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  1. aliza

    Easy: Production Photos

    Great photos. Thank you. Aliza
  2. aliza


    I enjoyed Orlando in this role but the show as,a whole is not that exciting. Are they all going to be one offs with no story continuity? would love to see more sexy Orlando being a good guy in a recurring role . Aliza
  3. Lovely. I love the jacket and the facial hair.
  4. aliza

    Easy: Production Photos

    You know, I'm still disappointed that the love scene between Balian and Sybilla in Kingdom of Heaven was so short. Maybe this will make up for it. I'm going on a trip on the 22nd, may not get to watch this until I return on the 30th. Aliza
  5. aliza

    Easy: Trailers and Clips

    We will be binge watching this one.
  6. aliza


    I feel a Netflix binge watch coming on. Thanks Rene! Aliza
  7. aliza

    PICS: Cannes Film Festival 2016

    I love that collarless shirt. Be still my inner suit slut. All of these are marvelous. aliza
  8. aliza

    PICS: 2016 Met Gala

    Oh my! Who is that young man? He's unbelievably handsome. Thanks for sharing. Arlene
  9. aliza


    I've been hoping he'd go for a small screen project. Excited for this. Aliza
  10. Love this guy. Thanks Rene. Aliza
  11. aliza

    PICS: Romans - Production Photos

    Ooooh. Can't wait.
  12. OMG! OMG! OMG! That practically life size one is AMAZING. Just when I think I have finally grown up, :kablaam: Thank you. Aliza
  13. aliza

    So Suitable

    Be still my :throb: Molokai is still the best! Aliza