% :hmmm: Weird.

    So, Anni, it looks like you're not the only one crossing their fingers for the return of Ian. :wink2:

  10. Christine, thank you for bringing this to us.

    What a sad, yet heartwarming story. It amazes me the strength of children and their ability to keep their morale up. It breaks my heart that they've been unable to secure a match for the bone marrow translplant and that he'd be too weak to have it even if a match was found.

    It's fantastic that he's been able to meet some of his idols. And from this story, it is quite plain that he's much-loved by everyone he meets.

    I pray that he'll enjoy his life to the fullest extend that he can and that he's not in much pain. It's awful when children have to suffer needlessly.

    I hope this draws attention to this disease and that more effective research can be done to find acessible cures.

  11. Ooh! Yay.

    Know what's funny, I stumbled on Troy AMC on Sunday and tried to watch it until the whole hosehold vetoed me saying that if I wanted to watch it, I could get up and put in the theatrical or the Director's Cut versions, but there was no way they were going to sit through the commercials. So, I'm thinking with no commercial breaks during ROTK, I might be able to convince them that it's just as good as popping in the DVD.


    Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw the theatrical release of ROTK - probably just before the EE came out in like November of 2004. Might be fun to watch, just to remind myself of what it looked like in the theatre.

    Thanks, HeySailor!

  12. Goldi, :blush:

    Barbara, that would be awesome if you could attend. (I :heart: Chicago and had no idea you were so close to one of my favourite cities!) There's no word of whether the artists themselves will be in attendance, but one can hope.

    The Chicago Field Museum's website doesn't have anything on the exhibit yet, but here's the link to the "Travelling Exhibits" page on their website for future reference.

    I did a bit of a search for a website for the Office of Cultural Affairs in Monaco for any of our European ka-Bloomies that might be interested in making a trip to Monaco. The best I could come up with is their governemnt's website. Here.

    If it came anywhere near me, I'd drop everything I was doing do my best to make it, so I hope that any of who are able to go will have a fabulous time. :wink2:

  13. Via glorious Google alerts:

    For UN World Environment Day 2007, the Natural World Museum in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme produced an exhibition that addresses the theme of Climate Change from a global perspective - the melting and thawing of ice, snow and permafrost are environment-altering changes taking place around the world- from the Andes to the Himalayas to the melting ice caps of the Poles. "Change" the transition that occurs from same to different, the moment of transformation, a change of position or action. Change used in reference to our environment can describe the transformation of material substance -- from ice to water, liquid to gas - the changing conditions of our rivers, our rapidly melting glaciers,, and the overall changes in the earth's climate. Change requires organisms and organizations alike to adapt to new environmental conditions. Metaphorically, change can also refer to the transformation of society's mindset to act in a positive way individually and collectively to work toward a more sustainable future.

    Participating Artists: [among many others]... Sebastian Copeland.

    According to this Press Release, the exhibit will be at the Office of Cultural Affairs in Monaco from 20 February through 16 March 2008. And per the website listed below, the exhibit will move on to the Field Museum in Chicago, USA from April - September 2008.

    More information and a gallery of some of the exhibits is available here, at the Natural Museum World website.

    :heart: Serenity

  14. According to Yahoo.com, Orlando will be on the Executive Commitee for The Harmony Project, set to launch at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.

    Article in full here.

    The Harmony Project Launch Party at the Sundance Film Festival [will be held] on Sunday, January 20th, 2008.


    The Harmony project is a multi-stage undertaking designed to bring the brightest minds of the scientific community together with the most successful and respected members of the filmmaking, literary and new media community. The goal being to create media for wide audiences with targeted social and environmental messages embedded. The Harmony Project will focus on dispelling misinformation and will base all messages on good science.

    It is extremely unique in that it will be highly exclusive in nature and focus on influencing the influencers. Founder John Johnson has put together an executive committee for the Harmony Project, which includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Orlando Bloom, Ridley Scott, Giannina Facio, Penelope Cruz, Arianna Huffington, Kelley Meyer, and Ted Hope, among many other notables in the science and film community.

    You can view the Sundance Film Festival Schedule of Events here: at the Variety Magazine's website.

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