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  1. Tahiri

    One Final Look

    Thank you for the final beauties Molokai. Like CaliMom I shall miss all the magnificent artwork that various talented people have produced here. Including some of the specialised icons! etc. T.
  2. Tahiri

    Orlando's Weibo Account

    Thanks for posting these. I can't see the videos for some reason but I am loving the pictures. I don't remember where I read 'the true artist can't help playing with his food' which seems to be appropriate here. T
  3. Tahiri

    Happy Birthday, Welshwoman

    Late as I am, I hope you had a 'Penblwydd Hapus' (I hope I got that right!) T.
  4. Tahiri

    Happy Birthday, Tahiri

    Sorry I am so late but thanks for the good wishes. This time of year is very hectic in this household but I managed a day out in Chester with my younger son. I always like going there as it is so lovely and old. He wanted to point out the seventeenth century damage to one of the cathedral doors but we couldn't get to it! T.
  5. Kim, I agree with you. Those are really good shots. Thanks Rene.
  6. Tahiri

    PICS: Cannes Film Festival 2016

    Ah, what a feast for the eyes of the Suitsluts among us! I think the last one is my favourite - even the youngster looks good in a suit.
  7. Tahiri

    All Change

    Coo, it feels sorta streamlined. Actually that goes with the suit theme nicely! Thanks Judy. I even managed to remember my password
  8. Tahiri

    Digging for Fire

    Thanks Rene, this is good to hear. If they have finished filming, I don't understand why the story is a complete secret? With a title like that it could be anything! Is this going to be another small film that most of us never see? T
  9. Mileage Molokai, and they don't give a figure, but even lightly used it has been around for 56 years! I bet it is a thirsty beast, however beautiful. I think it should do well. Thanks Rene. T.
  10. Barbara, I agree with every word. Those shades look just like the really cheap glasses you got from the National Health Service back in the 50's and 60's. However, he seems to be squinting aginst the sun even with them on so I suppose he needed them. Thanks Rene. T.
  11. I am okay with the name change. There and Back Again never felt quite right for only part of the tale. It was Bilbo's name for the whole story. However the new title makes it feel like there will only be the battle in it, and I hope there will be a lot more! Just think of all the toys, books and whatever that will have to be hurriedly retitled! :teehee: Thanks Rene. T.
  12. Tahiri

    PICS: 2014 MTV Movie Awards

    I am a bit late to this thread but it was worth the wait. There are some stunning pictures here. :hott: T. Nearly forgot - (he is affecting my brain.) Thanks Rene! :hug:
  13. Tahiri

    The Times Magazine

    That was a really good interview. I feel as if there is another journalist who has learnt that Orlando is a really nice, very sensible person. The cover photo is awesome! Thanks Rene. T.
  14. Tahiri

    The Independent

    Thanks Sunstar. That is a fairly good article even if it does get too personal at times. A bit of looking for 'celebrity' interest, perhaps. I particularly noticed the line at the end - "Zulu will be released later in the year" -presumably meaning Britain? T.
  15. Whenever life gets a bit busy you always find a load of goodies have turned up on KaBloom just when you were gone! I have been catching up over the last couple of days and kept this thread for last! Sat here with a silly grin on my face reading eight pages and getting all emotional again. And I still have to go back and watch the videos. Many thanks to our picture providers and roving reporters. There are stars here as well as in Hollywood! T.