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  1. That is wonderful. Not many people are as kind as he is.

    Gosh, I haven't been here in a long time. It's good to be back among people who care about others - the negativity and nastiness at the place where I work has really worn me down, especially lately. But leave it to Orlando to make me feel more optimistic!! :)

  2. I'll just echo the excitement of everyone else. I didn't doubt that there'd be new projects for him, but it's been hard to wait! Now we have so much to look forward to.

    I'm proud of all the good he's been doing, helping others, during this time. He's certainly isn't one to just sit back and do nothing!

    Science fiction sounds interesting. I, too, like the different genres he seems to be focusing on.

  3. I was wondering why we hadn't heard anything about filming. Good to finally have some news about it!

    Wow, that'd be awesome if he could go to the Arctic too. I see so many depressing news items about Polar Bears struggling due to the melting ice and so on. I can imagine the Arctic would touch him like Antarctica did, perhaps even more so.

    Anyway thanks for The Red Circle update!

  4. Wow, that is scary. So many people just don't care about the situation or deny it. Hopefully where I work is not typical - because there people essentially laugh it all off. Or say humans have little to do with it (my dad, who was an atmopheric chemist for NOAA til he retired, says it is obvious humans are putting up huge quantities of CO2 and so of course it's affecting the environment).

    Thanks for providing the link.

  5. Woohoo! I'm excited! And am sooo looking forward to the news we'll hear about it, the production photos hopefully, and so on and so on. Plus the anticipation and then finally actually seeing the film! Yay! :getdown:

  6. However, if you read the plot synopsis from the original Cercle Rouge on IMDB, it sounds like a really interesting heist/caper movie, (remember the first uno fiber neo commercial? :naughty: )

    Ohhh, good point. :w00t:

    I'll just be so glad to see him in another movie!

  7. Hmmm. Anyway you slice it, "limbering up and getting fit" works for me.
    Ditto. :shiny:

    Is it possible to be disappointed and excited simultaneously? :hmmm:

    That's the way I feel too. Love the getting fit part.

    But I'm not much of a fan of martial arts films. However, that might very well change. :wink2:

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