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  1. I am impatiently waiting for the 2-disk version and I'll definitely be getting the extended version if and when it's released.  I have a feeling we missed very important parts of the character development in the theatrical release and I'm dying to see the movie the way it was meant to be seen.  :)


    :blink: Oh, then I guess it's gonna be four KOH dvd's for me :shower: , I didn't know there's gonna be an extended version. Cool !

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot LOTR Computer says 'no', I also have all editions!

    I haven't received the KOH dvd yet but I hope I will this week. I sooo can't wait to watch it again.

    I know it's more fun when you have the specials on a dvd, especially when there is one of your favourite actors in it and you have the chance to see him behind the cameras. :)

  3. How many times did you order the Kingdom of Heaven DVD?

    I ordered it 3 times, the American, English and the German version.

    The American one because I like the cover so much. (Amazon.de)

    The English because it's already out on the 3rd (Amazon.com)

    And the German one because.erm :blink: . I think because I want it here to be on the best selling list, hmm.no. Honestly I don't know why I ordered it, I'm not gonna watch it in German anyway but I felt like I have to order it. (1Advd)

    I think I'm a little crazy buying the same dvd 3 times but it's the same with Pirates of the Caribbean and Blue Crush, Computer says 'no' :blush:

    Does anyone here also have this buying the same dvd over and over again illnes?

    Ann :wave:

  4. It makes me really sad that so many people just like him because of his looks, of course he's a good looking guy but it seems to me as people are only going to the cinema to see pretty people on screen. :eedgit:

    Hardly anybody cares about the talent anymore. And let me say this, Orlando is very talented. I can't imagine Crowe as Balian, sorry but no. Orlando is perfect for this role.

    I only hope Orlando doesn't read the crap these guys wrote. It might be true that most people like him because he looks good but still, not all fans do. He's a very good actor and I hope someday people will see him as that and not only as a hot, cute looking boy!


    PS: Orlando, don't listen to what these guys are saying, they have no idea! :)

  5. Thank you for posting this. I was actually bidding on a copy of this on Ebay but lost. Now I wish I had won it. The cover pic is to die for.  :faint:

    If you want I can try to get you one. We found it in Zurich and I'm sure I'll have time this weekend to go there and get some more. You don't have to pay me anything cause it's for free.

    Here is the Close-Up website you can also try to write them and ask them for sending you one.


    Ann :)

  6. Hey I went shopping last Friday and than I found this magazine it's called close-up it's a Swiss mag about the newest movies and stuff. Orlando is on the cover and there is some info about KOH and some stuff about Orlando like his full name (I didn't know his full name before) and some more facts.

    Here are some pics if you are interested.

    close-up cover

    close-up KOH

    close-up big

    orlando facts

    Oh, and I also found out that the KOH DVD release date will be October 13th at least here in Switzerland I don't know when it'll be out in the US.

    Ann :)

  7. My friend and me went to the cinema yesterday and there we saw lot's of KOH posters hanged on the soon to be seen wall. On the website they say movie start is May 5th, wohooo can't wait anymore! :w00t:

    Here is the link Pathé

    Just wanted to tell you when it starts here.

    May is gonna be a cinema month for my friend and me, that's for sure. :shiny:

    Ann :)

  8. I'm afraid that I really don't agree with this. While doing the POTC is definitely good for Orlandos career as a hearthrob, I don't really think his role requires any serious acting. In my opinion playing the young earnest blacksmith is an easy role. All of the hard core acting has to be done by Johnny Depp which is really good for Orlando since he then doesn't have to risk messing it up. I'm sure Orlando is a great actor (even if he wasn't I would still adore him) but I can't honestly say that he has ever had the chance to let loose and act. He has never ever had to play a serious role so I will be interested to see his movies coming out in 2005. I think he was okay in POTC, which he himself has practically admitted. Orlando has stated that he played the character on the page while Johnny Depp wasn't just reading lines but creating a character. See I think a truely great actor (or at least somone who cares about his movie) will bring a bit of himself to a part. He won't play things as they are on the page. Orlando is as of yet only 27 so he has plenty of time to learn. Heck Johnny was terriable in his earlier movies! But my point is that it is easy to play Will Turner and a really GREAT ACTOR WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING MORE WITH WILL. To play Will Turner you simply have to put on an honest, sweet expression and yell ''I Would Die for Her!'' or ''THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!'' To my mind Orlando's perfomance was not good enough. It was Okay but think of what someone like say. Johnny Depp or Jim Carrey would have done with him! A character should take on a life of his its own.

    You can't just say this is an easy character to play an this is not because for some it's easier to play Will and for others to play a crazy guy like Jack it depends on the person who's playing the role.

    Jack is this always drunk guy that's easy to play for me. If you are more this joking around and funny person it's not that hard to play a character like Jack but it makes it harder to play someone like Will because Will has always this sad, earnest face and he never really laughs.

    My opinion :)

  9. I think Orlando wouldn't have signed if he didn't want to play this role, I'm sure it's exciting and fun to work with Johnny so why shouldn't he take it?

    I think the role of Will is perfect for him I couldn't imagine him as Jack.

    And it's not all about the business, I mean he's an actor and I would be pretty sad if he would get to proud to play smaller roles just because he's famous now. An actor should choose his roles with his :throb: if he thinks it's the right role for him, it is, no matter what the papers or anyone else says. At the end he's the one who has to play the role and if you're not 100% sure about who you are playing or how you should play, then it's the wrong role.

    Sorry if I wrote crap, I'm a little confused :blink:

    :paris: :leg::boxing:

  10. My bestfriend and me went to see a movie a few days ago and then we saw a trailer of a new Swiss movie called The Ring Thing. Tthey made a total fool out of Lord of the Rings. :doh:

    Yesterday I saw behind the scenes stuff on TV. And the producer said that he actually likes Lord of the Rings.

    I'm not a big fan of such kinds of movies. But who knows, maybe it's really funny? :yawn:

    It comes out here on December 9th.

    Here are some pics. :tomato:






    That's supposed to be the female Legolas


    And that's Frodo


    :hug: Ann

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