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  1. I am holding my breath hoping this comes about.

    U2 is touring this summer, and all through next year so I don't know how involved Bono is going to be with this. Last I heard, he was co-producing it. I hope that doesn't slow down the production.

    It's an amazing book and I'm sure it will be an unforgettable movie.


  2. :lookie: Start window shopping now so you know what a deal looks like when you see it. You've got plenty of time before the Super-Duper Extended Director's Cut 5 Movie Marathon with never-before-seen-extras Gift Box Set comes out!

    HS, my Sears crew know me by my first name. :teehee: I pick their brains every chance I get and have narrowed down the parameters of the tv I want.

    From what I was reading, it's the low-end sets that are going on sale on Black Friday, with the name brands being discounted later. My goal is a 40" Samsung with at least a 4 sec recovery rate or better. I am thinking of getting a PS3 instead of the Blu Ray player as I've read they will be updated via games purchased through the years. Regular BluRay players don't get updates. Is this correct?

    This is likely to be the most expensive purchase of my life not counting a vehicle, so I'm doing my homework!

    Thanks for the advice and the updates. They're invaluable.


  3. You'll have lots of company, I think, Kyle! I've got the same number of copies plus the VHS version of FOTR and EE-FOTR. I bought a DVD player because of LOTR.

    This makes it less imperative for me to get a huge TV and Blu-ray player at the same time. Sure. Right. My credit cards are quaking.

    Thanks for the info, Hey Sailor!


  4. Hey, maybe if we help her raise the money, she'll give us tidbits about the production. Just kidding. :whistle:


    I was thinking along the same lines. She obviously is a serious film student and deserves help.

    I was totally blown away by Carter's book. If this film fulfills its potential it's going to be huge. It'd be great to help her get involved.

    Be kind of fun for ka-Bloom to help sponsor her.


  5. Oh that is such a good book!

    Whenever I think of Graeme, I picture Sebastian Copeland. :teehee:

    No, I think Orlando's role is going to be young Vlado, but I could be way off.

    I keep wishing I could give this book to everyone I know. It's changed the way I think about everything-food, clothing, comfort, even showers. I can't imagine the impact this film will have.

    Way to GO ORLANDO!


  6. Thank you Mayfrayn! :cheer2:

    Though a bit tough to read at times, it corresponds to what I read in Bill Carter's book. Several of the people mentioned in the article play large roles in the book-and presumably in the movie. I have a strong suspicion which character will be played by Orlando.

    This book is a must read, in my opinion. It is so well written, so compelling I actually forgot Orlando was involved by the second chapter. It's only available in trade paperback, and thus is a bit pricy, but well worth it.

    I got mine through my local Waldenbooks.

    Do be warned, if you read it, you'll never look at food, showers or cars the same way again. I can understand completely why Orlando wants to be part of this. And I am so very proud of him! :iheart:


  7. I'm in tears here.

    I once had a horse who did some eventing many years ago. It's a very dangerous sport where horses have to jump solid fences they've never seen before at a full gallop. Only the rider sees the course ahead of time. The three phases were patterned after the training used by cavalry horses.

    I am so very sorry for Frodo, and sincerely hope Laine recovers completely. I have shivers that the horse was named after Frodo. :blow:


  8. It looks like the franchise is just going to keep going.

    I was in Target today and spotted a series of cartoon-based figures called "Swashbucklers". They had Will with a crossbow, another Will with a grappling hook, an Elizabeth and a Jack. They are so cartoonish that I'm not interested, but anyone going for a complete set of Will Turners better head to Target!


  9. Happy Birthday Orlando!

    I hope you have exactly the kind of day you want today. You certainly deserve it, Sweetie!

    You inspire us to do our best, to conquer our fears and work to better the world. Thank you so very much.

    I hope you get to do all that you dream of in this coming year.

    Have fun!


  10. I'm all for them filming the rest of the story - The Hobbit prequel covering The First Age and loaded with elves. Is it too soon to start clamoring for The Silmarils, Balrogs, and the Fall of Gondolin?

    Jill, if this happened, I would think I had died and gone to Valinor. The story of Beren and Luthien? Of Thingol and Melian? Oh please, please let it come to pass.

    Yes! Yes! YES to all of the above!

    I keep hoping that the Tolkien Estate will come to their senses and see just what masterpieces PJ and company have made. Maybe this will give them another chance.

    "There is always hope" Aragorn TT


  11. My daughter got the 12" Aragorn and the total came to about $79 with shipping.

    Right now, Sideshow has a Wish list thingie where you tell them which item they have that you REALLY want and why. If they grant it, you get it, shipping included. I asked for the polystone Legolas and Gimli on Arod. Believe me, if they show up here, I'll announce it on the board! :present:

    Beth 37

  12. I checked my Walmart for the bank and it wasn't there. But they did have small toolboxes with Will and Jack on them. There were also other little metal boxes, but all they had was Jack. :waaah:

    They were in the Christmas section with other licensed items.

    I will keep checking, though.

    Thanks to all for the many reports on what is out there. It's funny to me that we go to such lengths to pay money for things with pictures we already have! Such is being a fan I guess.

    Beth 37

    Owner of many such items. :paperbag:

  13. I just want to say that this is indeed a wonderful book.

    I didn't order a copy, I knew I couldn't afford it. However, the sneaky wonderful folks at my local Waldenbooks ordered one 'for the store' fully knowing that I'd want it. Happily a coupon became available during it's tenure at the store and I caved. :giveup:

    I'm so very glad I have it, and not just for the guy in the fuzzy hood. :nope:

    Beth 37

  14. Thank you SO MUCH, Sunstar.

    I'm in a play this season and my director asked us to recommend plays for next year. I gave him my copy of "In Celebration". We discussed it last night and now I have the perfect interview to help him convince the board that this needs to be on our schedule.

    I really loved that she compared Stephen with Orlando in their respective homecomings.

    Thanks again. Great interview!

    Beth 37

  15. CharlotteAnne , I am wondering if it was Sidi barking now. After all, he was probably in the dressing room just a few feet away. Could have been, right? :beatsme:

    Noggz, I loved your report on your experiences. I thought about you all afternoon on Monday and am so glad you got to meet him. :hug:

    One way to find out is to compare notes as to when the dog is heard and how long it barks. If it's a recording, they'd do it at the same time in every show. Of course, it's not hard to teach a dog to bark, so there's a slim chance that he's providing that background noise on cue!

    That would make In Celebration his West End debut as well!

    Beth 37

  16. However, I think the Legs is indeed a WINNER! You know what is funny. I could still identify him in a lineup on the shoes, jeans and stance. I'm sad, yes I really am sad.
    You're not sad, MI, you're talented! That skill can come in handy.

    Jackie, that picture really is a winner.

    Great pictures! I really do mean it, as they give us a good idea just what it was like in that crowd. Thanks!

    Beth 37

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