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  1. Squeeeee!

    My gift came today! I was so excited to learn that it was from my fellow pharmacist Vicky/JustLooking, and it came all the way from Tennessee! Thank you so much for the gifts, Vicky, they're perfect!

    I got a map of the USA, to help me plan my trip - I'm going to pin it to the wall of my room, and mark the places where I'd like to go. I also got some fabulous unscented lip balm, which looks awesome (my lips are so dry this time of year, so it'll be really useful to have a lip balm I'm not allergic to!), and a little green (geddit? :lol: ) bottle of foot & leg lotion for after the long hard days in the pharmacy. Vicky also sent me some tickets from American football games - :w00t: how did you know I collect tickets?! Thinking about it, I may have put it in my letter to my sectret ka-Bloomie Klaus. Anyway, I shall stick them to my wall at university, like all the others!

    Thank you once again, Vicky, you've brightened up my Christmas of studying!

    Kat :hug:

  2. :w00t: Karyn, you got it! Yay!!

    I'm so glad you liked everything! I was worried about the music, as it's not to everyone's tastes (*cough*Jan*cough*). I'd love to know what you think of it, and I hope the explanations I included are useful!

    I had no idea about you liking jasmine - what a great piece of luck! And I hope you'll think of rainy and cold sunny Nottingham when you use your bookmark!

    Merry Christmas to you, and your family :hug: .


  3. I wonder what that mark is in Jack Sparrows hand?  I tried to enlarge the picture, but cannot get it to go any bigger to make out the mark better.  Anyone have an idea?

    Maybe it's the black spot? It's like a pirate death sentence. If another pirate gives you the black spot, you face almost certain death in the very near future. That's what I thought it was, anyway. Maybe not, as it's not very spot-shaped.

    Would the black spot appear on one's hand? Does anyone know more about piracy than I do?

  4. *Wibble*.

    I'm far too excited about this movie for my own good!

    I'm desperate to know what's going on in half of these scenes - how did Will get into that spiky ball? And why is he swordfighting across the back of a shot on a giant wheel :lol: ?

    It's great to see so much of Pintel and Ragetti, too. I'm glad they're in the sequels.

    Thanks for the high quality version, Jan!

  5. I didn't close the page, so I can still see it. Darn it, I wish I had a way of grabbing it for everyone.


    - Yummm Will looks lovely.

    - Oooh Tom Hollander! I'd forgotten he was in it.

    - Bootstrap Bill has an interesting mid-Atlantic accent :huh: . I wonder if that comes from having spent so much time beneath the mid-Atlantic.

    - That kiss - mmmmmm.

    Wow, this movie looks awesome. The teaser has brightened up my very bad day.

    ETA: Thanks for the link, Jan. Problem solved!

  6. ... and a request not to recieve anybody from London or York.

    ... and I don't want anyone whose second toe is longer than their big toe, or who prefers Danish Blue to Camembert, or who's ever worn a red hat on the third Tuesday in May. Is that OK?

    How random :blink: . What's wrong with London and York, I wonder?

  7. If we start getting requests for people to be removed from the list, I'm tempted to start a list in here called "Bah Humbugs: Those Who Deserve Coal in Their Stockings." Yup, I'm still in that shitty mood.

    *Appears in miniature form wearing a devil costume sitting on Faye's shoulder*.

    Do it! Doooo iiiiiiiit!

    :lol: I like your style. My main gripe is about rude people who I serve in the pharmacy. I mean, how much extra effort does it take to be courteous? I don't ask for them to break out into 'Zippety Dooh Dah' or anything, just 'please' and 'thank you' are enough for me.

  8. Just a heads-up to Faye and Lori:

    Leigha made a questionable remark in her 'wish list' post regarding narcotic pain relievers:

    Allergies: Unless someone plans on giving me the drugs Vioxx or Ultram, I should be okay. :devil:

    It was enough to inspire Karyn to write in, and in no uncertain terms she wanted it to be known that she didn't want to be 'matched up' with this person.

    I don't know if she thought she was being funny, but it can be a sensitive subject for many. I thought it was just stoopid. Still, I did the modding thing and removed it, but wanted to let you know so that if by some freak of nature they should be paired up - un-pair them. :lol:

    Am I misunderstanding? Is there some huge controversy over those two drugs in the US? I know Vioxx has been recently withdrawn, but that's the only thing I can think of. Neither are narcotic (although Ultram/tramadol is somewhat narcotic-like). I took it that she was just saying she had drug allergies (although why someone would tell you that in a ka-Bloomie Claus wish list thread, I don't know :huh: ). The devil smilie did alert me to a hidden meaning, but I sure as hell can't find it!

    Could someone explain, the pharmacy geek is genuinely interested!

    ETA: Never mind, I found a post by Jan, which explained things somewhat. However, if anyone wants to discuss pharmaceutical issues, please do :lol: !

  9. The most local cinema to me (which is teeny and only show three films at a time) isn't showing it, although that may change midweek or next week, but the UGC in Nottingham has it four times a day, as does the Showcase in Nottingham. Both are within walking distance, so I should manage to see it once my dissertation is handed in.

    I hope you get to see it, Wendi :hug: .

  10. Did I tell you that the first question in my pre-reg interview was "Why is your e-mail address toilet_monster? Everyone wants to know!"

    Oh the shame :paperbag: . I'm just waiting for my official NHS e-mail address to get up and running :shiny: .

    Pardon the threadjack, Lori & Faye!

  11. To my dear ka-Bloomie Claus,

    Squeeee! Christmas is coming! I can't wait to find out who you are! Here are the answers to CaliMom's questions, I hope they help somewhat.

    Any allergies you may have (food, fragrance, etc.): Scented lip balm. Weird, huh?! It makes my throat swell up. I'm not allergic to any onther scents or beauty products though!

    Your favorite color: I'm not fussy, although I do like dark blue and red. I'm not really into pastels.

    Your t-shirt size: Probably a L. Bear in mind that I'm 5'11.5" tall, so nothing short! As for style, I'm an indie kid at heart. Think of your average student who's into indie, rock, folk... and there I am in my flares :lol: .

    Is there something you collect (for example, cat figurines): Not really. The only thing I collect is tickets from stuff I've been to, which isn't very helpful. However, if you have a ticket stub from somehere you've been (the bus, the theatre, the cinema, the football... whatever), you could just throw it in - it doesn't cost anything, and no doubt a ticket from somewhere cool would look great in among all the tickets that are stuck to my wall at uni.

    Any preferences as to what you might like to receive: I'm not really much into fan collectables/memorabilia :tomato: . I'd love to receive something thoughtful, like a book, or some music, or something arty (i.e. something non-Orlando to put on my wall) that you think I'd like. Or some beautiful stationary. Or something cool from your area. Or funky socks! Chocolates, sparklies, and smellies are also great!

    Any preferences as to what you definitely do not want to receive, such as something you already have more than enough of (for example, do you already have every Legolas calendar that is out there?): Mum and I always exhange calendars at Christmas (Orlando for me, Johnny Depp for her), so not a calendar. I have to say (as mention above), I'm not hugely into Orlando stuff. Other than that, anything you send will be great!

    Many thanks, ka-Bloomie Claus, and merry Christmas!

    love from Kat

  12. Hi Lori & Faye! Just to let you know - the sign-up form is slightly tricky to fit a UK address into. I've tried to submit it without a city (as (i) I don't live in a city, or even a town, and (ii) if I did put it in, there'd be no room for a county, which is supposed to come after the city (like a state)), but it won't let me, so I put a dash. I've submitted it, and it's supposed to read:

    18 Grange Road,




    CO11 2JB


    But it might've come out a bit wonky. Just something to bear in mind when you're taking addresses from UK ka-Bloomies, as they might come out in the wrong order. If this is the case, I can help you re-organise UK addresses as they come in, if that'd be helpful.

    Squeeeeeee it's ka-Bloomie-Claus time again! Thanks for doing this - I'm so excited!


  13. And the girl in the first screencap with her mouth SO WIDE OPEN looks like she should be in the "Free Bird" sequence in Etown.

    :lmao: I hadn't noticed her! She's all "OMG! I'm touching Orlando Bloom! And he's swishing his hair! Meeeeeeep!".

    And while I'm here, commenting on screencaps: Alex Zane :wub: .

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