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  1. A pleasure every time. Thanks ka-Bloom/Judi/Jan for the opportunity.
  2. Thanks Judi and Jan for keeping this place up to date and secure. *insert smilie with flower here* No arm waving here. I'm a knight! Cool beans! *insert Balian-with-pointy-sword-and-on-a-horse smilie face here*
  3. Ooh love the composition of the first poster. :nerd: Thanks for bringing these latest over, Rene. Much appreciated. :flower:
  4. Hope you had great day, and have a better new year! :hug:
  5. Somewhat reminds of a pissed off Paris meets a pumped-up LOTR Goblin. :tomato:
  6. H A P P Y Belated B I R T H D A Y! Hope your new year is better than before. :wave: * *In honor of your title. It was a quite a memorable show.
  7. Thanks ladies! Always a pleasure. Have a safe and festive celebration to you and yours. E. :emily_christmas:
  8. I'm probably the only person left who just discovered George Ezra (famous for Budapest), and this adorable video of him and Sir Ian McKellen. The boy's voice is so beyond his years. Love.It.
  9. Trailer looks interesting - a bit of comedy and mystery. He seemed to have kept his accent (or some accent).
  10. Ooh, liking his do in these pics. Blue suits him quite nicely too. Appreciated these, Rene.
  11. Nice to meet you Ali! Welcome to the board. :hug:
  12. I see Pippin! One last time indeed. Bittersweet. Thanks Rene.
  13. Talk about a smorgasbord of the genetically gifted - that's a lot of pretties in one picture. Nope not complaining one bit.
  14. Soraya - Suddenly - talented artist who battled and lost her fight with breast cancer. This song is one of my all-time faves and has carried me through my 'creative years' here on kB. Learned about this song when I was reading one of those very early "Orlando" fanfiction that used to be popular :paperbag2: - the author interweaved a song or two between her chapters. Hapa - Rich and melodious, this is one of my go-to groups for Hawaiian ballads when I'm feeling homesick. If you've never heard a contemporary song from the islands (more recent than 'Tiny Bubbles' :P ), here are a couple to try. Best heard when you're unwinding at the end of the day. The word 'hapa' means "part" or "mixed" ethnic culture. Lei PikakeKa Uluwehi O Ke KaiHawaiian Style Band - Oli Kono - a little bit more upbeat. Felt like I've shared these before (strong sense of deja vu), and if I have, enjoy it the second time around. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies, will give those a try. Great thread, Marilyn. :pulp:
  15. Pretty shiny. I wonder how much it's been driven (mileage? Or is that kilometerage? :dunce: ).