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  1. The more I hear about this, the more excited I get! :cheer2: Maybe I'm just extremely happy to have another film to look forward to, but I trust his judgement. I'm sure he's thought about what he's doing and is choosing what's best for him.

    Stache or no, I-CAN'T-WAIT! :w00t: Now I'm off to visit Netflix and see if I can check out the original version.

    Thanks for the info. ladies.

  2. Dearest Orlando,

    I wish you the happiest of birthdays. My prayer for you is that you'll always feel love around you and experience good health, happiness, prosperity and continued success this year. May you be truly blessed as you continue to let your light shine to the world and give of yourself. You've given us so many special moments and I thank you for that. I'm really proud to be counted among your fans.

    Leslie :myuah:

  3. Goodness. :blow: Further evidence of the sweetheart he is. :hug: But of course we've always known Orlando is special. :wub: Just one more reason out of about a million to love him.

    Thanks to LoriV and Sonia for the message and also to the staff for sending the flowers in the first place.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these with the rest of us, ladies. I really appreciate it and I know you'll treasure the memories of seeing him and chatting with him. He's so precious. :wub:

    Looks to me like some lucky gal across from y'all was getting a pretty good hug and smack :samooch: there at the end of the video. :dbb: What a sweetheart he is to his fans. :hug:

  5. :2thumbs::clap: Seeing these great reports makes me incredibly happy for Orlando. Bless him. It's not that I doubted him in the least, but I've just always been anxious for others to openly acknowledge what we already see in him. I hope this is a step in that direction - for him to finally get the respect and recognition he deserves for his talents. :hug: I'm so proud.

    Thanks to everyone who has reported in and relayed messages so far. I can't wait to read more! :shiny:

  6. I'm not going to go into a lengthy post of all my thoughts about the movie because they're much the same as everyone else's. My favorites are mostly the same as the ones already mentioned and the few things I didn't like are about the same as well. I just wanted to pop in to say how much I loved the film and how much I'm enjoying all the discussion. It's just wonderful and fascinating to me and has made my experience even better, if that was possible.

    Orlando was amazing in this and his final version of Will Turner has really done a number on me. :giveup::ded: I can't describe how he made me feel and I can't get it out of my head either. All I want to do is see this movie continuously. :2thumbs:

    Hugs all around! :hug:

  7. I just got the soundtrack a few days ago and I can't stop listening to it. I simply can't get enough - especially of One Day and I Don't Think Now is the Best Time. Those two songs bring back the most memories for me from the film and make me long to get back to the theater, which I'm planning to do in a few more days.

    I love all 3 soundtracks, but this is definitely my favorite of the 3. I've downloaded it onto my MP3 player too so I can listen while I'm on the treadmill. :shiny:

  8. I'm really happy for Orlando because I know he's been talking about and wanting to do this for a while. The mama in me is bursting with pride for him, but at the same time my selfish side wants to make me just a bit sad that I won't see him on the big screen for probably quite a while after AWE.

    I wish him all the best and I have no doubt he'll be amazing - he always amazes me. :wub: I know the UK kB sistahs will come out in droves to support him. I wish I could join you! I'll be at every performance in spirit.

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