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  1. As Elena said, that's a fan interpretation of a poster. Nothing has been officially released yet, and it will be some time before it is.

    If you look at the site given by mayfrayn (where this "not-really-a-poster" was found), you could see that they are involved with the production:

    Structured as an Australia-France-Germany co-production, "Cross" is being produced by Bluewater Pics in Sydney, Paris' Spangherabero Films and Berlin's Opal Film Produktion.

    I couldn't find a site for Spangherabero Films and Bluewater Pics, so there is only a positive from Opal, but there is this article from Variety (Feb. 4, 2009, by John Hopewell and Elsa Keslassy) with the same info.

    So I hope it is more than just a fan interpretation.

  2. Thank you Mayfrayn for those pictures.

    New pics of Orlando in Moscow on 16th November 2008 during his visit to a rehabilitation center for children:




    I love how he gives everybody he is interacting with his whole attention. That is something special. I think it is one of the reasons for his "dedicated" fanbase. I love that about him, it is not something you do without thought, but you have to have this disposition to like people.


  3. There was this picture of Orlando from "Haven" where I thought he channeled Alain Delon. I don't know how to post it, but it is in the gallerie. Go to "The Films > Haven (2006) > Haven Photos and Posters > Haven: Production Photos > File 27/30".

    Fenlika, is this the photo you mean?


    - Pam -

    Yes, that's it. Thank you for posting it. The only thing missing are the bue eyes (well, I don't miss them that much.).


  4. Orlando does what he always does, he goes for the risky film. I love that about him, never doing the expected thing.

    Such a sweet face and such a head of his own. What a nice contrast! And I love a good contrast (in colour, appearance, mood.).

  5. Johnny To is not a Kung-Fu-director. Our East-Asia-Members are probably able to tell us more about him, but I have never thought of him as a typical (sp ?) "Hong Kong"-director. His films have a very cool, black-and-white (no, they have colour there.) design.

    Maybe it's sometimes too much design, but I hope the best. Johnny To is now not a young and unproved director, he has doubtlessly matured.

    And, the story is from Jean-Pierre Melville, acting was not only Alain Delon but also Yves Montand. Delon is cool, but Montand is intense.

    There was this picture of Orlando from "Haven" where I thought he channeled Alain Delon. I don't know how to post it, but it is in the gallerie. Go to "The Films > Haven (2006) > Haven Photos and Posters > Haven: Production Photos > File 27/30". That's Alan Delon standing there (without the blue eyes). He (Orlando) can play those roles, we have seen that. I hope, the film from Johnny To get's more recognition than Haven.


    (edited for clarification)

  6. Thank you for your interesting insights about the title. Especially your quote is very intersting, Aysha. Your quotation is intriguing, because it speeks of the "Königreich der Himmel", which is plural in this context. I have here a translation of the bible, which is called the "revidierter Luther 1984" (I am lutheran), there they use the term "Das Himmelreich" in Matthäüs 13,44. That is singular for "heaven".

    I did a little bit of search. I found your qoute in the "Elberfelder Bibel", which is known in germany for it's literal translation. I think the (maybe) more poetic beautiful translation in the "revidierter Luther 1984" is in truth not so beautiful. It excludes too much other ideas of heaven.

    Thank you all for your effort to help me understand the title of the film better.


  7. For those of us who want the german DVD's: on www.fox.de they announce the director's cut for the 22.06.2006 (how do you write dates? I am always seriously confused about that :paperbag: !). Amazon.de seems to have it for pre-order, but they don't have much information on their page.

    OT-Question: Does the title "Kingdom of Heaven" imply a singular heaven? It seems to me, but my english isn't good enough for the nuances of the language. The german title uses plural for heaven, meaning all possible (in this region and time) perceptions of the idea of a heaven.

    Happy Easter to all ka-bloomies!


  8. :(:censor::cry::weep::pbbb:

    I coudn't say it better! We can only hope for a "only-DVD-Video-Release".

    My Vecchia Romagna will have a hard time to console me.

    (sorry at all italian members, I hope, I didn't spell it (Vecchia Romagna) too german..).

    I would want to know any "alternative" schedule.

    I want to see this film!!!

    What ever the conditions are.(Sorry, I don't fly for it to another continent, but I will buy it at amazon :w00t: . (My only chance t see "Calcium Kid" was to buy it at amazon.de. And I loved the film, so I am prepared to take another "call for confidence"?!?)).

    Many greetings


    Inappropriate comments removed by moderator.

  9. I found on Wikipedia and Heise Newsticker (in german) some information. To write the discs they use a blue-violet laser with shorter wavelength, so there can be more information stored on the disc, so you need a new player to read them. The first players should come out in spring 2006.

    There is a competitive product (HD DVD), so wait to see which will become the accepted format (you remember Beta<->Video2000<->VHS?) until you buy a player.


  10. I tried to find something about the director's cut in any LA newspaper (using Google). All I found was:

    Laemmle Fairfax Cinemas

    7907 Beverly Blvd.,

    Los Angeles, CA - 90048


    Movie Rating Length Starts

    Kingdom of Heaven R 2:25 Today - Dec 31: (12:00)3:45 7:45

    Sun: (12:00)3:45 7:45

    Mon: (12:00 3:45)7:45

    Tue: (12:00 3:45)7:45

    Wed: (12:00 3:45)7:45

    Thu: (12:00 3:45)7:45

    They don't even know, that the EE is running! The link is LA Times. Fox didn't even announce this as the longer director's cut. I don't know what to make of this.


    (Sorry. I don't know how to insert a table :paperbag:)

  11. There are some awards for films, but Kingdom of Heaven wasn't nominated. You can view all nominations on European Film Awards - Nominations. On the bottom of the page are the links to the other awards (Jameson/Documentary/Short Film/None European).

    Found on N24.de:


    Der männliche Publikumsliebling war Orlando Bloom, dessen Auftritt in Ridley Scotts "Königreich der Himmel" den Zuschauern im Gedächtnis geblieben ist. Doch konnte Bloom den Preis leider nicht selbst abholen, er sei "irgendwo in den Bahamas", so die Entschuldigung.


    My translation (I hope it's not too bad :ph34r: )


    The male public favourite was Orlando Bloom, whose performance remained in the memory for the spectators of Ridley Scotts "Kingdom of Heaven" . But Bloom could not fetch the price, he is "somewhere in the Bahamas", so the apology.



    (Should have refreshed this page before posting, sorry)

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