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  1. I adore Henry Jenkins. I've read a lot of his work on the culture of fandom. He is unashamedly a fan, and combines the wonder and excitement of fandom with rigorous academic research in the most fascinating way.
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    aintitcool.net reviews

    AICN has a couple of reviews up. The usual strong language warnings for this site apply.
  3. Over at AICN Moriarty has a report on his visit to the editing room. Huge spoiler warning. I've tried trying to use the spoiler tags, but they're just not working for me tonight and I'm too tired to keep fiddling. Sorry folks. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/32581
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    Global Green's 2007 Pre-Oscar Party

    Ah - sustainability - my current favourite soapbox. If you have a few hours to spare I can bore you to death on the subject. If you really want to know I thoroughly recommend reading "The Natural Advantage of Nations" by The Natural Edge Project. It's a guaranteed cure for insomnia. Or check out anything by Hunter Lovins (yep, that's her real name). If Global Green's into sustainability, I believe they (and therefore our man) is on the right track. Proves his mind is as beautiful as his body. WOOF!
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    Orlando 'Global-Cools' His House

    Wow! You're doing well Semmley. We've got solar hot water, which is fabulous. We're saving up for a grey water system. There's no use having rainwater tanks in Canberra - there's not enough rain to make them worthwhile. There are so many little things you can do too, It mightn't seem a lot with only one person doing it, but if everyone in the western world did one or two things to help the environment it would make a big difference. Use water saving shower heads, have good thick curtains and/or blinds on the windows so that heat can't get in in summer and escape in winter. Compost food scraps, or even better, have a worm farm. Use environmentally friendly products in the kitchen and laundry. Hang clothes out to dry in the sun if you can instead of using a dryer, and use an airing rack instead of a dryer if it's rainy. Persuade your local retailers to use "green bags" if they don't already, and remember to take them with you when you go shopping (I admit to my shame I tend to leave mine in the car and don't remember until I get to the checkout.) If you're really keen, you don't need any household chemicals. Nearly every cleaning job can be done with vinegar, carb soda (baking soda), salt, lemon juice and borax (and a little extra elbow grease in some cases). I found that salt and lemon juice is brilliant for shining my stainless steel kettle, and is also great on brass. There are books on how to use these and probably lots of info on the Internet. When the time comes for a new car, have a look at the alternatives. I've got a Prius, which I absolutely adore. I was going to buy a V6 Camry, and the Prius was about the same cost. It's not only fuel efficient, it's very low emission. Diesel is efficient, but still has a high emission component. (And it really makes you feel smug - especially when I only have to go and fill up once every three weeks).
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    The Hobbit in 2007?

    I am posting this not because it comes from impeccible sources, but beccause it keeps hope alive. From Germany via IMDB via AICN:
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    HAVEN International Debuts

    Semmley, just in case we don't get the movie here in Australia, could you explain to me the difference in the Regions for the DVDs. I was only aware that there was a difference between PAL or NTSC. Please excuse my ignorance in this area. I guess I too must have fallen off the edge of the world again. Hi Linda. I hope Semmley doesn't mind me butting in here. In their wisdom, the people who market and manufacture DVDs decided to divide the world up into regions. It's all based on film distribution. If a film has played in cinemas in one region, but not in another, the DVD release can be held back. It also means they stop people in places like Oz buying DVDs cheap over the Internet. It's also meant, somehow, to prevent piracy, that it's certainly not doing anything to stop that. US and Canada is Region 1, Europe is Region 2, Asia is Region 3, Australasia and Latin America is Region 4. India, Africa and the former Soviet Union is Region 5, China is Region 6 and special categories, e.g. airlines, are Region 8. 7 and 9 are currently vacant. DVD manufacturers (some of whom are also in the film business, e.g. Sony) fit each DVD player with a chip for the region it's going to be sold in. Some, however, are multi-region. I've got a multi-region player, so I can buy DVDs from, say, Amazon in the US and play them on my player. My old DVD player was strictly Region 4, so I couldn't do that. Hope that helps. Birdy
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    Ka-Bloomie Reviews

    I beat you Sal! I went to the 9.30 session.
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    Ka-Bloomie Reviews

    Oh bugger - I just lost my review. So here I go again. Just some times it pays to live in a country on the far side of the world, the best part of a day ahead of North America and half a day ahead of the UK, and where movies are released on Thursdays. So today I took myself off to the first session of DMC. I certainly don't regret doing it. I won't go into the plot - there are plenty of reviews out there that do that. So here's my take. I love this film. It has to be one of the funniest and most visually splendid films I have ever seen. It seems bigger and better in so many ways than the first film. The plot is more complex, the characters have evolved more, the villians are more villanous, the special effects are more special, there are more villians, there are more costume changes, there are more locations, and bigger, grander, sword fights. But nothing is ever overdone - well apart from Capt'n Jack, who, let's face it, wouldn't be Capt'n Jack if he weren't over the top. There is not a bad performance in the whole thing. I know some reviewers find the Will/Elizabeth romance a bit bland, but to me they are young lovers, and there is still a certain amount of innocence about their relationship. I love the way sea legends have been blended into the tale (Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman) with some real 18th century pirate history - George II and his system of letters of marque which turn pirates into employees of the Crown, the changes that came with the spread of an empire being fuelled by commerce. All good stuff. The ending is a cliff hanger, and now I just can't wait until the third film comes out next year. As a word of warning though - I really wouldn't take young children to this film. Davy Jones and his crew are very scary looking, and I think the PG rating is well deserved. Of course if your 10 year old loves horror movies, you've got nothing to worry about. Otherwise, there's a bit of nightmare stuff here. I also wonder about a few little things. Like the name of "Lord Cutler Beckett". Is this a little nod to a certain character and the actor who plays him? After all a cutler made not only knives, but also swords, and the name Beckett is inextricably linked with the city of Canterbury. Just like the way the first film used Granny Smith apples (an Australian variety), which I'm sure was a nod to Geoffrey Rush. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide. « Is Beckett a fraud? Look at how he signs his name. That is not the way anyone with a real title signs their name. I'm definitely going to be seeing this film several more times before it disappears off the big screen.
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    Other online reviews

    From AICN: (The usual warning about language from AICN posts applies)
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    Other online reviews

    From Devin at Chud gives the film 8.6 out of 10! Unfortunately he's not terribly impressed with Orlando. Oh dear. There's also a set of "tag team" reviews over there. They're rather long, so here's a link.
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    Other online reviews

    Rotten Tomatoes currently has DMC rated as "fresh" at 73% on the Tomatometer. You can check these reviews, all from professional critics, here.
  13. I hope I'm not being presumptuous starting a "catch all", but the online review seem to be popping up like mushrooms after rain. Latino Review give the film a B rating - "A solid watch".
  14. ETA :paperbag: Sorry, I've put this in the wrong thread. Garth Franklin is one online reviewer I have a lot of time for. His review is up here. The bolding is mine.
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    Empire Magazine

    Something's wrong. I can't see any pictures. Not even broken icons.