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  1. Oh! I say! Thank you Sunstar.
  2. A perfect description of his elation Tahiri. Sunstar, thank you for "letting us share the warm" with these photographs, and those in the Gallerie. What a night it was for him.
  3. I had to share that Amazon performed a small miracle and I received my 16 month 'Hobbit" Calendar yesterday. Our beautiful blue-eyed Elf came in at December. It is quite something to think that the Elves were portrayed by the same actors they were in LOTR. The Calendar itself is beautiful and includes downloadable event widgets and wallpapers etc. Pardon the rave but, considering distance, I hadn't expected to receive the Calendar until much later.
  4. Amazon have advised my Calendar is on its way so, with luck and a following breeze, I will have it in my hot little hands prior to Christmas. I have not seen anything of merchandise here as yet, and will widen my search. Thank you Chinny and Sunstar for keeping us updated with all this very exciting information.
  5. This excitement is all too much. Only 73 more sleeps!
  6. Thank you for up-dating this Pam, I apologize for being slow to acknowledge. One good (?) thing I can report is that I have the Calendar on pre-order at Amazon, but guess by the time it arrives out here the third film will have been released. I haven't seen anything of the other merchandise, so thank you for the information Chinny and Sunstar.
  7. Semmley


    Thank you for the link to this interesting interview. It was refreshing to hear Jerome Salle express his appreciation of Orlando as an actor and one who shared his vision. And I'm really looking forward to watching the dynamics between Forest Whitaker and Orlando. This should be a great movie.
  8. I wasn't interested in seeing Pirates 4 without Will in the cast. I expect I'll feel the same if 5 and 6 ever eventuate. However, if the Captain of 'The Dutchman' is resurrected, as it were, I'll be there with bells on. I have no doubt Orlando would choose to reprise the role only if script, etc., were good.
  9. Wait, I'm confused. Isn't Legolas in the first and third parts of this trilogy? According to IMDb he is. - Pam - Pam, my reason for this comment is a couple of posts from 'The Hobbit It's Official Pt 2'. Since the film has been expanded into a trilogy, there has been speculation as to how this will be managed. To date, the updates for IMDb do not show the third film, and I apologize for any confusion caused by my speculation. It goes without saying that I would be rather 'ticked off' if Legolas wasn't in each of the films.
  10. Thank you Rene.This will be a great Birthday present. It will be quite something to drool over Legolas, especially if he does not appear in the first leg of the trilogy.
  11. I'd have to say - Don't Mess With This Elf - Thranduil is marvellous. The crown he wears might'nt be canon, but it emphasizes the power he wields as a King ruling in troubled times. Definitely far more arresting than flowers and leaves. Love the jewellery he wears. Legolas does resemble his father and I look forward to seeing Thranduil and Legolas interact. Yes, indeedy.
  12. Semmley


    You're singing my song, Aliza! It is so good to have this positive up-date. Thanks Rene.
  13. Oh! I say! That is one beautiful Elf! I'll be haunting Amazon for availability of that Calendar. Thank you so much Jill and Rene, you have made my day.
  14. Semmley

    Romeo and Juliet on Broadway

    I agree. Orlando has a beautiful, youthful face, but I think a truly charismatic story would depend on the casting of Juliet and the vision of the Directors for this particular version of the play.
  15. Semmley

    Romeo and Juliet on Broadway

    With the comment about the wrapping of 'Cities' and 'Zulu' this is interesting news HS. The Broadway World reports a new production with auditions end July, beginning of August. As you say, it would be nice to have confirmation from a reliable source.