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  1. Theaters for HAVEN September 29 Expansion

    Ditto and most likely wont be either. We never get anything good it seems.
  2. Ka-Bloomie Reviews

    I saw this last weekend. I need to see it again because my first impression wasnt all that good. Somehow it lacked the "magic" of the first POTC for me.
  3. Wow thank you for these Jan. Simply stunning I think. I wish it would hurry up and get here already.
  4. Troy DVD Release Date: Updated 8/24/04

    So which is it on the release date for the US? October or January? I cant believe they held this back so long.
  5. The On-Set Photos: Elizabethtown

    I wish that picture were bigger. Hard for an old woman to see. :wink: Thanks for posting it though.
  6. The On-Set Photos: Elizabethtown

    I can only pick one? For me, it's his oh so beautiful, so dark they are almost black, lose yourself in them eyes.
  7. DVD Release date in the US

    Went and rented it. I had seen it before from a friends download. We didnt even get it here in the theaters. I was planning on buying it Friday at WalMart.sheesh I hope they got it in where I live. At any rate, I really liked this movie.
  8. Poopr peeps if they've never seen any part of the trilogy. You keep right on screaming hon!
  9. Favourite Legolas Moments!

    I think one of my favorites is at the very end of RTOK after Aragon is crowned and he goes to Legolas and puts his arm on his shoulder. Just the look Legolas gives him 1) as a freind for life and 2) to let him know his true love is there. So beautiful.
  10. Look at this!

    LOL That is too funny! Dang, I think I need to go see Troy again! :lmao:
  11. OK this is my first time posting so be gentle please. I have been divorced for about a year, I have 3 kids 22, 21 and 10. My oldest is a girl and shes an Orlando fan too. We were having my (eep) 43rd birthday party. I had my kids, parents and brothers and sisters there. I was right at the end of opening up gifts and she gave me hers which was really tall? I couldnt figure out what it was till I started ripping the paper and lo and behold there is a lifesize stand-up of Legolas. Without thinking in front of my family and my 60 year old parents I blurted out "Oh Yeah! A new man for my bed!" My sisters and daughters were rolling. And yes, even today there he is in the corner of my bedroom lookin alll fine and Elfish!