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  1. cinemapersians

    Happy Birthday, cinemapersians

    I am SO SORRY that I didn't check in sooner to see my birthday wishes! What can I say? Sometimes RL gets the better of me. i went out with a few friends to a movie and dinner. It was a quiet, but enjoyable birthday. Thanks, Judi and Barbara!
  2. cinemapersians

    PICS: 2016 Golden Globe Awards

    Yes, the Suit!Slut! in me is definitely smiling! :shiny: :yess: Thanks for the lovely pics, Rene! :hug: - Pam -
  3. cinemapersians


    Happy Birthday, Orlando! :happybd2: How does 39 feel? :teehee: - Pam -
  4. I went ahead and *sigh* bought the fourth (non-Orlando) one, so I'll have the full set. . . eventually. :shiny: I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Will Turner again! :p - Pam -
  5. cinemapersians

    Craftrad Magazine (Germany)

    Handsomer? :teehee: - Pam -
  6. cinemapersians

    4CYL: Orlando's BMW S 1000 R

    Great article, pixies, and short film, Rene. :cheesy: When I read that question asking how many of us knew he was an avid biker, I thought ME, ME! :p Actually, I think it is all of us here. :grouphug: - Pam -
  7. cinemapersians

    Earth Day, Every Day

    I stumbled on a site today that made me SO happy! :cheer2: There are now a few places that are eliminating ALL of their garbage! :clap: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3046428/4-cities-that-are-getting-rid-of-all-of-their-garbage GO GREEN TEAM! - Pam -
  8. cinemapersians

    Red Nose Day USA

    I didn't get a chance to watch the entire program. Is this the only time they showed Orlando? :hmmm: - Pam -
  9. cinemapersians

    Romeo and Juliet: DVD and Blu-ray

    I have it on my Amazon Wish List! :cheer2: Kim, you can do a digital download NOW, if you don't want to wait until April 28th. :thumbsup: Pam
  10. cinemapersians

    Comic Relief: Red Nose Day 2015

    We could supply the Chapstick! Who's with me? :iheart: Thanks, Rene! Oh, those lucky, lucky people. :p Pam
  11. I stumbled upon this yesterday, but wasn't sure where to put it. Since it's from a magazine, Wired, I thought here was best. It might only appeal to Geeks :glasses: like me, but who knows? :beatsme: www.wired.com/2015/04/laws-physics-not-apply-legolas/ Sorry, for some reason my iPad isn't giving me the option to create a link to the page. Just highlight it, copy it and paste it into the address line of your browser. Pam
  12. cinemapersians

    Zulu: DVD and Blu-ray

    I went with your idea, serendipity, and just received my DVD. I could watch it in French, since I'm fluent in that language, but it will be easier to enjoy in English, so I'll probably just go with that. :wink2: Since I have a region-free DVD player, conversion won't be an issue. I'll report back after I've seen it. - Pam -
  13. Thanks for starting this thread, Kim. :hug: I've seen it once (the day after it opened - to avoid crowds), but I didn't post a review. Partially because I was sad that there wasn't more "Leggy" time. I know, I know. . . he wasn't in the book and we were LUCKY he was in two of the three the movies, but still. There will never be enough Leggy time for me. Yes, I said it! :P Anyway, I plan on seeing it again because I completely missed seeing Sonia! :O - Pam -
  14. cinemapersians

    Zulu: DVD and Blu-ray

    When "The Calcium Kid" first came out I purchased a very inexpensive "Region-Free/All Regions" DVD player. It still works beautifully even 10 years later, and I've never regretted purchasing it. :wink2: - Pam -
  15. cinemapersians

    PICS: Unlocked - On Set and Behind the Scenes

    I'm excited to see Orlando involved in a new project. Not sure how I feel about all of the "tats", but I love and support him no matter what. :iheart: My guess is that he's playing some sort of "bad boy". :hmmm: Time will tell. Thanks for all the pics, Rene! :highfive: - Pam -