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    HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY ORLANDO! I can't believe our Elf is 40! He still looks like he is 20! I watched my DVD of Romeo & Juliet to celebrate his birthday. I hope Orlando's birthday was as special as he is. Kim
  2. I can't post in the Happy Birthday thread for Orlando.  Where is the reply button?  Anyways, I already wished Orlando a very Happy Birthday on his Facebook page.  It is very exciting to actually be able to wish him one and know he will see it! :heart: 


  3. I am all emotional right now after looking at all these beautiful pictures of Orlando & Katy with these precious children. They have got the biggest hearts. Thank you so much Rene for posting these wonderful pictures with us. Kim
  4. Kim

    Orlando's Facebook Page

    I am like Marilyn and I have been enjoying Orlando's Facebook page just as much as I am enjoying these pictures that he posted from his FOTR days. What wonderful memories and I can't believe its been 15 years since Legolas arrived in Rivendell, jumped off his horse and into my heart. Thank you so much Rene for posting the pictures. Kim
  5. Orlando looks gorgeous in his blue shirt! I love it that he is on Facebook now and he asked us to help him pick out which shirt he should wear, it was either blue or white, so the blue was unanimous choice. Thank you so much Rene for posting these beauties, video and the link. Kim
  6. Kim

    Orlando's Facebook Page

    Christmas has arrived early! This is so exciting about Orlando being on Facebook! Thank you so much Rene for letting us know! Kim
  7. Kim

    Orlando's Weibo Account

    Wonderful pictures. I love them. Thank you so much Rene for posting. Kim
  8. Kim

    Merry Christmas

    This is one of my favorites so i am glad you decided to put this one up again. Thank you very much Judi for our festive home. Kim
  9. Kim

    PICS: 2016 UNICEF Snowflake Ball

    Yes, Liam Neeson was the one that presented Orlando his award last year. Kim
  10. Kim

    Orlando's Weibo Account

    I love the picture of Sidi. He looks good and I can't believe he is 13 years old. Thank you very much Rene for posting. Kim
  11. Kim

    Orlando's Instagram Account

    Orlando looks adorable and I love his comments. Thank you Rene for posting. Kim
  12. Kim

    PICS: 2016 UNICEF Snowflake Ball

    Wow! That is awesome how both Orlando & Katy are Goodwill Ambassadors and Congratulations to Katy for winning the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award! Also, Orlando looks gorgeous in that tux and it looks like Orlando is staying with the blonde hair and I am actually liking it more and more. Thank you so much Rene for posting. Kim
  13. Thank you so much Rene for posting this gorgeous picture of Orlando! Kim
  14. Those shouldn't be hard to spot on the news stand when I go looking for it tomorrow. With this issue Empire has just made two fandoms very happy. Thank you so much Rene. Kim
  15. Absolutely love this! I need to get this issue! Do you know who is on the cover? Thank you very much Rene for the heads up! Kim