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  1. :blow: Oh, I feel so silly, but I'm so truly happy for you girls!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures! :hug::hug:

    I can imagine all the emotion you've felt on seeing THE MAN, himself, playing live such intense role. I don't know if I'd be able to manage a camera to take pictures after that.

    You are all the best!!!



  2. Here is a small selection of the wonderfulness (all clickable):



    Oh, dear! I cried like a baby when I saw that scene for the first time - the other version :angry: - I can't wait to see this version.

    It's going to be a long, long and unbearable waiting :cry: .

    Thanks so much, Aniethen, Jupiter and Geri for this selection of wonderfulness! :grouphug:

    It involved histograms and other complicated things, and as Anithen mentioned, Geri did them all individually.

    Are you still breathing, Geri? :lol:


  3. Spoilers ahead!. Sorry, I haven't figured out how to hide spoilers, yet. :paperbag:

    I am still overwhelmed because of this film. I just loved it!

    The battle scenes, the settings, the costumes are fantastic.

    Balian .I think this is the most poignant character I have ever seen- I'm not just saying because it was played by Orlando.

    Here goes my favourite moments:

    1- His first scene at the blacksmith's, the suffering in his eyes and at the same time the rage he was feeling by the loss of his wife.I dropped my first tear -even hubby was impressed, "I can't even imagine such pain.well done, Orlando" he said.

    2-At the hill where Jesus died:"How can you be in hell, when you are in my heart". And then, he buries the crucifix , stayed there, the night falls down and he couldn't find the anwers or relief for his pain. I can swear, people in the theatre held their breath.

    3-Sybilla says "Between two people there is only light" and she blows out the candle. At this moment I could :bat: Sir Ridley and his :censor: editing ideas!-Sorry, but I had to get this off my chest!

    4-Considering the present times, I think Tiberius said the only "dangerous "line of the movie "I came here thinking I was fighting for God. But I learned that we are fighting for wealth and land"( not sure if the line was exactly this way). The disappointed look on Balian's face was incredible.

    5-And at the end of the movie when Balian and Sybilla were riding, and he passes beside the place his wife was buried. I felt like he was trying to move on and recompose his life with her, was in peace with himself, but he truly, truly loved his wife and would love her till the end of his days.

    That's it!


  4. ret07.jpg


    I was looking at these pictures , and I've found myself completely speechless (a thing I've thought would never happen to me).

    Speechless, because there is no word in English, in Portuguese or in Italian -or in Elvish- to explain the joy in his eyes, his increadible presence, his kindness, the warmth of his smile, the warm feeling that comes through him so effortlessly.He is a special man :blush: .


    Thanks a lot ,Tina, guitarchic and Jan


    1- White shirt and a pair of jeans.wow.no man can go wrong with that!

    2- Eva Green knows how to enjoy herself . clever girl!


  5. Thank you for these lovelies, Jan. And like everyone else, I LOVE the first picture. I think the chemistry between Orlando and Eva is evident in that one. Come, May!

    Definitely Suzie, there is chemistry between them .

    I feel it in every picture they are together and in the trailers. She is beautiful and charismatic.

    And there is Mr Scott's touch too, the level of sensuality on the scenes , the colours, the lights, the details , like the henna spots on her hands, her makeup, her clothes. his looks :wub: .Oh my.Isn't May yet?


    Thanks Jan and Jupiter! :hug:

  6. Thank you so much, Lianna!

    These articles are great.

    "It's better to live in peace together than to perpetuate war, but we don't seem to be able to manage it today".

    I don't want to start a political and religious discussion, but I can't stop thinking that it would be a great thing if the political and religious leaders sit all together in a theatre and watch this movie.-if it were possible, lock then inside and throw the keys away-

    Maybe this way they could learn something.

    History is cyclic and unfortunately man never learns with it.

    "People don't change that much, do they? The clothes change and the weapons change.(...) But people stay the same. And that's the really disappointing thing".

    Mr Scott, you are so right :cry:


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