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    Warm wishes for the happiest of birthdays, Orlando!
  2. Orlando named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    Ambassador Bloom has a very nice ring to it, doesn't it? Thanks for the videos, Jan.

    Warmest wishes for your birthday, Orlando. Have a blast! May your 32nd year be filled with harmony, joy and continued success.
  4. "Quest of Sheherzade"

    I think many, if not most, of us have the same google alert set up, and saw the rumor, and decided it didn't merit mention. It's similar to other tripe far-fetched rumors that circulated months ago about Orlando starring in a film with a Bollywood actress. Highly unlikely that it's a credible rumor, so we'll close this for now. If it is ever confirmed, we can re-open. ETA: Sean Connery's publicist has reportedly confirmed that he has never heard of this film.
  5. VIDEO: A Cloud in Trousers Snippets

    Talent certainly runs in the family! Thanks, Jan and mayfrayn.
  6. Rory Stewart

    "The reluctant hero." Gotta love it, it's so Orlando! And the resemblance between Rory and Orlando is uncanny. Most importantly, I'm loving the direction Orlando seems to be taking in his upcoming film projects -- socially and politically relevant topics are a refreshing departure from our beloved blockbusters. Very exciting news all round! Thanks to everyone who is contributing articles, pictures, links, etc.
  7. Yay, Marina! I'm so glad you'll get to go.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Jill. It's in my neck of the woods, but alas, I won't be able to attend, due to schedule conflicts.
  9. IMAX LOTR Trilogy

    Seeing Legolas that big would probably be the thing that would finally do me in. Thanks for the tip, Jill. I hope some of our UK ka-Bloomies get the chance to enjoy it.
  10. Looks like PJ is going to direct The Hobbit after all! From ifitsmovies.com:
  11. Thanks, Jan. It is an awesome and frightening sight.
  12. "An Education" Location Work

    Orlando Bloom, filmmaker. Love it! Thanks, Tricia and Patty.
  13. Sonoma Valley Film Festival

    Thanks for the news, Jill. I hope some of our California ka-Bloomies will be able to go see it.
  14. Jessica, since it's still very early out on the west coast, I'll try to pick up where Jan left off in trying to help you. This is the reason why you're showing a red X instead of an image. Your URL is wrong: http://http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t259/meltinthemiddle/2008/Jessica_sig-1.jpg It has "http" in it twice. I also notice that the URL appears to be meltinthemiddle's photobucket account. I'm assuming you've gotten her permission to use her bandwidth by linking to her photobucket account? If that's not the case, you'll have to download the images and then upload them to your own image hosting account.
  15. An Education

    Excellent! Totally excellent news! Thanks so much to everyone involved in bringing this to us. My day has just been made.