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  1. Can we love him more than we already do? Yes, we can!


    I fall in love just a little bit more each time he does something like this. He is so much more than an adorable actor! How many people would want to spend their Valentines Day like this? Go Orlando.

    To be as vague as possible. Someone "close" to Orlando was quoted in regard to the press, as saying (and I paraphrase) He is just a regular person, he has two arms, two legs. It's not like he saves lives or anything.

    After viewing this and the Napal videos, I have to differ. I think he does a lot toward saving lives. Of course it just goes to show our guy has his head screwed on right, as my mom would say.

  2. Orlando himself promised us new projects this year and it is so exciting to see them coming to fruition! Do we have a waiting patienly or impatiently smilie? :thumbs::tantrum: One of those will have to do!

  3. Yes, I found it on Amazon. I was looking for the Global Warning Book and this one popped up. I was very surprised. I am definitely ordering it when it comes out. My son loves looking at the pictures in the Global Warning book, so I imagine he'll love this one.

  4. It is a disappointment, I had just ordered the magazine with An Education in it. However I have seen some martial arts movies that really moved me. Jet Li's Last something or other, I forget the name. I went to see it with my brother. He was amazed I wanted to see a martial arts film, but it was so beautiful I cried. :blow: It was a beautiful story with beatiful acting, I completely forgot I was reading sub-titles. Same with a few others I saw.something about House of Daggers. I forget the names, (senior moment :glasses:) but the stories are sad and beautiful.

    I have really fallen in love with Asian movies. They have a whole tradition of self sacrifice and unfufilled love and the photography is usually breathtaking. So don't discount the genre because of a few American style martial arts movies, I think they are totally different than the real thing.

    I don't know the story of the Red Circle, but I am sure Orlando would pick something that would help him grow as an actor and not just another action movie.

    Okay, off my soap box. :paperbag:

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