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  1. I wanted to go to the final performance so I got a ticket that morning. It was near the back, but still a good seat. I was sitting about two rows back from Bill Nighey. Though at the time I didn't recognize him. The girl beside me and the group in front of me kept asking each other who it was. He was giving out a few autographs.

    The play seemed to have a lot of energy that night. The audience really responded, a few times the actors had to wait to say their lines because of the laughter. Everything went over beautifully. At the end, when people started standing up, I almost cried. It was wonderful to be standing there applauding. Flowers were presented and as they left the stage Orlando gave a little wave. It was a very high energy performance.

    The crowds outside were crazy though, so I just went home. They were backed up past the exit doors, cars couldn't get by. I had a hard time, because I was actually going the opposite direction than everyone else!

  2. I have a friend who is a movie critic. I have learned never to ask his opinion about a movie. His opinions are based on totally different criteria than mine. He did not like, Narnia and several other movies that I adored. He sees technical things that don't matter to me.

    I have also learned if the movie critic in my paper does not like a movie, I will love it. It is all so subjective.

  3. This play has already been done and pretty much has been declared a classic play. So if this critic is going to comment on the play it self, rather than the directing and acting, it seems to show a lack of education. The play is not what is in question, but the way it was put on. She seemed to go on more about the content of the play, than anything else.

    I think I am rambling. I just hope other critics will focus more on the execution of the play rather than the content.

  4. These are great! Thanks everyone who is posting. I hope things don't get out of hand. I am hoping to go in September.

    Although I admit sometimes I am not a fan of the mustache!

    I wonder if the mustache is for the play. It is certainly a different style than he normally wears. Especially since in another place he said something was "itchy and he hated it." :lol:

  5. I love seeing these pictures. Sunstar in a few of yours you can see how red his eyes and checks are, may be from the crying.

    The crowds look crazy. I was wondering for those of you who were there. Are those crowds people that have come out of the play, or are they mostly people who were not there and been waiting a while. Are the people who went to the play in the back or do they they have a chance to get up close?

  6. This is definitely the most thrilling thread right now! Thanks so much to everyone for letting up see the play through your eyes. I am still toying with the idea of going.pauses, sighs, stares dreamily into space.

    Several people mentioned that they forgot it was Orlando on stage. I bet he would consider that to be the highest praise of his work. That his obsessed faithful fans found themselves looking at Steven and not Orlando. :blow: Just makes me all teary!

  7. I saw the movie last night with my kids (my five year old fell asleep after 30 minutes). I agree with those who were upset. I couldn't stop crying. Devastated is a good word. I was really upset and not sure I would see it again until I read that in the end the curse was lifted! Now I am feeling much better about the whole thing.

    The best line out of the whole movie."Nobody move, I've dropped my brain!" :lmao:

    Orlando was magnificent. The wedding scene was funny and romantic. The kiss, and the caress at the end were worth the admission price! I love love him!!

    Now I am dying to go see it again.

    Oh, and I did dress up! I'll have to post a pic of my kids and I. The two teenager wouldn't sit with me!

  8. I found this on a couple of places on the web, here is the link to the article.

    This is Bath


    08:00 - 21 April 2007

    West End hit play Equus is coming to Bath - but without its headline-grabbing star.

    Daniel Radcliffe, best-known as the eponymous hero of the Harry Potter films, made a splash in theatrical circles earlier this year when he took the title role in a West End revival of the play.

    In the show, which theatre critics praised on opening in February and which has seen a sell-out run, Radcliffe even appears nude.

    It emerged yesterday that the play is closing in London in June.

    It will then go on a 12-week national tour - which promoters say will start at Bath's Theatre Royal on Tuesday, August 28.

    But the tour will not see 17-year-old Radcliffe returning to the Bath area, as he is stepping down in June.

    Instead the show's producers are recruiting a new cast for the national tour.

    It has been reported in recent months that Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell could step into Radcliffe's shoes after Lord Of The Rings star Orlando Bloom turned down the role.

    A spokeswoman for the Theatre Royal said it could not confirm if Equus would be coming to the theatre.

    She said the dates mentioned fell in the theatre's autumn season, which would not be unveiled until July.

    Radcliffe was spotted out and about in Bath during the filming of the first two Harry Potter films in the hugely popular series, which was partially shot in Wiltshire.

    :O Just an interesting tidbit I ran across. :zip: I'll say no more.

  9. For all of you who are worried about spoilers, just wait until you get as old as I am. You can look at all the spoilers you want and forget them all before the movie comes out! Meanwhile you get to enjoy the cool new pics.

    :lmao: This had me laughing so hard I scared the kitties! Now I feel much better, it's not just me!

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