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  1. Sebastian has entered some of his work from his Antarctica expedition in an international photography contest called One Life.

    You can help him win by voting for his portfolio (and perusing it, if you're inclined :wink2: ) online here: http://seabass.see.me/onelife2011 .

    You can only vote once a day, but every vote helps.

    From the "Who We Are" portion of the One Life website:

    Who We Are

    We are a world of a infinite stories and unique perspectives. Photography is our way to capture moments as we experience them. The One Life Photography Competition is an opportunity for international amateur and professional photographic communities to share their vision with the world.

    Delving into the lives of the global community, Artists Wanted, in partnership with PDN Magazine are asking photographers from all over the world to submit images illustrating their ideas, beliefs, loves, geographies, histories and livelihoods to demonstrate that, with all our differences, we are one community connected through our love of photography.

    Everyone has a story - the One Life Photography Competition is your opportunity to show the world your story captured in images.

    :heart: Serenity

  2. I must have had my head under a rock al weekend. Oh wait, I did. :blush:

    The first thing my co-worker said to me this morning when I got to work (took yesterday off) was, "I'm so sorry!"

    I didn't have a clue what she was talking about until she told me the news about Orlando's engagement. Then I couldn't help but smile at the news. (And I might have let slip the word "finally" :paperbag2:, but don't tell anyone.)

    Thanks for posting this, Jan! I was really hoping to be able to add my congratulations to the beautiful couple, so I'm thrilled that you've started a thread on it. :thumbsup:

    I couldn't be more happy for Orlando for finding someone that he wants to spend forever with. She is one lucky lady, indeed.

    I wish them all the best, and I hope they have a wedding that is perfectly tailored to suit them both, and one that is a complete mystery to the paps and intrusive media!

    :popcork: Serenity

  3. Hopefully the winner won't be some nutbag with deep pockets. :lol:

    If I had deep pockets, I think I might fit this description. :whistle: (The nutbag part, anyway. :teehee: )

    That's great that it's up to $850! The more money they can raise for this, the better. Thanks for the update, serendipity

  4. OBDay.jpg

    I owe so much to you, Orlando. You inspire me to challenge myself and to give of myself. Because of you, I have learned so many new things, risen to greater heights, and best of all, met some of the most fantastic people - People that I am honored to have the privellage of experiencing rich, exciting friendships with.

    On your birthday, I hope that you are inspired, challenged, surrounded by people you love, and most of all spoiled beyond your wildest dreams. I wish you nothing but a hefty return on all the seeds of goodness you have sown around the world.

    Happy Birthday, Orlando.

    :heart: Serenity

  5. :beer: The professor! :bubbly:

    Ladies, you've all said it so well. Thanks for opening this thread, Patty!

    If it weren't for Tolkien, I can only imagine how empty my life might be. Because of him, I've discovered a fascinating world that is easy to lose oneself in, friendships that enrich the very fibers of my life, and a beautiful soul inside a delightfully handsome young man (or rather, group of them).

    Happy Birthday, JRR Tolkein!

  6. What pleasure to read this critique from The Times. I wish I could obtain a DVD of the performance.
    I was just thinking the exact thing!

    I'll make it to London someday, but wasn't fortunate enough to be there while Orlando was on stage. How lovely would it be to have his performance on DVD at the very least? :sigh:

    Thanks a bunch for the link, Serendipity!

  7. (I was so excited, I forgot my password for a minute. :oops: )

    Thank you Patty for informing, Jup for nabbing, and Jan for posting. Beautiful teamwork, Ladies!

    If that spot doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will. He's still making me proud. :sigh:

    Is it me, or was his left eye twitching a bit there in the middle? :twitch:

  8. I wonder if this person will even remember what they ate, or care?

    If it was me, I'd probably have a hard enough time thinking and speaking coherently, let alone chewing and swallowing food. If the lucky winner manages to eat at all, I think it will be a small miracle.

    He is such a sweet prince. :wub: It's awesome that they raised this much money for the hospital!

  9. Happy birthday, Orlando!

    You've been a continutal inspiration to me from the day I first laid eyes on you over eight years ago.

    My wish for you this year is that you are blessed as you've blessed others, you are loved as you've loved others, and that you continue to see your dreams unfold before your eyes.

    Thank you for being a light to the world.

    :heart: Serenity
  10. Jan, thank you SO much for posting these!

    I had chills countless times while reading this. My, he's a superb writer, isn't he? The message, of course, always hits home. But, who knew he'd be so eloquent and such an incredible wordsmith?

    I have to admit I'm quite impressed.

    (Not that I'd expected anything less from a man with such obvious charm. :wink2: )

    :heart: Serenity

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