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    Completely valid point! :) Happy Birthday Orlando!! May you have a wonderful day spent with loved ones! Wishing you all the best in the coming year and always!
  2. McJules

    Happy Birthday, Sunstar

    Happy Birthday Sunstar!! Wishing you a wonderful day and much happiness in the year ahead!
  3. I completely understand WW and can see why you’d feel it was too over the top. I agree that at times it was. I also agree they could be hard-pressed for story lines so it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  4. I can appreciate everyone's point of view on this. I know many who think the series should have ended after 3 films. I am here to offer a different opinion. In my view, the POTC films have always been about Jack's story. I adore Jack's character. While we all know I love Will (all the time in fact, see my title :wink2:), I do very much enjoy Johnny's Jack. In my view, in POTC3, Jack was not completely what made him Jack, if you know what I mean. There were moments where I felt he was however, he didn't seem completely true to the character he had created and it felt forced at times for me. As if the Jack Sparrow craziness wasn't natural. It's the appearance of that naturalness that I think give Jack his essence. As Gillette says "Do you think he plans it all out or makes it up as he goes along?" In POTC4, I found Jack to be more true to himself (reminiscent of COTB) and I quite enjoyed the film. Sure, like a true ka-Bloomie, I was disappointed there'd be no whelp but that story line had concluded. To bring back Will (or Elizabeth) wouldn't make sense, in my opinion. Regarding POTC5 and beyond, as long as Jack's character stays true to what makes him so wonderful, and the team behind the film can deliver on that while insuring tie-ins to lots of good piratey lore, I say why not keep making them. I find them entertaining and based on some other films out there, it's good family viewing, generally speaking. Sorry for going on, just wanted to offer a differing opinion that supports another film. :blush:
  5. Can't wait!! Thanks for letting us know Sunstar. After hearing some of the reports from Comic Con it should be a real treat! :cheer2:
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    PICS: Comic-Con 2014 - The Hobbit: BOFA

    What she said! :O Thank you, thank you Sunstar for enabling all the plotzing. :notworthy: I watched online as it all unfolded yesterday but it's so lovely to come here and see there's so much more! :drool: I am loving the return of the dangly bits and the bun. :wub: He seems to look like a slightly older, yet somehow wiser version of his younger elf self.
  7. Saw it earlier! It's stunning and I love it. Thanks Kim!
  8. Just received this in an email from Disney today. "Prepare the celebratory cannon fire! Walt Disney Studios has just made it official: The fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean will come to theaters on July 7, 2017! We’ll have to sail a bit further before we discover any more details about the film, but once we consult this trusty pirate map that mysteriously arrived at our office, we’re sure we’ll discover something soon!" Can be seen here. :ghostship:
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    Romeo and Juliet on Broadway

    Thanks to all the enablers for this information. I'm thrilled it will be showing near me! So excited to see it again! And I'm so happy many more of my ka-bloomie sistas will get to see him shirtless it. I have to say, even if you must go alone, go see this film!! One of his best roles/performances IMHO. You won't regret it. I promise.
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    Happy Birthday Orlando! I hope you had a wonderful day! Wishing you all the best, today and always!
  11. First I must apologize for the delay in posting this review. I cannot believe it's been a month already!? My how time does fly! While walking to the theater, knowing in just a short time, I would be seeing the Pretty in.the.flesh with my own eyes was a very surreal experience. As I stood in line waiting to enter the theater, I was taking the obligatory photos of the marquee. As the line started to move and we were allowed to enter the theater the excitement started to build. Once inside, I was surprised (although I don't know why) to see a tiny stand of merchandise. Of course I had to purchase something. I'm a ka-Bloomie after all. I opted for the Romeo and Juliet tote bag. Cute yet practical. We found our seats. Now, I knew we were sitting very close to the stage. Our seats were in the 3rd row! I also knew we'd be on the left aisle as Cayenne had tipped me off that Orlando runs up and down that aisle several times during the play but more importantly (i.e. swoon-worthy) was that he sits on the stairs leading up to the stage off the left aisle while he recites a portion of Romeo's part of the balcony scene. Can I say I'm dying about now? And the play hasn't even started. View of the stage stairs from my seat. The lights dim and the bell chimes very loudly, which jolts me in my seat, and the play begins. I don't think anything could have prepared me for actually seeing Orlando that close. I saw the motorcycle with him on it, wearing the helmet so I knew the moment was upon me. After he drove the bike around the stage to the front, stopped and removed his helmet and all that gorgeous curly hair cascaded down, I was done. LOL It took me a bit to get over the shocked feeling that it was Orlando, right there but after a time I settled in and was able to lose myself in his performance as well as that of his cast mates. I will echo what others have said, Orlando was brilliant. I expected him to be and he was. I was equally impressed with the cast. As Marina mentioned already, Christian Camargo who played Mercutio was amazing! I especially also loved Jayne Houdyshell who played Juliet's nurse. Brent Carver as Friar Laurence did an excellent job as well. Condola was very good as Juliet. My only critique of her performance is that at times she spoke so quickly it was hard to understand her. I found her exuberance very fitting for a young teenage girl in love. I also very much enjoyed the contemporary take on the classical play setting. I have to say, I think everyone in the cast did an amazing job. I wish I could've seen it a second (3rd, 4th, etc.) time so that I could absorb more of the play. The balcony scene was all you'd expect it to be. And the death scene was so touching, from both Orlando and Condola's performances. As Marina has already mentioned, we all gathered up and went to the stage door and were fortunate enough to see Orlando (and his mum!) there. After we all went for a bite to eat. The entire day was a memory I shall never forget. The day I spent in fair Verona.
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    InStyle Magazine (US)

    What she said.
  13. Thank you for the photos and the clips Sunstar! I watched it online live as it happened. Was such fun!
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    InStyle Magazine (US)

    What she said. Thanks Sunstar!! Should have picked this up when you mentioned it to me the other day.