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  1. I think I'm the last person to see this movie. :blush:

    I finally saw Haven and I wanted to share my thoughts and well this is the perfect place to do it. :)

    I watched Haven yesterday and it made me sad. For me it was not an easy movie to watch. I was filled with sadness seeing the things the kids were doing and how things were just going downhill. Especially for Shy and Andrea. To see the state in which Andrea got to it was very heartbreaking and so was seeing Shy in pain. That being said I think Orlando did a fantastic job. He was so real, so easy. He was Shy and he was beautiful. It was a good movie since it left me feeling sad and wanting to know more about these people - the movie affected me so it did its job. I'm glad I saw it and am planning on watching it again to better understand each character.

    I also don't think Shy committed suicide or died. To me when he dropped the gun I felt it meant he was letting go of things, of his past and going forward.

    I've owned the DVD for more than a year but this isn't a movie I can watch over and over again.

    The pain Andrea and Shy are going through is so intense. And both of these talented actors have such wonderfully expressive faces and their eyes in particular really show their love for each other and the pain they are experiencing.

    I felt the ending was positive, too. They left it open-ended, but my feeling is that Shy was letting go of his painful past and moving on.

  2. Consider my fingers crossed as well, and I guess I'll throw a little extra Wing of Bat and Eye of Newt in the cauldron this Halloween. :cauldron:

    I would most definitely love seeing the Fabulous Messrs. Bloom and Neeson on screen together again.

    Hikaru, wearing out her KOH DVD.

  3. I haven't been around these boards for a couple months.

    But I had the chance to re-watch Elizabethtown and I was inspired to pop back in here.

    I still don't like Ms. Dunst or the character she played. But overall, this is a film that gets better each time you watch it . It sort of grows on you.

    Orlando was great.not that I'm prejudiced or anything, nah :teehee: Cute as a button and I'd forgotton how wonderful his deadpan comic delivery is. I particularly loved his scenes with Chuck, the drunk, sloppy groom in the huge wedding party. They were hilarious together.

    Susan Sarandon was fabulous as always. Her stand-up comedy/eulogy at the end was great.

    And Cousin Jesse singing Free Bird with his band and that flaming toilet paper eagle flying over the ballroom.setting off the sprinkler system.. :lmao2:


  4. Orlando, I'm a little bit late to the party but here in Japan it is still the 13th.

    I wish you joy and love, I wish you success and peace.

    To paraphase the Wizard of Oz, "The measure of a great heart is not how much you love, but how much you are loved by others". The love here on this board is overwhelming. It shows how much you have touched our lives and shared yourself with us.

    Happy birthday, you beautiful talented man!! You make all our lives so much brighter.

    Hikaru in Tokyo, raising a glass and smiling

  5. I'm finally jumping back in here and catching up on all the vids and pictures after Lurking for way too long.

    Thanks very much for this. Sigh.our boy is soooo handsome!! And, I've been a fan for so long it really hadn't occurred to me.but he's really quite tall isn't he! I mean, I knew he was tall but it is quite striking here,He seems to be a full head over everyone else in the video. Anyway. :iheart:

  6. Well Merry Christmas to me!!! :klaus:

    I have been renting the series from my local rental place and forced myself to start with number 1 and work my way through in order.I finally got to number 12!

    It is a a fun show, not too hard to watch even the episodes without Orlando.

    Is it just me or is Daniel Casey (Troy ) kinda cute?

    It was such fun to see Orlando playing a really nasty character. Isn't it amazing how a talented actor can make even a total scumbag endearing!

    I'd pay 50 pounds for his.ahem.attentions any day. There goes my kids college tuition! :lmao:

  7. Well, here in Tokyo it's playing less than a half hour away from me so you bet your sweet bippy I went to see it!

    I don't have much to add to what has been said, but this is definitely one I will buy when the DVD comes out. Not just because Orlando is shirtless for quite a few scenes :cheer: but because there is a great supporting cast (whoo hoo, Bill Paxton and Stan Shunpike the bus conductor from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban)

    I am going to want to watch this one again and again to catch all the nuances. It is a complex, subtle little film that leaves so much to the imagination. Big blockbusters have thier place but there is a place for understatement too and I like a film that isn't predictable.

    And nobody can work a bandanna like Orlando! Oh my. :drool: I don't think he has ever looked so heartbreakingly sweet and tragic and irresistable.

  8. Actually, related to some of the last few posts on this thread, I think what I liked best about the film's ending was that it wasn't a cheesy Hollywood resolution. Balian grew up and learned a few things (and got the girl) but it was not clear that he'd found God or had any major revelations or anything. That's how life is, there are no easy answers and you don't always get closure. I found the film to be much more credible because it wasn't neatly resolved.

    Sorta like the Crusades. Not really resolved, a thousand years later.

  9. I saw it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my. Oh my oh my. It wasn't just the blood-curdling, heart-racing battle scenes. Or the magnetic intensity in our man's eyes.the grace with which he swings a sword or gazes at a woman he loves.sigh.

    I am simply blown away by how much Orlando has grown as an actor. He just gets better and better! This was obviously an emotionally and physically demanding part and he was just brilliant.

    I was also thrilled to see Liam Neeson, whom I adore, and the delectable

    Marton Csokas (a.k.a. Celeborn!) who is sooooo much better with his natural dark hair (Unlike Orlando, whom we all know carries off blond very well.)

    One thing that bothered me.I don't think they needed to actually show us the dead leper-king's face. Just the expression on Sybilla's face when she removed his mask and saw what had become of her beautiful brother.that was enough. Actually showing him was overkill.

    Other than that, you'll hear no objections from me.


  10. I loved the very first bit where he was pounding away at that metal in his blacksmith's shop. The intensity in his eyes and the graceful way his arm moved.

    The big love scene was beautifully done too. Hot, but tasteful.

    Next, these are not Orlando moments, but I loved Liam Neeson, who is just a damn fine actor in everything he does, and Marton Csokas (a.k.a. Celeborn.is he just lovely with his normal dark hair or what??)

  11. Just wanted to share, every train station on our local train line has great big lovely KOH posters up. The Japan premiere is May 14th. I've already got my advance discount ticket (there are shops all over Tokyo where you can save 300 yen, about 4 dollars U.S., by buying a ticket before the movie starts showing). I'll have to wait till Monday the 16th but I am soooo there!! Even with the discount, it's still 15 dollars to see a movie here, but I will be there, beating off the drooling Japanese fangirls (who, at first showing on a Monday morning, will mostly be middle aged housewifes, sorta like myself, LOL)

  12. Hikaru, I don't actually think that beard would be scratchy. Orlando's hair looks really soft and touchable and usually if the guy has soft hair, the beard is pretty soft too when it gets grown out to the stage Joe's grows to. I'm not a huge fan of facial hair, but it looks really good on Orlando. Mind you, I could just be thinking that cause I'm a total Joe ho and I just think Joe's the cat's meow. :naughty:

    I said I thought the beard would tickle, not scratch. I can most definitely see the.ahem.potential. :)

  13. Wow, it sounds great!

    Thanks for the reviews.

    Unfortunately, if I buy any more books my husband will probably file for divorce :whistle:

    I tell ya, Amazon really ought to give me frequent flyer miles!

    And whoever invented One-Click Ordering is a total Servant of the Shadow, I tell you.even visiting the website is a dangerous journey. It is just too hadr not to click that little "order now" button!

  14. I didn't look at this topic until now because I hadn't seen the film but.that gun in the pants picture!!! Can you say, "Come to Mama, my little outlaw boy?!"

    He's totally irresistable in spite of the facial fur.

    I agree with all of you about the beard.yuck. But the bedroom eyes and the naughty little smile more than make up for it. And OTOH.I'll bet that beard tickles. :naughty:

  15. Well I finally got to see it.

    I'll be blunt. I thought it was pretty mediocre. Heath Ledger does jack squat for me, hated the beards.

    That said, it was made watchable by the presence of our dear Orlando,how did the review at the beginning of this thread put it.."feline Brit with the bedroom eyes" who "politely steals the show".

    Yup. That's about it. I would have liked to see much more of Orlando. He gave a wonderful, understated, and dead sexy performance. Is it just me (probably not) or is it near impossible to look at anyone else when Orlando's in the scene?

    (Unless that person is Johnny Depp of course, then I look at both of them! :wub: )

    Oh.and that poor little monkey.such a tragedy.

  16. It came out on DVD here in Japan on Oct. 29th and I was there when the rental shop opened to snag it.

    I loved it, he was adorable (and shirtless!!) IMO it was beyond just a cute movie, I really had a good laugh, loved the surprise twist at the end, and even my husband sat through the whole thing and watched it with me, which says it must be good because he isn't a film buff like me and he isn't a native Englsih speaker so it takes a lot to keep his attention.

    Oh and did I mention Orlando is shirtless? :)


  17. We rented the film this past weekend and I confess, I couldn't watch it. Once Orlando was gone, it was just too disturbing and violent for me so I gave up on it. I can't watch most war films. I almost walked out of Saving Private Ryan in the first battle scene even though I'd paid the equivalent of 18 U.S. dollars to see it (movies are expensive in Japan!)

    I'll be honest, I am American and I didn't think Orlando's accent was done well. It was a matter of intonation, rather than pronunciation.especially that line "I've been waiting for this my whole life"., it just didn't work. So slap me, I'm an English teacher and I am very sensitive about these things.

    I still love him though. :wub:

    Some actors are great at accents (Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman come to mind), others like Robert Redford and Richard Chamberlain don't even try. They just use their normal voices in every role they play. I still respect them as actors. Maybe it just isn't Orlando's strong point.I don't mind though.he's got plenty more to offer.

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