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  1. Can't wait! This movie will feel like pure bliss, I have really missed Middle Earth.

    Happy Legolas Day to everyone!

    Happy Legolas Day to everybody! I spotted the new Legolas action doll in the shops last weekend and felt the need to put him in front of all the others. Got some strange looks from the shop assistant. Does not look too bad this time around. I will probably pester somebody to get it for me as a stocking filler :cheer2:


  2. Congratulations to the proud parents. What wonderful news. As for a name, well, it was the 6th of Jan, so perhaps it will be Casper, Melchior or Baltazar? I vote for the latter :lol:

    I agree, cyntharianM, I cannot wait for the curls.


  3. Napasha, you said it beautifully!

    I hope they get the private space they need.

    And if they ever need a babysitter, I can be very discreet and I have lots of experience with changing diapers and telling bedtime stories about the mighty King Aragorn and the beautiful Elven prince Legolas (worked wonders with my little niece!).

    Yes, I can only recommend LotR bedtime stories! I seem to remember ample stories around Aragorn forgetting his shampoo and Legolas making fun of him. And then there was the pet spider. :teehee:

    So, yes, as far as babysitters are concerned, I am sure Ka-Bloomie Gals are qualified. :lmao2:


  4. Congratulations indeed. :thumbsup: Could not happen to a more lovely couple and I am wishing them a long and happy life together. May the paparazzi be kept blissfully ignorant of any of the arrangements, so they can actually enjoy the whole thing like a "normal" couple would.

    Best of luck and love.

    Napasha :iheart:

  5. Sounds like there is reasonable doubt in the air about this project. Pity! I am really waiting for some Orlando screen time. It is summer (well, almost) and I need my Orlando fix. :unsure: Quickly, put that KoH DVD on.


  6. I hope people will take note! Not only because it is coming from Orlando (although for me that is good enough :cool_beans: ) but because it is the simple truth.


    PS: I strolled through the UNICEF catalogue for some of my presis this year! There are some really good ideas! (Don't tell Dati :naughty: )

  7. I could do with another Calcium Kid! Orlando is such a great comic actor, he would be great! And the thought of him in shorts and clingy T-Shirt is not at all a turn off either :thumbsup: Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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