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  1. Wow, I'm way behind the news but I'm excited about this film! :w00t: I haven't had a film to be really excited about with Orlando since POTC:AWD, and it is waaaay overdue. :( I was glad to see him going back to the stage for a bit, though, and I think his somewhat slower pace the last few years seems kind of.emotionally healthy. Maybe I'm weird. :lol:

  2. This reminds me of the only POTC tee-shirt I ever saw.the one with the skull on it. You would think marketing people would be getting the picture that skulls aren't the biggest draw to these movies. Ah, well, it was probably the easiest thing to get out there quickly. Thanks, rebecca! :)

  3. Sigh. I always know I'm really late for something wonderful when I come online and see everyone's new signatures. And then I think, "Where did you get that picture?? And that one??" :lol:

    I'm happy now. I needed some Drew with my coffee this morning to help clear out this head cold I'm struggling with. :wink: Thanks to all those to whom I am always and forever in debt. :hug:

  4. Wow, I see this as pure gift. My sister and I went to see KOH at the first matinee showing of this last Friday, and I didn't know about this offer until today! I'm sending in my stub.

    You can tell just from seeing him onscreen that Orlando is an authentic person. You can't fake that. I'm more and more proud to be one of his fans. :shiny:

  5. But I think he will still be the "earnest young hero". And hey - what's wrong with that, anyway?

    I agree there. There aren't that many actors these days who can pull off the earnest young hero. It's almost a lost art, so it is no small acting achievement, no matter how much some people may roll their eyes. Orlando has had the opportunity to expand in other roles, so there's nothing wrong with him returning to an old one. Furthermore, so many of us fell in love with him and his acting as Will Turner that we can hardly consider the character a liability to him.

  6. Orlando and Sidi enjoyed an umbrella table on Fourth Street, where she made sure the pooch had water but forgot to bring his master’s drink. Orlando was a great sport and a good tipper, she reports.

    She forgot Orlando's drink? Either she was staring at him too much to remember anything, or she was so much of an animal lover that she forgot about him. I can't believe it, but the latter appears to have been the case!

    Thanks for the article. It was indeed a great read. :shiny:

  7. Thanks for the quotes, Dair. Balian's historical statement sounds very highly charged--amazing desperation and determination combined. Since he does say he'll burn everything, I think it fair for the film to suggest an explanation with the extra line.

    Since you also addressed some of my concerns, Minktress, for the record I agree with everything you said, though I might be a little less exclusive and say, "Religion should be about more than just places." Orlando is going to be stupendous in this film, just as you said. This will really do it for him.

    Personally, I think that we can't judge the movie until we've seen it. With quotes telling such wildly different tales, we can't really say anything.
    I agree with that, too. People must hate it when their work is judged before it's finished, which is definitely the case with film scripts. What script has ever gone directly to screen as it was first written? People should have some room to experiment and come to their own judgment decisions without others (like me sometimes!) jumping down their throats.
  8. It sounds to me like the actual script is probably anti-religious-extremism, which can be taken by either side to be against their own. I don't know why people are afraid of history, either. Why should people be angry with modern Jews or Italians because of the Passion of the Christ? Why should people be angry with modern Muslims because of their attacks on Jerusalem, or on modern Christians for their bad behavior during the same time? We think it a good thing to remind people of the atrocities of WWII, especially the Holocaust, without worrying about reprisals against Germans.

    To revert to my first thought, though, I'm worried that, in an attempt to be against the violent perversion of religion, it might come across as sometimes being against religion in general. I winced to read the Balian quote about burning all the places that drive men mad. It seems like throwing over the religion because the perversion exists. In the context of the movie and the desperation of the moment, I'm sure it makes sense, but I fear more for the tone of the whole film. Of course, I have no idea what the tone will really be like.

    Having said all that, it sounds like a mammoth role our man has been able to get his teeth on, and I'm proud of him and can't wait to see the movie. It sounds like it will be good.

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