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  1. Orlando and my other favorite pasttime. Can't wait for this one. Hope it's true. I wonder if distribution would be limited much like The Calcium Kid, though.

  2. It is terribly obvious that the reviewer hasn't read the book. There are so many other stories that are entertwined with Bill's character that are more poignant than those mentioned.

    I am going to be very interested to see who will be cast as Bill Carter. I do love the thought of Orlando with the orange cursing like a sailor.

  3. Color me jealous as well. I'm enjoying the movies on TNT right now and reminiscing. I forgot how much I loved these movies. During one of the commercial breaks, I dove into a box in the garage to dig out my copies of the books and I might just have to watch some of the extras on the EE DVD's this week.

    Such great times! Love seeing the elf again.

  4. Thank you for alerting us to the photos and new article about Orlando's time in Nepal. What a beautiful man! I love that he is using his celebrity (and spare time) to bring the plight of others to light.

  5. This is my day for catching up on the threads I'm behind on! :O

    It seems you and I are in the same boat, but I'm glad I was able to catch up on the latest. This project sounds very intriguing, something to really show off Orlando's commitment to his social conscience.

    You know I realized the other day that it has been a over a year since I last saw Orlando on the big screen. I don't begrudge him the long-awaited vacation but I miss seeing him larger than life.

  6. This is thrilling news. The cast - I love Emma Thompson and Peter Saarsgard - and the plot sound stellar. I can't wait to see him in a not-so-period piece. No swords or bows.

    Can't wait to hear the details evolve.

  7. But essentially, it seems that Tia Dalma/Calypso is speaking French: "Malfaiteur en Tombeau, Crochir l'Esplanade, Dans l'Fond d'l'eau!" and the author of the original post translates that to "Across all the seas, find (search out) the path to he who wrongfully entombed me!"

    I have the junior novelization which describes Tia Dalma speaking that French incantation as the Hai Peng goes over the waterfall down to Davy Jones' locker. The book doesn't say what 50 foot Tia Dalma says after being released, except for "FOOL!" It also confirms that the body in the water was the spy in Sao Feng's bathhouse.

    I thought that she was speaking English as well. It does sound like she starts with, "Fool!"

    My only problm with the novelizations that are published from scripts is that many times aspects of dialogue and plot are changed once the shooting script is "finalized." I guess I'll wait for the DVD before I make my final judgement on Tia Dalma and the dead man in the pond.

  8. Sherwood, you are correct about the figure head changing. Along with the sailors shedding their fish attributes, the Flying Dutchman also shed all of the heaviness that sailing for Davy Jones had accumulated on itself.

    The Flying Dutchman really is a beautiful ship when it loses the crust of barnacles and rust. I love the gold-gilded mouths with the cannons.

    As far as figuring out what Calypso says, I've seen the movie 7 times and I can't make heads or tails out of it. Hopefully the DVD will clear that mystery up.

    There was a discussion regarding this on livejournal at POTC_dogwatch (which originally came from the davyjonespotc community on livejournal). You can find it here.

    But essentially, it seems that Tia Dalma/Calypso is speaking French: "Malfaiteur en Tombeau, Crochir l'Esplanade, Dans l'Fond d'l'eau!" and the author of the original post translates that to "Across all the seas, find (search out) the path to he who wrongfully entombed me!"

    Although I don't really like the Tia Dalma character in the third film, she becomes more sympathetic when you see the pain on her face as Will tells her that it was Davy Jones that betrayed her. I have often wondered if the rain is essentially symbolic of her tears.

    I actually thought Will was the "new friend".... When Beckett asks Mercer about those pieces of eight, and Mercer says the "new friend" wouldn't tell, Beckett says: "Then he knows the price of information." I consider this to be something that can be said about Will. Although, it could also be Sao Feng. Think about it, we never get to see that (un)tattooed man again (or was he the one lying dead in the pond on that island?). I think he was just a traitor, a spy for Beckett, but not necessarily the "new friend".

    My only question there is how Will would know about the pieces of eight prior to listening to Barbossa and Sao Feng. And the location of the Brethern Court's meeting is never mentioned in that conversation.

    I was wondering if the man from the brothel was the man lying dead in the pond. I never could decide for certain.

  9. Wow, the critics' reviews certainly run the range of the spectrum, don't they? I saw in The Times this morning about the four out of five stars. That is definitely good stuff.

    I agree that some of the critics did seem clueless in their critique. Two of them said that Orlando's performance was self effacing? From the Ka-Bloomie reviews, it does seem as if that is more of a compliment than a jibe against him.

    I wonder if Entertainment Weekly will find a place for it in their monthly stage review section?

  10. Someone said they think Sao Feng was the informant to the East India Company, but I thought it was this guy. After all, Will says "If he's not with you, and he's not with us, who's he with?" right before the Company's soldiers burst on the scene.

    That would be me! I thought Sao Feng was the "new friend" that Mercer mentions when we see he and Beckett back together on the Endeavor. As Will says, "if you want to make a deal with Beckett, you need what I offer."

    I belive the tatooed man didn't know anything about the nine pieces of eight. And I am hard-pressed to believe he survived the melee.

    I went to see the movie again yesterday. I've come full circle now because it was playing in the same theatre I saw it in at midnight opening day. The place was even more packed yesterday. Granted it is a smaller auditorium.

    I do enjoy these characters so much and I do believe that once it arrives in the cheap theatre, I'll probably go again.

  11. The pictures were a nice bonus. It's good to finally get to "meet" Steven. He really takes on his character, doesn't he? I mean it's Orlando but it's not Orlando. Does that make any sense? :blink:

    It certainly makes sense because I thought the exact same thing. To me, it just seems like Steven looks a bit like Orlando rather than Orlando playing a character. I have the same feeling when watching the LoTR and POTC films. The actors are so good that they have me convinced the characters exist in their own world.

    This was a very good article. Many thanks for bringing it over.

  12. I saw it for the ninth time today. They had moved it to a smaller theatre but there was a good turnout. I am hoping to catch it once more with a friend of my mother's. We've had a standing date since I took her to see DMC last year. (She's a big history buff.)

    Here we have the benefit of a theatre on Disney property. Last year and in 2003, the movie was at the theatre until about a week prior to the DVD release. Granted this year, there is a lot more competition out there in the Harry Potters, Tranformers, etc.

    I enjoyed the movie this time as much as I had in the past despite the little blips in the film - no more digital projection :blink:. (In fact, ironically, in the scene after the credits, the film was so worn that we saw the green flash a little earlier than planned. :rolleyes:)

    One question: Did anyone notice if the figurehead on the FD changed to when Capt. Turner took over? I know there was a skeletonhead there when Davy was captain. I love checking out the little details. Can't wait to see more on the DVD.

  13. This is a very crowded thread at the moment. (Wonder why?) Thanks to all of you for providing such great details for those of us that won't be making it over to see the play in person - oh how I wish I could!

    It sounds like the entire cast has been doing a wonderful job. I am so proud of what Orlando has accomplished. I would have to agree that Stephen's crying scene would be draining and I am with BellaU. I can see myself needing a tissue to get through the scene myself.

    I can't wait to hear about everyone else's impressions. I'll be living vicariously through all the lucky Ka-Bloomies who make the trip over the next several months.

  14. And Barbossa has become a new favorite. I absolutely love him in this movie. His eye rolling at Jack's antics leave me in stitches and the wedding scene has me cheering him on!

    Barbossa is one of my favorites as well. I fully understand how Geoffrey Rush earned that Oscar and I have to wonder how he didn't receive a nomination for his supporting role in CotBP. Behind Will (and Lizzie), he is the one I enjoyed watching most in this film. I love that Barbossa is the one that gets to say one of my favorite lines from the ride: "You may not survive to pass this way again. These be the last friendly words you'll hear." (I hate that they were axed during the rehab.)

    I couldn't resist temptation and went to the movie again yesterday. Still a good crowd but the theatre will moved it out of the digital theatre tomorrow in favor of Transformers.

    It amazes me that I find something new each time. On this viewing, I finally understood at that Sao Feng was the informant who gave Mercer the goods on the nine pieces of eight but didn't say where the brethern court were meeting.

    Oh, and is anyone else disappointed that the sweeping organ music from the Black Pearl's entrance to Shipwreck Cove and the elvish-sounding choir when Bootstrap and the FD crew approach the dying Will are missing from the soundtrack. Those are two of my favorite pieces of music from any of the movies. I wish they had put out the entire original motion picture score instead of just the snippets.

  15. I did go out again today to see AWE and tried to watch for the PJ-clad crew member. I thought I saw it, but Will is just too distracting in that scene. :hott:

    I did notice a bit more of the underlying alliances - especially the inference to one between Will and Sao Feng. "The only way a pirate can make a profit these days is by betraying other pirates." There was this bit of eye contact there betwen the two characters.

    During the parlay scene, I love that little smirk that Will gives Elizabeth when he realizes she's figured out Jack and Will's "plan." And I still say that one of my favorite scenes is Will with Beckett and Davy on the Endeavor. "What is it that you want most?"

    One of the things that keeps me coming back to this movie is the facial expressions of the characters. Some of the faces Jack and Barbossa pull leave me in hysterics. Don't think I need to mention Will's face or his eyes. (That look that passes between he and Lizzie after the battle when he realizes "the cost" had me in tears - AGAIN!)

    I am so very tempted to go again tomorrow. I just can't seem to say goodbye to these characters. Can't wait for the DVD. Here is hoping for full cast commentaries and plenty of extras on that trilogy box set mentioned by T&T!

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