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  1. Awww, what a sweet little man. And a great name, Flynn Bloom! Congrats and best wishes to the happy new parents. I'm so glad that they were willing to share a glimpse of their new bundle of joy.

    Thanks for the pic and the post Sunstar.


  2. Cheers to the happy newlyweds!!! :beer:

    Joy and happiness to you both in your lives together!!

    I'm so glad they were able to have a quiet, private ceremony. But, is it too much to hope that maybe a pic or two will be released for our viewing pleasure?

    Either way I'm thrilled for them both!!!


  3. I'm guessing that Sabastian has already landed that gig.

    Had the same thought, Lovely Pride. Although there have been some stunning photo sessions by others of Orlando over the years, I'm thinking that he'd want something this family oriented/intimate to be done by Bast. However there is that idea that he might be among the wedding party. Hm.

    Well that's possible, but speaking as someone who's tried to juggle taking pics at a family wedding with actually enjoying the wedding, it'd be more likely that they'd hire someone not in the family. Trust me, when you are responsible for capturing every moment of someone's special day, it's much better if you don't know them. That way you're not seeing the whole day through a camera lens and can actually enjoy the day right along with them. I'm sure Bast will have camera in hand for part of the day, when you enjoy taking pictures it's just the way it is. But they should also hire another photographer to focus strictly on taking pics.


  4. Wow, I'm behind. I just caught wind of this over on Yahoo and zipped over here to see if there was any discussion going on (had my doubts there would be as to the private life rule.) Glad to see this, thanks Jan.

    A fine match in those two! Congratulations and happiness to the lovely couple!!! :bubbly:

    In the words of the second sexiest pirate to sail the seven seas "A wedding, I love weddings! Drinks all around!!!"


    So are any Ka-Bloomies working in the catering business? :lol: Any woman working at the reception hall will have a field day with all those handsome men in one room.

    I'm not in catering, but I've gotten pretty good reviews on my picture taking ability at the last three weddings I've attended as well as other events I've photographed over the years. Should I send a copy of my portfolio for consideration? I'll give them a good price. :teehee:

  5. I'm not so worried about the "Then, hopefully, Red Circle" part as much as the hopefully Orlando will still be part of the project. It's good to hear that it's going to eventually happen, but it would be even better to hear that it will eventually happen with Orlando along for the ride. It sounds like such a good story.

    Thanks for the news HS!


  6. The chance to see Orlando for only $10! :w00t: And help charity! Why oh why don't I live in LA? I would so be there.

    Such an Orlando thing to do. He's such a doll.

    I'm crossing my fingers that this brings us some new goodies in the picture department.

    Thanks for the news mayfran.


  7. What a fantastic project! I'm really excited by this one! Makes me think right away of Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond, what a powerful movie that one was.

    I cannot wait for this one to come about!! Thanks as alway Jan for bringing us the lastest breaking Orlando news.

  8. Orlando plus Liam and Chow!! BAM! I'm there. The whole thing about the robbers sounds very Oceans Eleven.and see how well that trio of fellas did.

    As far as the female role goes, minor part, casting an unknown, anyone happen to have Johnnie To's cellphone number. I'd do it in a heartbeat. :teehee:

    Anyway, this is great news. I'm so excited about this movie!

    Thanks Ryll for bringing these over.

  9. I thought I would bring this over here with the hope that, with proper permission, someone with scanner access and photoshop skills might be able to find and post my find.

    My bookstore got in the newest issue of People Magazine today, and in the front of the mag is a rather large two page picture taken at this event which of which our man is a part. I believe that this picture would be alright to bring for posting as it is a posed picture taken at the event.

    The picture has Eva Longoria Parker, Orlando, Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston all sitting together on a couch. There is also a sizable caption to go with the picture that I'll gladly post now, but will make more sense in context with the picture.

    NEW FRIENDS, Los Angeles, March 25

    Eva Longoria Parker (in Moschino), Orlando Bloom, Courteney Cox Arquette and Jennifer Aniston help celeb hairstylist Ken Paves raise awareness for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. Cox Arquette and husband David Arquette, who also attended, have a family friend whose son suffers from EB, an incurable genetic disorder that causes skin to become as fragile and easily torn as tissue paper. Paves, who hosted the event, "has been such and advocate for EB, and I'm proud to help increase awareness for this disease," says Longoria Parker. Guests munched on tacos and chips and guacamole in the VIP room of Longoria Parker's Beso resturant, while Paves greated clients and friends like Jessica Simpson and Kate Beckinsale.

    This is in the April 7th People that is out now or should be out soon (my Barnes and Noble seems to get some mags in earlier then some other places.) So, here is notice so anyone who can/wants to get their hands on a copy can do so. And let's hope that the powers that be give the thumbs up that this is a ledgit pic that can be scanned and brought to the board for all to see. :wink2:

    BTW, thanks mayfrayn and Christine for brining this to us in the first place. Our man truly has a heart of gold. :sigh:

  10. Oh, he is just tooo cute in these. Jan, I cannot find enough words to thank you for snagging these.

    And I cannot find enough words to express how completely adorable he is in these pictures. So carefree and playful and sweet and sexy and... :faint: .

    These are the best pictures I've seen of him in a long time, hands down!

  11. And he's done that every night?!! Wow, what a guy. It takes a strong and caring person to put themselves before such a large and excited crowd of fans night after night and sign the programs and see the flashes in the eyes and not just make a straight be-line for the car.

    He really is an amazing man!!

    Thanks caz for this peek into Orlando's daily stage door routine; and Jup for putting it up here.

  12. img0064du0.th.jpg

    Thanks to everyone who has posted their pics the last few days. They have all be just wonderful to watch (though there is still that bit of biting envy because I'm not going to ever be there.but I suppose that's understandable to everyone.)

    This one from Susan holds a special place in my heart though. I think it's adorable the way Orlando is looking down at the little girl just visible and her awestruck face looking back up at him. Such a sweet man, I bet he made her year!

    I also love all the big, close pics of the dangly bits.I just can't get enough of examining those neck treasures.

    Thanks again ladies for sharing these, it's the next best thing to being there.

  13. What an adorable and beautiful video! That one's been added to my favorites for sure. Those images were amazing, and it's so great to finally see some video snips of Orlando in Antartica.

    What's even better is the message and the issues that it raises. I never would have considered wanting to go to such a place; but since this project, brought to my attention simply because of Orlando's loose attachment to the book, I've added it to the already long list of places I would love to travel to in my lifetime.

    Thanks Geri for bringing this one over here. I'm going to go watch it again I think.

  14. My new favorite "In Celebration" article! Not a bad note in the whole thing; and not a completely Bloom centered article. Such a great balance.

    I love the idea of reduced ticket prices for the under 25 crowd. The whole concept just brings theatre into a more available realm for everyone. Maybe if more theatres around the world had such offers then theatre audiences would be more diverse instead of a "older art form" like I learned in my theatre class.

    Bravo Jan and MI for this article :2thumbs:. I adore it!

  15. He said that just being on stage is draining - that walking out at the start of the play was terrifying, the first couple of nights.
    I agree with him there, just walking out on stage is draining, you have so much nerves going through your body right before you go on stage, it's unbelievable.

    Amen to that Kit-Kat, I totally agree. Every time I've ever gone out on stage there is this nervous/excited feeling, it's a crazy adrenaline rush like nothing else. I've never done night after night of shows though, so it's still beyond me how Orlando (or any stage actor for that matter) manages it so wonderfully.

    Kathryn, thanks so much for staying up a bit longer to give us this account. It was a wonderful read. Orlando's actions (giving up his seat and such) and his responses to the questions were so great to read about. I love hearing the process that an actor will go through to get into the head of his character, and I love how Orlando describes his experiences with such passion and dedication to getting everything right. Truly a thoughful actor. :iheart:

    Gillian has to be on cloud nine. What a clever question to come up with. Thanks for finding the answer to one of the questions plaguing ka-Bloomies everywhere. I can't wait to hear your account too once you come back down to earth. :teehee:

  16. More wonderful pics from our ka-Bloomies on the front lines.

    Fruity, a wonderful collection you snapped there. Exiting wardrobe change for Orlando that night I see. Never saw anyone who looked better in prison stripes. :teehee: Welcome to the ranks!

    Mollie, I've loved everything you've posted from your trip, and these pics are no exception. Your favorite is one of my favorites, and I like the one above that too. I'm loving all the pics that show the return of the "dangly bits"...I've missed those so.

    *Le sigh, le swoon*

    Thanks for sharing ladies. I almost feel as though I were there.almost. :wink:

  17. InCeleb_Afterparty071607-40109914

    Gahh, his eyes in that one.it's like he's looking right out from the picture. That stare is intense. :hott::giveup:

    Glad to see that his mum had a great time as well.

    Thanks as always Jan and John, these are wonderful additions.

    I like the one where he's standing with his hands in his pockets right next to the fire extinguisher. :lol: I just find it funny for some reason.

  18. Is there an archive where we can see if anyone complained about Sir Laurence Olivier being such a hottie? I mean he was way easy on the eye yet I bet critics didn't bust him for his dashing looks or complained about his facial hair (or lack of therein).
    And you watch his films taken from stage performances - I'll still watch, he was a hottie, but my GOD, was he wooden. It was the acting style back then, and he was the best at it. :fear:

    And then came Method Acting. The Strassberg Way. If you're not emoting and falling over ALL of the furniture, it's not ACTING. And I think that's what many think an actor should be. And that's not Orlando's style. Thank God.

    :jacked: I really disliked his performance of Hamlet. I watched that on video in class before we went abroad. The two other movies and the London stage version that I've seen were soo much better. [/threadjack]

    Overall, I am very glad to see that most of the reviews are positive about Orlando's performance (and the play as a whole.) I'm pretty happy right now. Way to go Orlando, I'm so glad for you!! :yahoo:

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