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  1. Dear PEFIC and mods, as I was browsing the board I realized, that a lot of threads seem to have vanished completely. As I couldn't find anything using the search function (search words "topics", "old", "archive" in variations), I'd like to enquire whether there is a kind of "archive" where you could look through those old topics, or whether those have been removed from the board due to storage issues? I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane as I remembered all those beautiful wallpapers and photo manips so many made, but it seems a lot of those have been removed. Thank you for letting me know, and apologies in advance if I overlooked the information. ~Liz~
  2. Nynaeve


    Happy Birthday Orlando, may you have a fantastic year ahead full of old and new joys and inspirations! ~Liz~
  3. Nynaeve

    It's A Boy!

    Oh such wonderful news! All the blessings to the happy family and wishing the little one a wonderful and inspired life. ~Liz~
  4. Nynaeve

    PICS: By Chris Colls

    Wowee. now that's a pic to start off the day. Yes, I am awake. Wide awake. Thanks a lot for the find, Jan and pointing us to the website, those pictures of Eric Bana aren't too shabby either! ~Liz~
  5. Wow, I must have had my head under a stone! Congratulations Orlando and Miranda Wishing you all the best for a happy future, may you be blessed with happiness! I am so glad they could have a private ceremony - although I would have loved to see all the fabulous guys in suits. ~Liz~
  6. Nynaeve

    Member Titles, v2

    Squeeee! I just realized in Motivation that my lovely sister Inga/Robinsmum was bestowed with a fantastic title by the wise and exalted TF. A Motivated Multitasking M├Ądchen, that's what she certainly is. Congratulations, wear your new title with pride, luv. It suits you like a second skin. :snoopy: ~Liz~
  7. Nynaeve

    Orlando visits children in Nepal on UNICEF tour

    Pam, thank you so much for bringing the information on this particular picture over. He never ceases to amaze me with his beautiful, caring heart and love. Cayenne, you rock, girl! ~Elisabeth~
  8. Nynaeve

    Antarctica: The Global Warning

    Aww, Brigitte, I'm so sorry for you that you missed Sebastian. Thank you for sharing this interview with us, humility and a great heart just run in the family. ~Elisabeth~
  9. Thank you so much Serenity for bringing this over. I love the way this boy spends his spare time. ~Elisabeth~
  10. Thank you for the info, Serenity. Well, I'll be waiting for more info, but I think if he is in town he won't miss a chance to advertise for a good cause. ~Elisabeth~
  11. Nynaeve

    Happy Birthday, ORLANDO!

    Dear Orlando, For your Birthday I wish you all the joy, love and laughter you give to the world, and more. You may have touched more lives, inspired more people than you may know and I thank you for that. For the future, I hope your wishes come true. Thank you for being you, please never change. Love, Elisabeth
  12. Nynaeve

    Orlando visits children in Nepal on UNICEF tour

    Thank you so much, rebecca, Jan and Geri for bringing this over. I'm sitting here, trying very hard not to cry over the beauty of this man's soul. My sisters have already said it more aptly than I ever could: ~Elisabeth~
  13. Nynaeve

    Member Titles, v2

    Susan, what a perfect title for you! And I know we all have the same scene in mind when we read it. *jumps up and down* Serenity has a title, Serenity has a title and I noticed it first! I have no idea where that title comes from, but the Title Faerie did one great job, it's perfect. :cheer: ~Elisabeth~
  14. Nynaeve

    Member Titles, v2

    :cheer: Congratulations, Brigitte, what a perfect title for you! That's more than enough reason to celebrate! ~Elisabeth~ ETA: Uhm.. I'm such a blind fish. As of today, I have a title, too, and I'm loving it. Yes, I became bloomed (= adjective, to be hopelessly addicted to this certain British actor) when I had my CEOK back in July and I'm more than happy to be so, especially since I found such great company here. And how appropriate that I'm bestowed with my new title the day after I made a Christmas donation to my favorite place on earth. Thank you very much, Title Faerie a gal couldn't wish for a better ending to the year!
  15. $1,300.00? :cheer: Go, Orlando's lunch box! That's fantastic! ~Elisabeth~