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  1. So Suitable

    Fabulous stuff Molokai. :hug: Charlie
  2. PICS: British Fashion Awards 2015

    Thank you for sharing all the pics. I loved them all, even the overexposed one. :hug: Charlie
  3. PICS: By Vittorio Zunino Celotto

    Lovely pics, thank you for finding these. :hug: Charlie
  4. Romeo and Juliet: DVD and Blu-ray

    Gotta have this DVD and I am checking out Amazon Canada right away. So happy this has been made available to us. Thank you for the "heads up" Rene. :hug: Charlie
  5. PICS: 2014 MTV Movie Awards

    Unfortunately I missed the MTV awards not realizing that Orlando was up for an award. I am hoping I can still catch it on demand in Canada. The pictures shown here of Orlando are brilliant and I have snagged them all. It's time I had a new signature. Take care everyone and :hug: Charlie
  6. PICS: 2014 Golden Globe Awards

    Just read about this when I turned on my computer and now plan to watch. Up until today I wasn't going to bother watching the Golden Globes because I have Downton Abbey, True Detective (new programme on HBO Canada) and Shameless to watch. Thank goodness for my PVR. Charlie
  7. PICS: By Eva Sakellarides

    Luverly pics! Thank you so much for posting these gems. Charlie
  8. I love how so many of Orlando's friends and co-workers are supporting him and seeing his play. I have read and heard many comments that say Orlando is a truly nice man - well there is the proof. I am still hoping to get to New York and see Orlando and the play. Thank you all for the wonderful pics. Charlie P.S. It's been a little while since I have visited ka-bloom and I knew I would have to spend a lot of time in each thread. Have to admit it's time well spent.
  9. Orlando really does have an appreciative audience out there to greet him at the stage door. I am so pleased for him. He he still attracts a lot of the younger ladies, but an "older female" like me would fit right in. More wonderful pictures from Rene - thank you! Charlie
  10. Fantastic pictures of the whole cast. Orlando looks amazing and so happy. Thank you for finding all these pictures, Rene. Big Charlie
  11. Orlando Bloom for Jack & Jones

    Absolutely beautiful shots of Orlando. Thank you, Rene, for catching these for us. Charlie
  12. Zulu

    Rene, thank you so much for posting the interview. I think it will be a great movie with a tremendous acting role for Orlando. Charlie
  13. I am so looking forward to this movie - it looks amazing. Just hearing pieces of the music brings a tear to my eye. Sunstar, thank you so much for the video clip from Sir Peter. Charlie
  14. Robin Gibb passes away at 62

    I have just spent this morning reading the sad news online. I have loved the BeeGees since they started. Robin had a wonderful and unique voice which will be truly missed. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. Kim, thank you for the link to CNN. R.I.P. Robin. Charlie
  15. PICS: By Chris Colls

    That last pic of Orlando is just fantastic. Thank you for finding it, Rene. Charlie